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101 Best Monster Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Monster Tattoos

Are you someone who connects with the monsters more than the humans? Here is the list of best monster tattoo designs that are worth your time.

Monster Tattoo
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Monster tattoos signify evil, darkness, enigmatic & uncanny characteristics. 

The people love these tattoos because of their flashiness & the enigmatic vibe that it brings in. Humans from their childhood always have an appetite for a story that has a perfect hero who fights all the evil—the evil, a powerful monstrous character that depicts the dark side of this world.

Monster tattoos are all about dark art & how cool they look on our skins. You might have seen many great movies and videos that talk about the fear and terror that only a monster can deliver, and the best way to emulate this feeling might be to get some fabulous monster ink on your skin.

They carry a message & emotions that can be different for every individual who has them. Read further to find out which monster tattoo designs your personality can associate with.

Badass Wolf Monster Ink Tattoo

Badass Wolf Monster Ink Tattoo
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A wolf tattoo is one of the best options that people can wear on their skins as it depicts human beings’ emotions & rebellious nature. This glowing big bad wolf tattoo signifies intelligence & bravery at the same time & perhaps the time has come where the alpha wolf has to protect his followers from an enemy attack. If you are looking to have a tattoo on your biceps, then this is an option that you should not be missing out on. It will definitely catch many eyeballs. This is a monster-high tattoo that can set a feeling of strength and ferociousness.

Amazing Monster Born In Fire Tattoo

Amazing Monster Born In Fire Tattoo
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Fire is one of the first discoveries of our humankind & is considered to be one of the most powerful elements in Greek & Indian mythology. This glowing monster in this tattoo which is born in the fire signifies a fearless & uncanny attitude towards life. If you are looking to have a tattoo on your thighs, then this tattoo is definitely worth consideration. 

Any artist will tell you that designs like this offer and serve a great deal of complexity, so if you are looking to bring some beautiful intricate ink to your body, then this is perfect for you. This tattoo will take time to finish, so make sure not to rush your artist and have sufficient time in hand when you go to the tattoo shop.

Pop Culture Monster Tattoo

Pop Culture Monster Tattoo
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The horror genre has something for everyone, from pulp fiction massy appeal to niche-oriented quality folklore. Scary folklore is part of most of our childhood; stories passed on to us by our grandparents. And horror movies are always close to our hearts. This tattoo of the movie ‘It’ is a perfect tattoo to improve your inking game. The perfect place to wear this tattoo can be at the forearms. 

Classic Black And White Sea Monster Tattoo

Classic Black And White Sea Monster Tattoo
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This dark art tattoo consists of venom, the monster & many other combinations of different monsters that can depend on the understanding between the tattoo studio artist & the person’s creativity who is having the tattoo. You can also choose what can look the best on your skin by discussing it with your tattoo artist. This tattoo is a perfect example of audacity & dark art being showcased at one place & the perfect place to have this big monster tattoo is your upper arms or calves. 

A classic example of such a tattoo is the loch ness monster tattoo. It is a lake monster tattoo that can bring a special quality of energy and fear. So if you are on the lookout for a monster ink tattoo, you should definitely give this a try!

Monster Gang Tattoo 

Monster Gang Tattoo 
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This trio of monster friends is a great detailing of dark art and unity to achieve a goal. There is always a devil’s approach to a problem & these monsters have certainly come together to be antagonists. If we go into more detail about this tattoo, they might have lost something that was really close to them & now the three friends will find it out away by themselves. This monster tattoo is a blessing for the dark art-loving community. The ideal place to have this one is your back/chest.

Monster Face Tattoo

Monster Face Tattoo
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This is a simple monster tattoo consisting of a zombie which looks in a very mean mode & is ready to hunt down humans. This tattoo has a good colour contrast & looks scary at the same time. It’s a quality option in the tattoo segment if you have a flamboyant persona & want to convey a story through your tattoos. The ideal place for this design can be your upper back. If you want to get a majestic monster hunter world tattoo, you should consider this style!

Simple Little Monster Tattoo

Simple Little Monster Tattoo
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Bats have had different reputations among different cultures in the past. They are associated with darkness & death. In China, they are associated with happiness & good luck. These little creatures are hard to understand, but this bat tattoo is a conversation starter among the artists’ meetups & looks great. The ideal place to have this design is your forearms or at the neck.

The Devil’s Trick Tattoo With Striking Inks

The Devil's Trick Tattoo With Striking Inks
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This monster in this tattoo is about to play a trick that will deceive every human going into details of this design, his face unknown to everyone. It is a beautiful design with great detailing of the mindset of humans in the Anthropocene epoch. The ideal place to have this is at your forearm or abs.

If you are going to a tattoo shop to avail of their services in ink, you should definitely consider a ferocious monster energy tattoo such as this.

Baba Yaga’s House Tattoo

Baba Yaga's House Tattoo
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Baba Yaga is considered to be the grandmother of all the monsters & an antagonist in Slavic folklore. This house is a perfect depiction that you are constantly under observation of Baba Yaga & should be careful of your daily life activities, or else Baba Yaga can cross your path. It is a very powerful monster creature with strong folklore. The perfect place to get this design is your upper arm or calves.

A good monster tattoo supplies many aesthetic aspects to yourself. If you are an artist and want to understand the fierceness that these monsters can deliver, you should get one of these awesome tattoos!

Dark Creature From A Mythology Tattoo

Dark Creature From A Mythology Tattoo
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This daemon present in this design is set from the Slavic mythology, which showcases strongly built body structure & evil intentions. Based on your understanding of different mythologies & cultures, you can consider the monster tattoos that are from the past & best suited for your skin. Some of the most popular, daunting & powerful monsters are in Greek, Egyptian, and Indian mythologies. 

If you have had your eyes on monster tattoos for a long time but can’t decide which one to get, this list would help you a lot. We hope this list helps you get your ideal tattoo design. You can also go for the following tattoo designs and get inked with pride.

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What is a monster tattoo?

A monster tattoo is a type of tattoo that features a creature, usually with fantastical or mythical features. These tattoos can be designed in many different styles, from cartoonish and playful to dark and intimidating. They are often used to express an individual’s personality, fears, beliefs, and passions. Monster tattoos generally have some kind of symbolic meaning behind them, and many people choose to have a monster tattoo as a way of expressing something important about themselves. Monster tattoos can be used to represent strength, bravery, or even a sense of humor. They are also often chosen to commemorate an event or memory that is special to the person who has it. Whatever the case may be, monster tattoos are a unique way to express yourself.

How do I choose a monster tattoo design?

Choosing a monster tattoo design is all about picking something that speaks to you. Consider what kind of personality, beliefs, or passions you want to express and look for designs that capture those ideas. It’s also important to pick a design style that you connect with. Look at different artists’ portfolios and find one whose work resonates with you the most. It’s also a good idea to talk to the artist and discuss your ideas, so they can help you create a design that is both meaningful and visually appealing. Lastly, make sure to research any symbols or designs used in the tattoo, as they may have deeper cultural or spiritual meanings that you should be aware of.

What are some monster tattoo ideas?

There are a variety of monster tattoo ideas available. Some popular monsters include dragons, gargoyles, zombies, werewolves, demons, angels and many more. Other design elements to consider might be skulls, flames, barbed wire or other symbols that could have personal meaning. You can also incorporate color into your design for an extra pop of vibrancy. In addition to the design elements, you can also choose a unique placement for your tattoo such as on the arm, chest, back or leg. This way you can ensure that your monster tattoo is perfect for you and your style.

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