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101 Best Labyrinth Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Labyrinth Tattoos

If you are on the lookout for Labyrinth tattoo ideas for inspiration, here are 10 really cool and amazing Labyrinth tattoo ideas you must see!

Labyrinth Tattoo
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Labyrinth is a world-famous, cult-favorite movie that came out in 1986.

We can’t imagine anybody besides David Bowie for the role of Jareth now, but did you know that Michael Jackson, Prince, and even Sting were considered for this iconic role.

The story follows a teenage girl named Sarah who has to journey through a maze in order to rescue her baby brother Toby from the Goblin King named Jareth (David Bowie) after accidentally having wished for Jareth to take her little brother away. After the initial failure of the movie, people had come to understand the real meaning behind the movie, that childhood can be a scary and dark experience, full of challenges and mysteries without much support. This resonated with a lot of people and led to a huge fan following and movie cults in the 90s.

If you’re also fascinated by this musical and want to get a labyrinth movie tattoo on your body, read till the end to find labyrinth tattoo designs that best suit your taste and experience. Check the images linked here and open more information.

Labyrinth Quote Tattoo

Labyrinth Quote Tattoo
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Hands down one of the most captivating and beautiful quotes of the evergreen films are “ It’s Only Forever, not long at all” by David Bowie. The font and the text placement in the above tattoo are beautiful. In this tattoo, the quote is split across both arms. Fans often get this tattoo as a tribute to somebody they hold dear as well as a reference to pop culture and their favorite films.  This labyrinth tattoo is a great choice for people who like subtle quote tattoos without anything more bold and graphic.

Jareth: The King Of Goblins

Jareth The King Of Goblins
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This cool, almost life-like black labyrinth tattoo of the great goblin king Jareth with a crystal ball in his hand will transport you to the mystical world and provide a sense of magic is a great labyrinth tattoo choice for fans. What better way to immortalize the romantic king of darkness than to get a tattoo of him on your arm?  This wicked tattoo is definitely a head-turner, so what are you waiting for? This beautiful black tattoo is a great addition to your tattoo sleeve and one of the most beautiful labyrinth designs that will take you back to the 90s.

Eyeball Lichen Tattoo

Eyeball Lichen Tattoo
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This extremely cool eyeball lichen tattoo from the labyrinth is definitely a head-turner. This stunning tattoo with intricate details like the many pins like thorns makes it look very real. The creepy eyeball lichen from the film is moss with a lot of eyes that creepily watch all passersby as if they can sense what’s coming but almost mockingly decide to withhold the information. You can also get a similar dainty tattoo on your ankle or forearm. This tattoo design makes the eyeballs pop (literally!).

Labyrinth Worm Tattoo

Labyrinth Worm Tattoo
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This dainty tattoo is adorable and quite well done. With a small, bold dialogue box, this tattoo is definitely a conversation starter. The intricate details and cute eyes are truly magical. This talking worm is an amazing tattoo choice and a cult favorite so much so that this tiny creature has featured in a film of his own! The tiny creature appearing in this tattoo is named William and was actually a muppet operated by Karen Prell and voiced by Timothy Bateson. While the placement of the tattoo seems unconventional in this picture, this small design can fit anywhere on the body as per your reference.

The Hierophant Tattoo

The Hierophant Tattoo
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Another beautiful tattoo of the Goblin king framed in a card is one of the most beautiful black Bowie James tattoos out there. This tattoo depicts the famous Jerith pose with his magical crystal ball. The rectangular outline of the tattoo makes it look neat and the black aura escaping from the frame perfectly shows the darkness that envelops the Goblin King or the Hierophant as the tattoo calls him. This is a great tattoo for your sleeve, arm or the forearm.

Colorful Jareth Tattoo

Colorful Jareth Tattoo
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Standing apart from other designs here, this colorful tattoo of the great goblin king is almost life-like. The colors make the expressions and makeup more noticeable and lively. The fine details of eyes and hair make this an amazing piece of art. The intricate and delicate details like the stitchings on the gloves, eyeshadow, facial expressions, and shadow work are what make this an amazing artistic choice for labyrinth fans. The blond hair color is depicted with line work while the purple crystal ball has a distinct glint. You can choose from many other labyrinth tattoos, that would look great on the leg or arm as per your preference.

Ludo Friend Tattoo

Ludo Friend Tattoo
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This adorable colorful tattoo of the beloved character, ludo friend is an amazing choice. If you’re also charmed by this playful and lovable companion, the colors in the tattoo make it even cuter.The reddish-brown shades of Ludo’s hair seem striking when contrasted with the grey tones of his face and horns. As the story goes, Sarah found Ludo being tortured by the Goblins and decided to save him. Ludo is a perfect example of the famous saying “never judge a book by its cover” as he looker monstrous and scary but in reality, is a very sweet and playful companion.

The Firey Tattoo

The Firey Tattoo
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With yellow tips around the hair and neck, the solid red filling of the tattoo is quite striking. The eyes here look like blue buttons sewn on, giving the tattoo an animated look. These fiery residents of the fiery forest are fun-loving creatures who are only concerned with having a great time and love bad-tasting food. They can strike their fingers to create fire. This absolutely adorable little red muppet would look great on your sleeve especially with the double meaning, witty text reading “ don’t lose your head”. What an amazing choice for a film-inspired tattoo.

Labyrinth  Tattoo Maze

Labyrinth  Tattoo Maze
@bartektattoo via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

This amazing and mind-boggling maze tattoo is definitely a piece of art and requires a lot of precision and patience to make. The perfect geometrical lines and the piano at the bottom with all the music notes floating about is such a masterpiece. The centre of this tattoo seems intense with some black shading while the outer area has simple lines. There are a lot of custom-made amazing labyrinth designs or maze tattoos that almost look like an illusion that you can get inked on your arm or leg.

White Barn Owl Tattoo

White Barn Owl Tattoo
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This absolutely stunning labyrinth tattoo is beautiful and mystical because of all these amazing colors. The Goblin King has the power to transform into a white barn owl according to his own will. The light color combination in this tattoo is amazing and would look great on your leg. All the colours in this tattoo add greatly to the supernatural and magical feel.

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What is a labyrinth tattoo?

A labyrinth tattoo is a popular design that has been around for centuries. It is a complex, winding pattern of lines and circles – usually inked in black or other dark colors – that can symbolize many different meanings. Labyrinth tattoos often contain symbols such as stars, hearts, and floral elements. They can also serve as a reminder of spiritual paths, journeys and difficult times. Some labyrinth tattoos also incorporate religious symbols such as the cross and rosary beads.

How much does a labyrinth tattoo cost?

The cost of a labyrinth tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design. Generally, small tattoos can range from $50-$100, while more intricate designs may cost up to $500 or more. The artist’s skill level and experience also play a role in the final price. As with all tattoos, it is important to shop around and compare prices before deciding on a design or artist.

How big should a labyrinth tattoo be?

The size of a labyrinth tattoo depends on the individual’s preference and body shape. Generally, smaller designs may look better on more delicate areas such as the wrist or ankle, while larger designs may be suitable for wider surfaces like the forearm or back. It is also important to consider how visible the tattoo will be since some people prefer to keep their body art discreet. A qualified tattoo artist can advise on the best size for a particular design.

What color should a labyrinth tattoo be?

Labyrinth tattoos are usually done in black ink, but they can also be done in other colors like grey, brown or blue. Some artists may combine different colors to create a unique look and bring out the intricate details of the design. It is important to discuss with your artist what colors will work best for your particular design before getting a tattoo.

What are some ideas for labyrinth tattoo designs?

Labyrinth tattoos can be customized to express various meanings and beliefs. Some popular ideas include adding stars, hearts, flowers or other symbolic elements that reflect the individual’s spiritual journey. Rose petals are often incorporated into labyrinth designs as a symbol of love and beauty while crosses and rosary beads may be used to represent faith. Other creative ideas include incorporating celestial bodies such as the moon and stars or mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns. The possibilities are endless!

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