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12 Ridiculously Good Wave Brushes To Get Your Hair Back On Point

by Jamie Wilson
Ridiculously Good Wave Brushes To Get Your Hair Back On Point

Had a lot of time on your hands recently?

It could be the perfect time to start working your hair into a wave. All it requires is some dedication and the perfect brush

Not all brushes make good waves, and there’s lots to consider when it comes to choosing the right make for you. Whether you have a fresh cut, fine or coarse hair, or are creating a particular wave pattern, you need to check out our guide on the best brushes for waves:

Ridiculously Good Wave Brushes To Get Your Hair Back On Point
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1. Magic Collection Reinforced Wave Brush

One of the best soft wave brushes for short hair, the reinforced natural boar bristles will work well for a sleek finish. The main thing to consider with this design is the low cost – at $3.99 we think this is a handy option if you want an additional brush you can chuck in your gym bag, but for that price you get a mix of boar bristles and synthetic bristles, so we’d recommend going for something else as your main at-home soft wave brush. 

2. Aosina Medium Hard Wave Brush

So you’re new to the wave game? You’ll want to start with medium to hard wave brushes like this palm model from Aosina. Once your wave starts to gain definition you can finish off with a soft brush to smooth down your hair. Great for creating 360 waves this brush will condition your scalp and help spread out your natural oils.

3. Wolfin Pro Superior Waves Medium Brush

With a sweet balance between soft and medium bristles, this is a great wolfing brush that will give your hair a sleek shine and perfect 360 waves. The boar bristles will prevent your hair from breaking while massaging your head to encourage your scalp to produce oils. With a three-month warranty, this is a great choice if you’re new to creating waves and want to make sure you’re using a top quality product on your hair. 

5. Kingston Firm Wave Brush

With half boar and half nylon bristles, this reinforced brush won’t shed through daily use on your hair. The curved design means you’ll have a large contact area between the bristles and your hair, so you’ll quickly create waves. We particularly like the rich red color of this hair brush, and with a smart travel case the bristles will be protected wherever you go. 

5. Shark Camo Wave Brush

OK so we’re a sucker for a good design, and this 360 wave brush from Shark doesn’t disappoint. With 100% natural boar bristles and damp-proof oil paint, this camo brush has a large surface area that will make short work of creating waves. With medium bristles and good pull, you can use this brush on your crown to create a beehive or swirl wave.

6. Diane Original Military Brush 

We love the classic design of this military style wave brush. With a high quality wood finish your brush will see you through thick and thin and will withstand the amount of brushing you’ll be doing to get the best waves. The clustered bristles will make it easy to give your waves good definition and will work well on coarse hair.

7. Torino Pro Wave Boar And Nylon Brush

This hair brush has extremely hard bristles, so we don’t recommend it for guys with sensitive scalps. What it does mean, is that it has incredible pull and will wave coarse or deep hair. The large curved coverage will give you fast results, while the pointy tip makes working on your crown fuss free. 

8. Royalty Shower Hard Wave Brush

From the same maker of the Torino brushes, this is the best brush for use in the shower. With really hard bristles, you’ll want to take it slowly when you’re using this high quality brush, to make sure you don’t damage your hair. What we love about this range is that each brush comes with care instructions, so you won’t have to keep replacing yours and end up wasting a ton of money.

9. Red Premium Pocket Bow Wow Brush

The high-density boar bristles of this pocket brush makes this one of the top wave brushes for creating 360 waves with continuous definition. If you’ll be taking your brush round in your bag with you, it’s important you have a cover or your brush will get dirty from your bag and you’ll end up transferring grime onto your hair when you use it. We love the hard case of this brush that will protect the bristles and keep your waves looking healthy. 

10. Torino Pro Medium Hard Wave Brush

This is one of the best waves brushes for men with thick or coarse hair and is great for wolfing. The long, firm bristles will reach down to your scalp to distribute your natural oils through your hair. Perfect for anyone looking to get 360 waves, Torino pulls no punches when it comes to putting out excellent brushes.

11. Diane Two-Sided Club Brush

Not sure if you need a medium or hard brush? Take the guesswork out of finding the best wave brush for you by choosing this two-sided club brush from Diane. With a medium side made of all natural boar bristles and firm on the other, this waves brush will suit medium to coarse hair. If you’re looking to improve the shine of your hair, this is a good choice for creating healthy looking waves.

12. Torino Pro Medium Curve Brush

Want a wave brush that will work on a fresh cut through to a wolf? This patented 360 wave brush has a curved design that will fit snugly in the palm of your hand, while the pointed tip will make working on your crown a piece of cake. You can’t use this brush in the shower but it will help you create waves quickly so you might want to snap one up stat.

Tips For Creating The Best Wave

The first and perhaps most important element when creating a 360 wave is to ensure your hair is healthy and your scalp is well oiled. You’ll need to start with short hair so let your barber know you’re starting on your wave journey. Don’t wash your hair too much or you’ll strip out it’s natural oils – once a week is enough and you definitely need to use conditioner. The main thing is to commit to the brushing process, as this is what gives your hair definition. From the crown of your head brush your hair down and out in long strokes. Brush your hair at the sides down towards your chin. Moisturize your hair and put on your durag. 

Top 5 Best Wave Brushes: Ranked

  1. Torino Pro Medium Curve Wave 
  2. Diane Two-Sided Club 
  3. Torino Pro Medium Hard Wave 
  4. Red Premium Pocket Wave Bow Wow 
  5. Royalty Shower Hard Wave

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