101 Best Sword Tattoo Designs You Will Love!

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Sword Tattoo

Sword tattoos are a fantastic way to spice up your tattoo game and to get a pretty looking tattoo in many different ways. Not only do they look super cool, but they can also have a lot of meaning. If you want to find out more, keep on reading!

What Does a Sword Tattoo Mean?

The sword can symbolize protection, authority, courage, power, and strength. Also, it can symbolize many different things depending on the design of the tattoo itself. 

Leg Sword Tattoo Design


A leg sword tattoo is a fantastic tattoo choice for those who work in a professional environment and need to hide their tattoo from time to time!

Rose Sword Tattoo


The combination of a rose and sword tattoo makes a perfect design that is going to leave everyone around you complimenting the amazing tattoo!

Snake Sword Tattoo Design


Snake tattoo designs go very well with a sword tattoo and add that edgy element, as well as extra meaning to your tattoos! 

Viking Sword Tattoo Designs


Viking sword tattoo designs are super simple, unique, and are a great option for beginners because of the low pain level. 

Behind The Ear Sword Tattoo


Behind the ear, sword tattoos are a fantastic choice for those who can tolerate a high level of pains and want to add a piece of art to their body!

Triple Sword Chest Tattoo


A triple sword tattoo is one of those unique tattoo designs that goes easily with other tattoos and can be built on overtime!

Large Girl Sword Tattoo Design


A large girl sword tattoo is an amazing tattoo choice if you have some experience with tattoos and aren’t afraid of turning your body into a real art canvas!

Colorful Sword Tattoo


Add some color into your tattoos with this colorful sword tattoo that is going to leave you with so many compliments because of its unique design!

Anime Sword Tattoo


Anime sword tattoos are colorful, stylish and can be personalized to your own style and are a great way to spice up your tattoo game!

Skull Sword Tattoo


Skull sword tattoos can look super badass and are a fantastic tattoo choice for those who are fans of all-black ink tattoos!

Wing Sword Tattoo


A wing sword tattoo can look super unique and can have a lot of meaning behind it, making it perfect for those who want their tattoos to carry special meaning as well!

Having Said All of That,

Sword tattoos can be done in so many different ways and are a great tattoo choice for both beginners and experts. You can do them as small or as big as you want. Also, they can be colorful, all-black ink and you can combine them with other tattoos. We are confident the perfect inspiration for your sword tattoo is on our list, and also don’t forget to stay safe and healthy, please practice handwashing as well!

Having Said All Of That

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