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101 Best Last Supper Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Last Supper Tattoos

Are you searching for last supper tattoo ideas to get yourself inked? Check out the 10 best last supper tattoos that you will love!

Last Supper Tattoo
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Christian tattoo ideas reflect religious sentiments and symbolism. Christians often get such tattoos to reaffirm and express their Christian faith to the world.

People prefer to get Christian tattoos on their chest, sleeve, and forearm. These last supper tattoo ideas will bring your spirituality forward and give you a sense of connection to the divine. Tattoos of the Last Supper honor Jesus’ courage during a crucial moment in Christian religion, to take away the sins of man and save all of nature and humanity. A person may opt for this tattoo to familiarise themselves with the spiritual power of God. These last supper tattoos depict the Christian religion beautifully. One of the major religions of the world, Christian tattoos are famous in many countries and cultures. Artists like to create such a last supper tattoo on forearm, back, or any other part, which provides a comprehensive, horizontal canvas. Christian tattoos for men and women act as a sign of faith and enhances their devotion to God and a place to seek shelter in times of difficulties.

Artists have created the last supper tattoo in many modern styles, each evoking a unique meaning. Below are some of the most notable and popular designs you can research to help you decide the one that best reflects your faith! 

Last Supper Tattoo Sleeve- Black And Gray

Last Supper Tattoo Sleeve- Black And Gray
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This Last supper forearm tattoo with black and gray filling shows Jesus Christ addressing his fellow apostles with a faded, dark background. This black and gray ink style design clearly shows the faces and features of the apostles, with Jesus in the center. This image beautifully logs the attire and mannerisms of the last supper party as depicted originally. You can fit this tattoo perfectly between the wrist and the elbow.

Full Sleeve Christian Tattoo

Full Sleeve Christian Tattoo
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This last supper tattoo has a classic vintage look, and it is done in black ink with a bit of shading. Every feature of the image has been detailed, including the hands and the wavy hair. This image shows a heated discussion going on between Jesus and his twelve apostles right before the ultimate betrayal. This last supper tattoo stencil depicts the Christian eucharist. The Lord’s Supper is a memorial meal observed by Christians to honor the courage and sacrifice of the lord. If you want to ink this Christian tattoo on your sleeve, you can find the many modern adaptions on the internet these days. Create this full-featured tattoo on your sleeve permanently with the help of experienced artists.

Last Supper Tattoo With Weapon

Last Supper Tattoo With Weapon
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This last supper tattoo is going to be a stunning design like you haven’t seen yet! A gun with angels of God and Jesus sitting between them is a strong image open to interpretation. A weapon is a bold choice in this Christian tattoo, but the message is positive and universal. The power of God and our faith will help overcome violence and negativity among humans. Inked on the outer side of the arm, this tattoo covers a large portion. Another excellent place for such a tattoo is the back or behind the leg.

Ultimate Cena Last Supper Tattoo

Ultimate Cena Last Supper Tattoo
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‘La Ultima Cena’ in Italian translates to ‘The Last Supper, title of Leonardo DaVinci’s famous painting representing Jesus and his apostles at the last supper. This image is a famous tattoo inspiration nowadays. With black and grey walls in the background, this tattoo has a watercolor effect. The black hair of Jesus and the apostles stand out while their features and attires are made with grey and white ink. This tattoo also uses white ink to give the impression of depth and enhance the finer details.

Last Supper Full Arm Tattoo

Last Supper Full Arm Tattoo
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This full-arm tattoo image depicts the discussion and commotion happening at the Last Supper. The table around which the apostles have gathered has a simple shading, giving it a wooden look. The miniature articles on the table have a distinct white border. This tattoo looks like a black and grey canvas painting. This stencil tattoo highlights an aspect of the Christian religion while depicting Jesus at its center, similar to this tattoo.

Christian Religion Canvas Tattoo

Christian Religion Canvas Tattoo
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There are two aspects to this beautiful tattoo coming together with lots of imagery and deep spiritual meaning. The Last Supper is depicted at the top, where we see Jesus with his Apostles in Jerusalem like the world-renowned painting. This tattoo shows a more extensive depiction of Jesus and his 12 disciples in light grey ink along with the basket of bread and sacramental wine. Below that aspect, we see gates, steps, and a pigeon which could be interpreted as an entryway to the heavens. The gates of heaven have a pretty black design and are surrounded with dark, thick clouds. Both these images are powerful and hold a lot of reverence in the hearts and minds of Christians. This tattoo that looks like a sketch is done brilliantly by the artist. If you want an expansive, and symbolic tattoo, this last supper design is the one for you.

Jesus Christ And Last Supper Tattoo

Jesus Christ And Last Supper Tattoo
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This Christian tattoo is quite attractive and leaves a strong impression. The edges of the characters and their features are done abstractly, giving it a slightly animated look. However, the dark shading and detailed features give it a stark, realistic appeal. In this version of the Last Supper tattoo, Jesus and each of the apostles are seen a thin, shining halo on their heads. This is a unique characteristic of the tattoo, as most pictures and tattoos depict only Jesus with the halo. In this well-designed tattoo, the artist managed to balance the light with darkness.

In the image, Jesus is looking into a small, round mirror held in his right hand. This is one of the symbolic Christian tattoos that log about the importance of learning and self-reflection. This is an important tenet in the christian religion, following the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you want a striking last supper design with a profound meaning, you can try this arm tattoo.

UpTown Last Supper Tattoos

UpTown Last Supper Tattoos
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This tattoo is a visual illustration of a scene in the Gospel. After Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem, he shared a meal with his apostles before his crucifixion at the end of the week. At the meal, Jesus predicted the betrayal he would suffer at the hands of one of his apostles. This black and white tattoo has a smooth texture.

The last meal has been clearly sketched in the tattoo featuring the goblet of wine and bread as well. White ink is used to lend a shine to the objects. Covering majority of the arm, this tattoo makes great use of space to add extra details. If you opt for a tattoo theme that reflects your spirituality, you can personalise it in this way.

Full Arm Christian Tattoos

Full Arm Christian Tattoos
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This last supper tattoo has a soothing appeal that draws you in. The artistic strokes give this tattoo a painting-like quality. The placement is perfect on the arms so that every aspect of the design is well covered and done in sharp detail. The apostles are highlighted in this tattoo against the dark background. The background is quite simple with only straight lines filled in solids black ink.

The Last Supper took place in what we know as the Room of the Last Supper on Mount Zion outside of the famous walls of Old City in Jerusalem. A notable event in the Christian religion, many tattoo enthusiasts carry this to express their faith. In the image, this tattoo is inked on the entire front leg. With the help of this wide canvas, this tattoo is done extremely well.

Realistic Last Supper Back Tattoo

Realistic Last Supper Back Tattoo
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This tattoo has the look of a light pencil sketch of the apostles huddled around the supper table, engrossed in conversation. With clean lines and delicate shading, this tattoo has a realistic yet elegant vibe to it! In this last supper tattoo, Jesus is addressing his disciples and blessing the meal. This black and gray religious tattoo portrays the night before Jesus’ crucifixion, as noted in the New Testament. The famous Julius Caesar quote below the Last Supper, “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. The tattoo shown in the image above is inked across the back, a great tattoo area with an even surfaced canvas.

Christians with religious tattoos on their bodies carry it as a permanent sign of their faith and worship. Today, there are many iconic styles of religious tattoos along with basic shapes of the Christian cross that a person can choose to engrave on their body. Let us look at some more examples of Last supper related tattoos or tattoos on the Christian religion for you to choose from:

  1. The sacred heart symbol tattoo
  2. Jesus fish tattoo
  3. Rosary tattoo
  4. Biblical verse on the forearm or wrist
  5. Jesus tattoo
  6. Corinthians bible verse tattoo
  7. Cross tattoo on the chest

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What does the Last Supper tattoo mean?

The Last Supper tattoo is a popular religious symbol that symbolizes the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It serves as a reminder of how he sacrificed himself for humanity and all his teachings. The Last Supper also serves as an inspiration to Christians, reminding them to remember and cherish the love, mercy, grace, and kindness that Jesus showed during his life. The tattoo also serves as a way of showing deep devotion to the Lord and his teachings, and it is often accompanied by Bible verses for added inspiration. It can be a symbol of faith, hope, and love that remains strong even in adversity. In short, it is a beautiful tribute to the Savior of all mankind.

How do I choose a Last Supper tattoo design?

Choosing a Last Supper tattoo design is an important decision and should be made after careful consideration. Consider the size of your desired tattoo, as well as its placement on your body. Many people choose to have the Last Supper depicted in a large, detailed format that takes up much of their arm or chest space, while others may opt for a smaller, more subtle design. Colours can also be used to create added interest and meaning—for example, vibrant colours may symbolise life while darker hues can represent death. Finally, look for tattoo designs that reflect your personal beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ. This will help ensure you get a meaningful tattoo that really speaks to you.

How much will my Last Supper tattoo cost?

The cost of a Last Supper tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity and artist chosen. Generally speaking, larger and more detailed designs can take anywhere from several hours to several days to complete, resulting in a higher price tag. The cost may also depend on the experience level of your chosen artist and the materials used for the design.

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