101 Best Bunny Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Rabbit Tattoos

Reviewed & fact checked: December 7, 2022 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

Do you love bunny tattoos and cannot wait to get inked with a rabbit tattoo design? Head on to find your best suited bunny tattoo from the list on this page.

Bunny Tattoo
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Rabbit tattoos have found a niche among tattoo lovers that is quite prominent from the abundance of designs available in 2021.

A cute and adorable rabbit tattoo can help you amp up your style quotient in that next meeting with your friends. These can be coloured or might be black rabbit tattoo and white rabbit tattoo.

A bunny is said to be a symbol of good luck apart from having multiple connotations. It is oftentimes associated with prosperity, love, fertility among other things. Getting inked on the skin with rabbit tattoo designs is a dream shared by many people.

Traditional tattoo designs have long utilized animals as ideas for tattoos. Your search for meaningful tattoos can lead you to choose a rabbit tattoo. You can even think of a bunny as a symbol of Easter – a good luck charm for your family.

Do you need more reasons to be convinced of getting a rabbit tattoo? Come and choose from the list of rabbit tattoos given below.

Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Playboy Bunny Tattoo
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The playboy bunny is an iconic symbol in history. When Hugh Hefner started the magazine, the appearance of the bunny became synonymous with it. It is a popular tattoo design among both men and women tattoo enthusiasts. The beauty of this specific design in the photo above is that the size of this tattoo is small, making this iconic tattoo fit in any part of your body. The symbol is minimalistic and hence, can be a great one for any first-time user.

Bunny Lighter Tattoo
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You can add other elements with the playboy tattoo as well. Take this tattoo for example. The playboy bunny on a lighter is a fresh look for a tattoo ideal for fiery people like you who wants a bit of zing in their tattoo game.

Bugs Bunny Tattoo

Bugs Bunny Tattoo
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You like Bugs Bunny, don’t you? The cute but naughty rabbit from Looney Tunes is a fan favourite character all around the globe. It is, therefore, no surprise that one of the most popular tattoo designs features this cartoon character. Ideal for your thighs or your forearm, Bugs Bunny is not a bad bunny tattoo to indulge in after all.

Colored Bunny Tattoo
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This tattoo perfectly sums up the antics of the Looney Tunes characters – Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the Tasmanian Devil who are always trying to one-up each other. Using watercolor ink for this adorable art brings out the meanings so accurately. This tattoo is ideal for your back, which offers are large space to work with.

Rabbit Tattoo Sleeve

Rabbit Tattoo Sleeve
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A meaningful but simple bunny tattoo with beady eyes can look so cute! This rabbit tattoo design combines the idea of free nature with the presence of sweet animals. Imagine you have stepped foot inside a forest, you take a look at the different natural surroundings, and suddenly notice a cute rabbit peeking from behind the flowers. This is the inspiration behind this particular rabbit tattoo design.

Add a dash of color to your personality through this bunny tattoo and show your love for rabbits with this one of a kind rabbit tattoo design. You can interpret this animal tattoo as a sign of wealth as this tattoo represents the world of nature.

Rabbit Moon Tattoo

Rabbit Moon Tattoo
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Speaking of animals and tattoos, what would you think are the interpretations of this bunny tattoo? Take a close look at the photo. Considered an adorable animal, the rabbit has often been associated with mystical ideas. The moon and rabbit when combined together give a simple yet elegant look to people who are fond of tattoos. It almost sets the entire scene in a fantasy world.

The many geometric shapes of stars and moons complete the art. The black shadows bring the tattoo alive and may want to experiment with similar designs taking the help of your artist.

Baby Rabbit Tattoo Design

Baby Rabbit Tattoo Design
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Want to get a cute and adorable rabbit tattoo? Good luck finding a better tattoo than this photo. If you have kids, they would love this rabbit tattoo design. It looks just like a watercolor bunny tattoo. The baby bunny is cute and cuddly making it a family-friendly tattoo. Different people search for different meanings while gettings tattoos, but not all of them have to be serious and philosophical – some can be just fun.

Use your own idea and maybe you can go for a black rabbit tattoo in place of this brown rabbit tattoo design. You can also get many tattoo ideas from your tattoo artist.

Snake And Rabbit Tattoo

Snake And Rabbit Tattoo
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The world of animals and flowers cross one another and become one in this amazing rabbit tattoo design. Snakes and rabbits are prey and predator – the highlight of this adorable rabbit tattoo. The intricate tones of black ink make this appearance stand out from similar tattoo designs.

Flowers are traditional elements that have been considered for tattoos for a long time to signify nature. Such simple designs can lead to such beautiful tattoos if we choose the right elements.

Bunny Tattoo With Flowers

Bunny Tattoo With Flowers
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Would you like to get coloured rabbits and flowers for your next tattoo? We have chosen this coloured bunny tattoo just for people who are in search of such tattoos. It looks as if the cute and adorable rabbit is waiting for you, telling you to use this rabbit tattoo design on your foot.

A sign of prosperity and wealth, this coloured simple bunny tattoo can spark up some conversations in your day to day life. This can be a great easter-themed tattoo.

Dark Rabbit Tattoo

Dark Rabbit Tattoo
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This one is bound to scare people. Ideal for the back of your neck, this white rabbit tattoo is not for everyone. If you are into black magic, then get this tattoo with supernatural elements. The adorable bunny is replaced with a sinister version of a black rabbit.

You can understand from the photo that such tattoos are not for faint-hearted people. This tattoo is a symbol of the growing anxiety within the self in 2021. The flowers are exchanged with mushrooms that have mysterious elements attached to them.

Cute Bunny Tattoo

Cute Bunny Tattoo
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The Easter bunny finds a cute and minimalistic representation with this adorable rabbit tattoo. This bunny tattoo has a simple, fuss-free look which adds to the sweetness of the tattoo. Get this tattoo on the back of your arm. The clean strokes of black ink make it prominent too.

Minimalist Bunny Tattoo

Minimalist Bunny Tattoo
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Have you seen a bunny tattoo that has been made using a single stroke by the tattoo artist? This minimalist adorable rabbit tattoo design is unique for the stroke used. From the photo, we can see that the tattoo has been drawn in almost a single stroke – like a signature. Hence if you want a small but eye-catching tattoo then consider this rabbit tattoo. You might even use many rabbits inside geometric shapes for more unique combinations.

Adorable rabbit tattoos are all the rage in 2021, from watercolour simple bunny tattoos to geometric rabbit tattoos. Apart from the list of tattoo ideas listed above, you might opt for many other tattoo designs such as:

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