10 Best Gravity Falls Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Gravity Falls Tattoos

The adventures of Mable, Dipper Pines and Grunkle Stan are most thrilling, but we have a collection of Gravity Falls tattoos you can never get enough of!

Gravity Falls Tattoo
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Gravity Falls is quite possibly one of the weirdest yet the smartest cartoons ever made.

For those who aren′t acquainted with Mable and Dipper′s Oregon adventures, let us enlighten you. In brief, a duo of eccentric but loyal twins visit a remote town called Gravity Falls, to spend the summer with their great uncle, and a mystery unfolds.

The animated masterpiece is a representation of many things including witty scripting and peculiar character personalities who′ll slowly but surely grow on you. It follows Disney′s epic legacy and does not disappoint as they continue to present quality work consistently and unwaveringly so.

So, it′s pretty obvious when people are thrilled about getting their own Gravity Falls tattoos.

Thus, we′ve curated a list of Gravity Falls tattoos ranging from Mable to Dipper to Grunkle Stanley Pines and even Bill Cipher and Waddles.

Dipper Pines Gravity Falls Tattoo

Dipper Pines Gravity Falls Tattoo
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To begin with, we have a floating Dipper Pines tattoo, done in blackwork style.

This 13-year-old adventurous little kid is often seen with a mysterious journal and tackling the paranormal activities of the mysterious town.

It′s a cute little, average-sized design. Ideal for the outer bicep or the forearms. It looks cool and is sure to appeal to the Dipper Pines fan in you.

Mabel Pines Gravity Falls Tattoo

Mabel Pines Gravity Falls Tattoo
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There′s no Dipper Pines without Mabel Pines and vice versa. So, of course, we′d include a Mabel Pines tattoo for our Gravity Falls Fans.

This sweet little piece is ideal to be placed on your forearm where Mabel′s bright, smiling face will fetch you many compliments. How cute is the character, with her eccentric ways? She can totally be a spirit animal with her less than serious approach towards life.

This is your sign to get yourself that Mabel Pines tattoo you′ve been contemplating.

Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls Tattoo

Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls Tattoo
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As much as we love our girl Mabel, we must admit that Wendy is one of the coolest characters of the show. Her rebellious and adventure-loving self resonates with many, making her a favourite among the Gravity Falls community.

So, we have a simple, colourful Wendy Corduroy tattoo for you to fawn over. If she is your spirit animal and you find yourself relating to this fun little character then we definitely suggest you get this tattooed.

A Tattoo Of Waddles From Gravity Falls

A Tattoo Of Waddles From Gravity Falls
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How much cuter can a simple tattoo get? Okay, we′ll admit to having used the adjective too many times by now but nothing describes this tattoo of Waddles better than the word cute. Maybe, adorable.

Done with simple thin linework, this is ideal for those who adore the friendship Mabel and Waddles has throughout the show. Here, Waddles′ wearing Dipper′s signature cap, giving him an adorable look.

What′s cuter than a plump little piggy wearing a cap?

A Tattoo Of Bill Cipher From Gravity Falls

A Tattoo Of Bill Cipher From Gravity Falls
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The ultimate supernatural and demonic villain Bill Cipher tattoo is quite possibly one of the most sought-after. Of course, we′d always want a villain tattoo more than a protagonist.

We are here to fulfil your wishes and you and your fellow Gravity Falls fans will definitely find this tattoo awe-worthy.

His villainous tendencies include tormenting the residents of Gravity Falls including Mabel and Dipper Pines. He is one of the most popular characters, making him a popular tattoo design to get among tattoo enthusiasts.

Gravity Falls Stan Tattoo

Gravity Falls Stan Tattoo
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We′d never dare to include a Stanford/Stanley Pines tattoo. The genius of all geniuses.

He has settled in the distant village of Gravity Falls after several years of corruption and disgrace. Still, he manages to become a well-loved character who finances himself by taking advantage of the local folklore and running a tourist trap called The Mystery Shack.

This design has a neo-traditional look, replicating the exact features of the character and will definitely interest those who love an anti-heroic character.

Mabel And Dipper Pines Matching Sibling Tattoo

Mabel And Dipper Pines Matching Sibling Tattoo
@perepeltattoo via Instagram

Matching tattoos will never go out of style and this particular design is ideal for a brother-sister duo who share the same connection and loyalty as Mabel and Dipper.

In this cute little piece, the artist created replicas of Mabel and Dipper however what makes it unique and sweet is the fact that Mabel has been highlighted for the sister′s arm while Dipper has been highlighted for the brother′s arm. How cool is that?

Gravity Falls Hand Poke Rainbow Tattoo

Gravity Falls Hand Poke Rainbow Tattoo
@witaminat via Instagram

Hand Poke tattoos have become immensely popular and trendy among tattoo enthusiasts in the current era. So, it′s only fair for us to include a Gravity Falls artwork that can be done with a hand-poke technique.

It is one of the simplest designs and yet one of the brightest with its rainbow outlines. It is minimal, cute and easily makes a loud reference to your love for the show. Ideally doing what tattoos are meant to do.

The Lost Journals Of Gravity Falls

The Lost Journals Of Gravity Falls
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We are finally including the infamous lost Journal No. 3 of Gravity Falls. These Journals are an integral part of the show′s plot and thus, it makes for a small and cute tattoo design.

It serves as a reference to the show and is ideal for those Gravity Falls fans who are looking for a tattoo that isn′t too elaborate but references to their favourite show.

Gravity Falls Trust No One Tattoo

Gravity Falls Trust No One Tattoo
@mojojuju.tattoo via Instagram

Lastly, we have the “Trust No One” sign that is commonly associated with Bill Cipher and the statue in the Mystery Shack. Another tattoo design that serves as a reference to the show and the ultimate antagonist of the show, the psychopathic Bill Cipher.

It is a good choice for those who are looking to get something dark-humoured version of Gravity Falls tattooed on them.

With that, our tattoo fest for Gravity Falls comes to an end. This program has a passion and relevance that allows us to speak about it for much too long and see so many facets of our own childhood memories. Despite it being a kid cartoon show, the depth and resonance it is made of make it immensely popular among adults too. Plus, there′s is a cute pig named Waddles who makes for the cutest tattoos one can find. Don′t believe us? Check out this short list of tattoo ideas that′ll further convince you that it is your time to get Gravity Falls themed tattoos:

  1. Mabel and Waddles Tattoo
  2. Bill Cipher′s Zodiac Tattoo
  3. Dipper Pines′ Cap Tattoo
  4. The Mystery Shack Tattoo
  5. The W.H.A.T Tattoo
  6. Waddles And Florals Tattoo

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