101 Best Mental Health Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

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Mental Health Tattoos

Looking to raise mental health awareness by getting a mental health tattoo? Here is a list of 10 mental health tattoos that you should definitely check out.

Mental Health Tattoo
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Depression, a mental health issue, is a significant condition across the globe.

Even though we have been talking about mental health issues a lot in recent times, people are still struggling or face anxiety when opening up about their mental illness.

Mental health is often overlooked by most people and not given due attention. It is not surprising that people going through depression, anxiety, pain, and suicidal thoughts do not talk about what they are suffering from; they would rather be alone. Tattoos are a form of personal reminder and expression, and especially so with regards to mental health. A mental health tattoo meaning can vary from being hopeful, showing self-love and beauty to expressing sadness, emotions, mental health challenges, and fighting addiction. Someone with bipolar disorder may be totally chill from outside, but mentally, the person is struggling. Tattoo artists depict these problems in their own ways as well.

You can also raise mental illness awareness or express your emotions through these tattoos. Read below to find some incredible representations of popular mental health tattoos and their true meaning.

The Semicolon Mental Health Tattoo

The Semicolon Mental Health Tattoo
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Here, the tattoo artist has inked the powerful semicolon tattoo. As a common mental health tattoo, semicolon is a simple tattoo that has gained some ground in recent years. But what does the semicolon tattoo mean? The semicolon represents mental health struggles for a person and the importance of suicide prevention. This semicolon signifies the end of a sentence as used by writers and author, however, in this case, the author is you, and that sentence reflects your life. The semicolon tattoo is done to raise awareness among people of their victory over depression, struggle, mental illness, and much more. It is a tattoo that you can get tattooed on your wrist, ankle, fingers, and arm.

The Survivor Mental Health Tattoo

The Survivor Mental Health Tattoo
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When talking about tattoos, butterflies often reflect transformation as they have turned from a caterpillar to an attractive winged insect. Butterflies represent freedom as they are flying insects. In Christianity, the butterfly is a symbol of resurrection. The semicolon tattoos are for people who are fighting depression, suicidal thoughts, and other mental illness problems. The powerful semicolon which is a popular mental health tattoo is combined with a butterfly to indicate that the person was on the verge of giving up but fought hard and has finally freed himself from his issues. The tattoo gives you the constant hope that everything will get better and you are never alone. You can get this tattoo of peace with yourself inked on your wrist, legs, and arm.

The Struggle Of Mental Health Tattoo

The Struggle Of Mental Health Tattoo
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The tattoo artist has very seriously depicted the feeling of pain and hopelessness. This tattoo design reminds us of what can happen if a person suffering from such feelings does not open up to other people around him or seeks professional help. A brain with thoughts like these running through it leads to suicidal thoughts. The artist has covered the whole body in black ink with the person’s hands over his head, depicting him struggling with his mental health and being troubled by it. A mentally ill person should not be left alone and abandoned. You may get this tattooed on your back, arm, or leg.

The Healing Mental Health Awareness Tattoo

The Healing Mental Health Awareness Tattoo
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A detailed tattoo depicting mental health with a variety of elements. This is a mental health survivor tattoo which tells us that changing just does not mean changing things around in our environment but changing our perspective on life and being free, mindful, spirited and having a sense hope that things will get better which is crucial for transforming and healing truly and never going back in the same direction again. The tattoo artist has inked an eye and masks, which start as being diminished and broken but eventually recover to their original form and spirals looping around the eye.

Spiralling Mental Health Tattoos

Spiralling Mental Health Tattoos
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This abstract black and grey tattoo show the hands of a person reaching for the spiral, which has been placed in the tattoo instead of the head. The spiral can be understood as the galaxy and represents the millions of thoughts, emotions, fears, and struggles that stay inside the head of a human being and how much they think about their issues and struggles. There is also a spiral below the arms of the person, which seems to have an eye in it as well. You may get this beautiful tattoo inked on your arm or leg. This could be converted as a personal reminder for depression tattoos artwork for someone.

A Gram Of Serotonin Tattoo

A Gram Of Serotonin Tattoo
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The keyword in this tattoo is ‘serotonin.’ It is a hormone in our body that is responsible for our moods, happiness, sleep cycles, and appetite. Fewer serotonin levels in your body lead to anxiety, depression, suicidal behavior, movement disorders, and other mental health issues. The tattoo asks for just one gram of serotonin so that the person can finally find happiness, see the beauty of the flower around him, have some self-love and move to the next chapter of his life instead of being stuck in the past, having self-loathing tendencies and being consumed by his own thoughts. Due to the tattoo’s size, you can get it inked anywhere on your body.

Mental Health Issues With Clouds Tattoo

Mental Health Issues With Clouds Tattoo
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This depiction of a person’s mind is striking and meaningful at the same time. The tattoo artist has inked black rainy clouds over the head of the person whose upper half is missing is an excellent piece of body art. The person’s head is in the clouds. The clouds represent the endless thoughts and a time in someone’s life when he or she is at rock bottom in life. At this stage, the only thing you get are thoughts that push you over the edge. The eyeball being blank represents how much the person feels empty inside. The tattoo design has beautifully captured this troublesome stage of life. You can get this inked anywhere on your body according to your preference.

Mental Health Support Tattoo

Mental Health Support Tattoo
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The single needle tattoo style shows a person’s mind filled with thoughts such as  ‘family,’ ‘love’ and ‘friend.’ Someone who is being consumed by his own thoughts needs dedicated support from his family and friends as they are the ones who can help a person open about their mental health issues and realize their desire and happiness in life. Someone who is being deprived of love from his friends and family can head towards these negative thoughts in a matter of minutes which only gets worse as time goes on. The artist beautifully inked the design with black, and the thoughts inside of the person’s head have been clearly depicted. If you are looking to get this design inked, you can add your own words to it.

The Strength And Positivity Tattoo

The Strength And Positivity Tattoo
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Having a sword passing through the skull and a bee saying “be positive” are two cool tattoos that also raise mental health awareness. The sword passing through the skull tells us about having the necessary strength to crush our dark thoughts and look forward. The sword has been inked with colors like black, red, and yellow. The bee tattoo, which has been inked with a beautiful shade of yellow, quite literally says bee positive; got the pun? One should always stay positive in life as things are always bound to get better no matter what happens. This tattoo signifies your positive outlook in life. So many people carry the stigma of taking medication for feeling low and these tattoos remind them of their positive stories.

Mental Health Awareness With Gravestone And Scroll Tattoo

Mental Health Awareness With Gravestone And Scroll Tattoo
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The tattoo design here has a gravestone and a scroll. The meaning of gravestone here is that you should bury your self-doubt and start believing in yourself that things will get better. The flower and gravestone have been touched with a little bit of pink. The scroll tells you to start believing and realizing that you are actually worthy and you deserve happiness, love, and success in life, not sadness,  hate, and failure. They always have to carry on and not give in to the dark side. The scroll has flowers with a tint of pink, with the scroll’s corner being colored with a shade of yellow. Truly, a beautiful tattoo that raises awareness. When you cant process words you can use art and tattoos as a symbol for inspiration.

The mental illnesses are becoming more common across the world. Mental health plays a major role in many aspects of a person’s life, even their physical health. A person can truly achieve recovery and remain mentally healthy if they are surrounded by enough caring people. The ‘Green Ribbon’ stands as an international symbol for mental health giving people a chance to tell their stories. Check out our suggestions below if you are looking for mental health tattoo ideas for your next tattoo.

  1. Mental health awareness ribbon tattoo with a butterfly on your shoulder.
  2. A mental health tattoo sleeve on your arm.
  3. Semicolon tattoos meaning with a heart on your wrist or behind your ear.
  4. Mental health awareness tattoo
  5. Mental health awareness symbol tattoo

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