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101 Best Math Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Math Tattoos

Tired of not finding the perfect math tattoo to ink yourself this season? Worry no more; here’s a list of the best tattoo ideas specially handpicked for you.

Math Tattoo
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Tattoos are the epitome of self-expression in the best possible way.

Maths has been one of the subjects whose meaning is short, precise, and clear. There is no better way to display your admiration and love for mathematics than getting inked with science tattoos with deep meaning.

Science tattoos are an isolated arena of exploration to an extent. The mathematical formula in tattoo form is rare, but to the mathletes out there, math symbols tattoo, whether it is as simple as a PI or the picture of Einstein inked on the shoulder, is a significant and beautiful medium to use the math tattoo for self-expression of their deepest love towards math tattoos.

If you are extremely passionate about algorithms, formulas, numbers, and the sheer joy that comes after solving equations, then you might consider getting these geeky, brilliant and simple math tattoos to showcase to the world that math is a cool subject. We have incorporated the ten best math tattoos with deep meaningful symbols for all math tattoo lovers.

The Decimal Pi Symbol Tattoo With Full Value Number

The Decimal Pi Symbol Tattoo With Full Value Number
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Pi is mainly the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. PI’s value is 3.14; when you type that in a calculator, you can get the digits that are mentioned in the above tattoo design. As one of the basics of math equations, the PI is still the subject of enormous curiosity and mystery with fathomless fascination among mathletes. Pi is the basic thing that every student in middle school is aware of and thus goes, its importance to mathematics.

The PI tattoo in the picture is done in single black ink and is creative, unique, and does not venture into the complicated idea, and mostly sticks to the base of maths. You can get yourself inked in San Diego, California and the inner wrist or the back of your body is a good place to flaunt your PI tattoo with the full value number on display and show everyone that numbers and digits also can be pretty attractive.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle Formula tattoo

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Formula tattoo
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Heisenberg’s uncertainty Principle is denoted by a particular formula where X is Planck’s constant, and P and X are known as Uncertainty in momentum and position. Werner Heisenberg states that the exact position and momentum of an electron or any particle cannot be measured with precision. The concept of errorless velocity and momentum is a rare phenomenon in nature itself.

This math tattoo idea with tiny formula will be poignant and motivating to the lovers of Quantum Mechanics. The equation is the focal point of Quantum, and it is a must-science tattoo for any mathletes with extra fascination and admiration for the most uncertainly brilliant math symbol tattoo. You can get this impressive body art done on your inner wrist or your elbow, the black-inked tattoo will surely send a certain message about your math love.

Maxwell’s Electromagnetism Full Equation Tattoo

Maxwell's Electromagnetism Full Equation Tattoo
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There are math tattoos that changed the world, and this math tattoo is one of them. Maxwell made all four equations by different scientists together and showed in a result that the light waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation. The mathematicians could conclude this theory light is a wave.

The math geeks in search of a math equation tattoo that is creative and delineates their passion for maths, this tattoo inked on the shoulder or the hands in bold black ink is the perfect match for them. The math tattoo idea, which brought science to the forefront of progress, is surely a body art inspired by innovation.

The Hypnotizing Full Quadratic equation tattoo sign

The Hypnotizing Full Quadratic equation tattoo sign
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A quadratic equation is a fundamental formula that a person gets acquainted with in their school days. It is a polynomial equation of the second degree where the value of a, b, and c are used to derive the value of X. It is a simple, clear math formula that is known to give the perfect answer.

Quadratic tattoos are a unique and quirky math tattoo idea to get yourself inked. Your passion for math will be most visibly and distinctly clear with a quadratic tattoo. The math symbols are highlighted in a single black ink to provide clarity and precision.

Realistic 3D Pictures Of Mathematicians With Equations

Realistic 3D Pictures Of Mathematicians With Equations
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How many times you have imagined body art tattoo design with your favorite mathematician and physicist with their noble-prize winning ideas and creation varied into one work of tattoo? If you haven’t witnessed and dreamt of it, it is one of the kinds of math tattoos for you.

The tattoo artist has shown his brilliance and the art of tattoo design by using red and blue colors outlined by yellow and incorporating the faces of physicists and mathematicians in a design where the atoms are circulating the whole structure. Proclamation of your love for science should be honored with tattoo ideas like this, which is extraordinary and a rightful tribute to mathematics and science.

The Fascinating Platonic Solids Math Tattoo Design

The Fascinating Platonic Solids Math Tattoo Design
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Platonic solids are one of the founding symbols of geometry. Each symbol stands for each distinctive element – water, fire, air, and ether. These solids are the basic elements that fabricate our world. The reason it is called universal is because of its presence in almost every vital element, from our DNA to healing crystals.

If you are someone that believes in expressing more in less and a non-complicated form, this science math tattoo is a true match for you. The primary shape that creates the beauty of the universe can adore on your hand or hands. The tattoo mentioned above is inked with bold black ink to add to the intensity of the symbol.

The Incredible Golden Spiral Symbol Tattoo Design

The Incredible Golden Spiral Symbol Tattoo Design
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In Ancient Italy, Leonardo Fibonacci discovered a set of numbers with the help of another concept, the golden ratio, and found a legitimate way to delineate the biological formation of nature’s products. It is a wonderful design for math tattoo and nature lovers who want to get the best of both worlds.

The golden ratio and golden spiral as body art design is a popular choice amongst math geeks and lovers of nature since they blend to create such a passionate expression of the world. You can get these cool science tattoos with math symbols inked at Greensboro and flaunt your love for maths.

Creative Meaningful Math Tattoos With Symbols

Creative Meaningful Math Tattoos With Symbols
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There are math tattoos that usually deviate from the dependence on a particular formula and go on to assemble tattoos that are incomparable and unique. Poetry and stories, and writing are supposed mediums of describing the philosophical truths about lives generally. But math tattoos can also be a brilliant way to represent the ultimate truth of life.

These tattoo ideas are influenced by the universal truth, life is pain and pain is constant in the mirage of life. Dagger is used here to represent pain and summation of life, the human face is disguised as the limitations of a human being and the skeleton is the face of death. The whole circle of life is beautifully expressed in this science-inspired tattoo design. The math tattoo is inked with a single blank ink.

Geometry-Shaped Marvelous Math Tattoo Design

Geometry-Shaped Marvelous Math Tattoo Design
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Looking for cool math tattoo ideas in mathematics that will also be aesthetically appealing and geometrically essential to mathematics. Then, this tattoo design sticks to your bucket list of math tattoos. The beautiful geometrical structure is a must for all math geeks out there.

This math Tattoo is inked with single black ink on the hand, you can also ink it on the back or the shoulder. It is certainly attractive to the mathletes for its easy charm and fascinating lines and curves.

Authentic Realistic Historical Figure Galileo Tattoo

Authentic Realistic Historical Figure Galileo Tattoo
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Galileo Galilei was an astronomer and scientist of Italy who was the first one to discover new things that were still unknown to the universe. The phases of Venus, the rings of Saturn, and the mountains on the moon and he made these observations during a time when people still believed that the sun revolved around the earth.

Math tattoos dedicated to the father of modern science, Galileo, are an apt tribute to the one that took science to the place that it is today. If you are somebody that is looking for a Galileo tattoo that is an unsurpassed homage to the Ultimate genius in a person, this tattoo is the one for you.

Math Tattoos can take many forms, a golden ratio, tattoos with photos, the supposed math formula of science, or the PI expressed in a cool way. Each math tattoo idea is distinct, innovative, and unparalleled and describes a math lover’s particular eccentricity and charm. Here are some of the math tattoos you can get for yourself:

  • The innovative graph tattoos designed in single ink.
  • The Issac Newton Gravity Tattoos in the single needle.
  • The parabolas graph tattoo-colored design.
  • The Dirac equation math tattoos design.
  • Fantastic fraction tattoos designed in monochrome.

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What is a math tattoo?

A math tattoo is a body art piece that uses mathematical symbols and equations to create a unique design. It can be used to express one’s appreciation for mathematics, or simply to make a creative statement. Math tattoos may also represent specific events or concepts in the person’s life such as an important achievement, an equation they solved, or a formula that changed the course of their life. Math tattoos are typically created using black ink, and may feature equations, numbers, symbols or graphs to create an interesting visual design. Some people opt for a more traditional tattoo, such as the infinity symbol, while others choose to go with something more abstract. No matter what kind of math tattoo you choose, it is sure to make a bold statement.

What are some examples of math tattoos?

Some examples of math tattoos include the infinity symbol, equations such as Euler’s Identity or the Pythagorean Theorem, numbers like Pi and Fibonacci’s sequence, Greek letters, mathematical operators (such as + and -), and symbols for fractions, roots and powers. Other popular designs include hyperbolic curves, fractals, Mobius strips, and tessellations. There are even more intricate designs that incorporate multiple equations, such as calculus or wave form equations. Math tattoos can also be used to represent a major life event that was significant to the person who received the tattoo.

How do I design a math tattoo?

The best way to design a math tattoo is to think about the concept or story you want to tell with your design. Once you have an idea of what you want, start researching mathematical symbols and equations that may fit into your concept. Use websites such as MathWorld or Wolfram Alpha to find technical information on various equations and symbols. Consider things such as the size of each symbol and how it will fit into your overall design. You should also consult with a tattoo artist if you are unsure about any aspect of the design. Finally, make sure to get references from friends and family that have had math tattoos in order to find an experienced professional who can help bring your concept to life.

How much do math tattoos cost?

The cost of a math tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity of the design, and where it is being done. Generally speaking, larger designs tend to be more expensive as they require more time and effort from the artist. Additionally, tattoos that involve multiple colors or complex equations may also cost more due to their difficulty. Ultimately, the best way to get an accurate estimate of the cost is to consult with a tattoo artist and discuss your ideas in detail. They will be able to give you a more accurate estimate based on their experience and skill level.

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