101 Best Butterfly Face Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Butterfly Face Tattoo Ideas

Reviewed & updated: October 29, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. That said, here are some remarkable examples of butterfly face tattoo designs.

Butterfly Face Tattoo
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Face tattoos are one of the boldest types of body art, in today’s world.

A tattoo is an art that you create on your body. It is the perfect representation of how you visualize yourself.

After getting your first tattoo, you realize that all the inhibitions of fear surrounding it have been for nothing. You seem to want more. However, a face tattoo in particular is an entirely different area. While indeed they look bold and extraordinary on every individual, they also have a few dark sides to them. One such is that, once you have tattooed your face, there is no going back. It is going to stick with you for the rest of your life, until you choose to get it removed, however, this kind of procedure is costly. Therefore, only after you have made up your mind entirely, you should for a face tattoo. Having said that here are some of the best butterfly face tattoo designs for you to choose from.

Woman Butterfly Face Tattoo

Woman Butterfly Face Tattoo
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Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and delicate insects in nature. For this reason, they are the ideal choice of tattoo design among women. In this image, we can see the design of a black and gray butterfly imprinted on the face of this woman. The shading of the wings of the butterfly using black ink has been done in a lovely manner. This tattoo reflects a very bold side of the wearer’s personality. The tattoo has been made on the forehead of this woman. An important thing to remember here is that these kinds of tattoo placements can cause a lot of pain since they are covered with nerve endings. Therefore, if you think you have the required pain tolerance, then only, go for the procedure.

Butterfly and Vine Tattoo

Butterfly and Vine Tattoo
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If you want to add a feminine touch to your tattoo design, this can be the perfect way to do so. In the above-mentioned picture, the tattoo artist has paired up the beautiful small butterfly with a vine of flowers drawing. Although he has only used black ink to create this design, you can use colors to highlight the flowers on the vine or the wings of the butterfly. Any color of the light shade will look good on this design.

Face tattoos are often seen in the wrong light by many people. They are still associated with a lot of stigma and false judgments. However, that is no reason for not getting one. If you are confident enough about getting one, then you should definitely go with it. Face tattoos are not only very pretty but can also generate deep meanings based on the design.

Simple Butterfly Face Tattoo

Simple Butterfly Face Tattoo
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A butterfly is a symbol of immortality, grace, love, and youthfulness. Having such a design tattooed on your face can be a great way to show that innocent yet bold side of your personality. A similar idea has been reflected in this image. Here we can see the design of a beautiful butterfly imprinted near the ears of this woman. The tattoo artist has used fine lines to highlight the delicate wings of the butterfly. He has used the same ink to color of four corners of both the wings, as well as the body. If you like these kinds of butterfly tattoo designs, then you should use this one as a suggestion for your next tattoo.

Giant Butterfly Face Tattoo

Giant Butterfly Face Tattoos
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Getting a butterfly tattoo inked on your face, can be a special way to pay tribute to someone you have recently lost. An example to substantiate this statement would be how Aaron Carter got a large blue butterfly tattoo on face, in honor of his late sister, Leslie Barbara Carter, who lost her life at a very young age due to a drug overdose.

In this image, we can see the design of a giant butterfly tattoo drawn near the right eye of the individual. If you look closely, you can see how intricately the artist has used white ink to highlight certain features of the two wings of the butterfly. These kinds of tattoos will look great on any individual and will be the perfect way to honor your lost loved ones.

Small Butterfly Face Tattoo

Small Butterfly Face Tattoo
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Here is another example of a very bold butterfly tattoo design etched on the face of this individual right here. Tattoos do not necessarily have to be scary or edgy, to give that fierce look. By just going for a simple design, you can still achieve the same. Such a similar concept has been portrayed in this image. The tattoo artist here has created a small and simple design of a butterfly on the cheek of the individual and looks great.

Tattoos are a great way of expressing oneself. Some believe that tattoo is a way of revealing your inner personality to the outer world. Especially when it comes to face tattoos, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding it. For example, people still believe that face tattoos are only for rappers and other marginalized sections of people.

Black and White Butterfly Tattoos

Black and White Butterfly Tattoos
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If you are looking for a large and dramatic design for your next face tattoo, this might be the ideal choice for you. Instead of going for a straightforward butterfly tattoo, the woman has gone for three huge butterfly tattoo drawing on her face. One important thing to notice here is the different shadings of black ink used to highlight each tattoo. For example, the butterfly situated in the middle has been drawn with pitch-black ink, while the two others have been marked with a mild version of the same ink color. It looks fascinating and reveals the wild side of the wearer. However, since face tattoos are permanent and likely to stay with you throughout your entire life, it is important that you choose your design carefully.

Blue Butterfly Face Tattoo

Blue Butterfly Face Tattoo
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The different kinds of colors used by a tattoo artist to draw any design also play an essential role in delivering a specific meaning. For example, yellow butterflies represent warmth, joy, and happiness, whereas, a blue butterfly tattoo is a representation of good luck. Blue butterflies typically come in varied shapes and sizes. It can be a massive blue butterfly tattoo, or even a small and minimalistic one. In this image, the latter one has been portrayed. The artist has etched two beautiful butterflies behind the ear of this individual. A bright shade of blue ink has been chosen to complete this design and it looks incredible.

Elegant Butterfly Design

Elegant Butterfly Design
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The best thing about a face tattoo is that it can look really pretty, based on the design. When you pair it up with the design of an elegant butterfly, like the one shown above, it will give that bold yet innocent edge to your butterfly. In this image, we can see the design of a butterfly with its wings spread. The artist has drawn different kinds of patterns on the wings of the butterflies using nothing but black ink. If you like your tattoos to be more colorful, you can also add any color of your choice to your design.

Geometric Butterfly Face Tattoo

Geometric Butterfly Face Tattoo
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Geometric designs are a great way to give a unique look to any generic tattoo. Such a similar idea has been highlighted through this image. The tattoo artist has created three geometric-shaped butterflies on the right side of the face of this individual. Geometric tattoos are created using straight lines and black ink is mainly used. However, you can also customize them according to your preference. As we all know, butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects, therefore nothing whatsoever can go wrong, with these kinds of designs, provided you go to an experienced tattoo artist.

Unique Butterfly Tattoo

Unique Butterfly Tattoos
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In this image we can only see one side of the wing of the butterfly, and only the upper most part of the other wing is visible. If you are not looking for a full body butterfly tattoo, this can be the perfect one for you. The artist has used fine lines and circles to highlight the delicate wing of its insect. The design is imprinted on the forehead of the individual.

One of the biggest challenges of a face tattoo is the tremendous pain associated with it. The skin on our faces is very sensitive and soft. Therefore using needles on this part of the body can generate a higher amount of pain than most other body parts. Only if you are confident enough, to go through the procedure. On that note, here are a few more examples of butterfly face tattoos.

  • Beautiful Icy Blue Eyes Butterfly Tattoo
  • Yellow Butterfly Tattoo
  • Butterfly With Rose Tattoo
  • Minimalistic Butterfly Tattoo
  • Butterfly With Skull Tattoo

Still looking for inspiration, then checkout this amazing face tattoo.

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