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101 Best Wonder Woman Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson

Are you in love with the iconic Wonder Woman from DC Comics and want a Wonder Woman tattoo? Check out these 10 best Wonder Woman tattoos!

Wonder Woman Tattoo Ideas
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Wonder Woman is a symbol of truth, justice, and equality.

Wonder Woman is an immortal warrior and goddess. The iconic DC comic character stands as one of the most popular superheroes in the world.

The character of Wonder Woman made its first appearance in DC comics at the beginning of 1942, drawn by the artist Harry G. Peter. In comics, Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman is a fearsome warrior from the land of Amazon; she is the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. Over the years, she has been paired up with other iconic DC Comics characters, such as Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Larsen. Princess Diana has made multiple appearances on television in DC animated series. The television appearance expanded further when DC Comics decided to launch the DC universe for films and make Diana one of the essential characters of the universe. In the DC films, Wonder Woman is seen with other classic Justice League characters.

As a true wonder woman fan, why wouldn’t you get yourself inked with wonder woman tattoos? Pairing these Wonder Woman designs with characters such as Batman and Superman would make them even more awesome! Check out these wonder woman tattoo designs below!

Wonder Woman Tattoo With The Lasso

Wonder Woman Tattoo With The Lasso
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This is a traditional wonder woman tattoo design inked only in black and white. This wonder woman tattoo does not show Diana’s face; however, it shows her wearing her outfit from the comics: a golden tiara, red bustier, and blue underpants. The tattoo design also features her iconic lasso, the weapon of truth. Wonder Woman’s lasso is magical; it cannot be broken or cut. Her lasso can stretch to unimaginable lengths and can incapacitate her enemies. Generally, Wonder Woman tattoos are colorful, but the tattoo artist has taken the approach of inking the tattoo in black. It indeed looks incredible! Consider getting this Wonder Woman lasso tattoo inked on your arm or leg.

Realistic Wonder Woman Tattoo Sleeve

Realistic Wonder Woman Tattoo Sleeve
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Here, the tattoo artist has inked a scene from the film Wonder Woman (2017). This Wonder, woman tattoo design shows Wonder Woman using her magical bracelets. Wonder Woman’s magic bracelets are known as Bracelets Of Submission, and they represent the shackles the people of Amazon had to wear when they were enslaved to humankind. The bracelets are made from Zeus’s shield and work as a defensive item for Wonder Woman, allowing her to deflect bullets and other things. This tattoo is directly taken from the film, and the quality is top-notch! As seen in the image, this Wonder woman tattoo makes for a lovely full-arm tattoo sleeve, due to its sheer size and detail.

Wonder Woman Watercolour Tattoo

Wonder Woman Watercolour Tattoo
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This excellent wonder woman tattoo design is inspired by the film Wonder Woman 1984. It features the traditional Wonder Woman logo at the bottom with Wonder woman above it. Wonder woman’s long hair and tiara have been beautifully showcased in this tattoo design. This tattoo design is a piece of art, and the style of this wonder woman tattoo is unique. A wonder woman tattoo like this can be combined with other male characters from DC comics such as Superman and Flash to make it even cooler. This tattoo would look good on arms and legs, and a smaller version of it can also go on your wrists.

Realistic Princess Diana Tattoo

Realistic Princess Diana Tattoo
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This tattoo is inspired from the Wonder Woman Film and features the actress playing the role of this Amazonian warrior. In this wonder woman tattoo design, we can see Wonder woman holding her shield, one of her primary weapons. Wonder Woman’s shield acts as a defensive weapon and can also be used by Wonder Woman to attack her enemies. One of her signature moves is bashing her bracelets on her shield to create energy that takes down her enemies. For Wonder Woman fans, this realistic black ink tattoo is a great choice. It looks cool here placed on the arm.

The Mother And Daughter Tattoo

The Mother And Daughter Tattoo
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This Wonder woman tattoo design links to an alternative universe in DC comics where wonder woman has two children fathered by Superman. Wonder Woman here is seen with her oldest daughter, who, according to the comics, is a little bit rebellious. In this tattoo design, Wonder Woman is inked with her traditional battle armor, holding her daughter in her arms. If you resonate with this motherly Wonder Woman or want to devote something to your own mother, get yourself inked with this tattoo and post it on Instagram to show your love for your mother. This colourful tattoo is placed on the forearm.

Wonder Woman Warrior Tattoo

Wonder Woman Warrior Tattoo
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This is one of the realistic Wonder Woman tattoos and has been directly picked from images in the films. In this tattoo design, Wonder Woman seems to be preparing for a fight against her enemies. We see a close up wonder woman with her arm bracelets raised in front of her. Ideal sites on your body for these realistic Wonder Woman tattoos would be arms, legs, chest, back, or even your wrists.

Wonder Woman Emblem Logo

Wonder Woman Emblem Logo
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This cute-looking Wonder Woman emblem stands for a lot of things. The symbol symbolizes the power, strength, and courage of this Amazonian Princess and warrior. The open wings of the eagle have been combined with the abbreviation of ‘WW.’

You might be thinking, how much does the Wonder Woman tattoo cost? A simple, small, and cute wonder woman emblem like this would not cost you much, and it’s relatively easy and less-time consuming for talented tattoo artists. You can place this adorable emblem on the ankle, wrist or even the neck.

Classic Wonder Woman Tattoo

Classic Wonder Woman Tattoo
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This wonder woman tattoo design features the actress from the older Wonder Woman films. Wonder Woman is the goddess of war as she spent a year of her childhood under Ares, who guided her. When Wonder Woman refused to slay the Minotaur, she lost the respect and favor of Ares. Her history with Ares turns out to be a turning point in future comics. After she kills her former mentor, she becomes a new goddess herself. You can search up on Instagram for more ideas to integrate with this tattoo design. This black and white wonder woman tattoo is quite detailed and would need a larger canvas, like the back.

WW And Other Superhero Emblems Tattoo

WW And Other Superhero Emblems Tattoo
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The traditional Wonder Woman Emblem tattoo design has been combined with the classic Superman logo. If you are looking to get more creative with this tattoo design, you and your partner can get these tattoo designs inked with the classic Superman and wonder woman logo colors. An ideal position for these tattoos would be on the arm or leg. This would make an adorable couple tattoo for two DC fans.

Animated Wonder Woman Tattoos

Animated Wonder Woman Tattoos
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Wonder woman has incredible strength, agility, and speed. She is trained in expert hand-to-hand combat, can fly and can also talk to animals. The wonder woman in this tattoo design can be seen holding her lasso of truth with a ruthless look on her face. This tattoo is inspired from the animated series. You can integrate this design with a Wonder Woman shield tattoo or a Wonder Woman’s sword tattoo.

There are multiple Wonder woman tattoos out there that women and men can ink; You can always search up on Instagram for more Wonder woman tattoo designs or search on apps such as Pinterest. Check out our suggestions below for more Wonder women tattoo ideas!

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  4. Half sleeve traditional wonder woman tattoo
  5. Kristen Wiig tattoo
  6. Wonder woman sword tattoo

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How big should my Wonder Woman tattoo be?

This is a personal decision, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. You should consider factors like the size of your body area you’re getting the tattoo on, as well as what kind of design you want to have. If you’re looking for an iconic symbol that stands out, then a larger tattoo may be the way to go. However, if you’re looking for a more subtle design, then a smaller tattoo might be best. Ultimately, it comes down to what looks best on you and your individual preferences. Make sure you consult with your artist before committing to a size so that they can provide their professional opinion and help you make the best decision for your desired look.

What colors should I use for my Wonder Woman tattoo?

The color palette for your Wonder Woman tattoo is ultimately up to you. However, the traditional Wonder Woman costume features mainly red and blue, with some yellow accents. You may choose to stay true to these colors or be creative and design something totally unique. Your artist can help you come up with a color scheme that will make your tattoo look amazing. Consider your own personal style, as well as the design you’ve chosen, to find a color combination that fits you. Your artist can also provide their professional opinion on what will look best and how to make your tattoo stand out.

Where should I put my Wonder Woman tattoo?

The placement of your Wonder Woman tattoo is also ultimately up to you. Common choices include the arm, back, chest, or shoulder. Consider the size of the design and whether it will fit well in a certain area of your body. You should also think about how visible you want your tattoo to be – certain areas are easier to hide than others. Talk to your artist about what placement will work best for your design and make sure you’re comfortable with the area before committing. No matter where you decide to place it, a Wonder Woman tattoo is sure to look great!

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