10 Best Jasmine Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Jasmine Tattoos

Interested in floral tattoos that vibrate with a relaxing aroma, jasmine always tops the list. Check out these jasmine flower tattoos to add a fresh glow!

Jasmine Tattoo
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Uniquely symbolic and beautiful, Jasmine flowers have the power to express your femininity.

Across cultures and in holy texts, Jasmines have a wide range of significance. This sweet-smelling flower often means “gifts of God” and is associated with Mother Mary and motherhood in Christianity.

Jasmine flower tattoo designs symbolize grace, elegance, sensuality, purity, beauty, love and are crammed with positivity. The intensely powerful and pleasing scent of jasmine flowers together with their colourful blossoms are an exceptional treat for the eyes and soul! Popular among women, jasmine flower tattoos look equally charming on men also. For men, they symbolise love, loyalty, respect, honour while for women they are a popular symbol of feminine charm and beauty. So guys style your days with jasmine flowers and let the tattoo speak for you! Among a plethora of jasmine flower tattoos, we have picked the ten best masterpieces for you to choose your favourite!

Minimalistic Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Minimalistic Jasmine Flower Tattoo
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Do you want liveliness to shine out from your arms? Get this monochromatic white jasmine tattoo which has a very pleasing and soothing charm.

This jasmine flower tattoo uses variant shades of black to achieve an aesthetically pleasing design. Two jasmine flowers are done in white with a minimal black shade. The play of dark and light shades on the leaves blends harmoniously with the white colour of the flowers. The black floral outline adds a neat finishing to the design. Wear this tattoo on your arm, shoulder, upper back and add a lively glow to your beauty!

Purple Jasmine Tattoo

Purple Jasmine Tattoo
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Purple jasmine is regarded as symbol of royalty, innocence, luck and love. This makes purple jasmine tattoos highly popular. While most women would love this design on their lower arm, rib area and shoulder area, the preferable sites for men would be the upper arm and chest area.

Several purple jasmines using various shades of purple add a regal look to the tattoo, making this tattoo the best in the collection. The dark green leaves together with the bright purple petals of the flowers lend a commendable vibrance and elegance to the tattoo design. If you want a lucky charm or some healthy vigour in your relationship, treat yourself with this astounding tattoo!

Jasmine Shoulder Tattoo

Jasmine Shoulder Tattoo
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This jasmine tattoo covering your shoulder will make you look absolutely stunning! The delicate detailing on the petals is done using light grey strokes which adds depth to the design. The play of light and dark shades on the leaves and buds will demand a veteran artist as the charm of the design primarily rests on it.

Take care to choose the part where you would like to wear this as the tattoo spreads over a large portion of your skin. Wear this tattoo and give your sleeveless wears a graceful twist!

Black Ink Jasmine Tattoo

Black Ink Jasmine Tattoo
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If you are looking for a neat piece of art, this can be your next favourite! Jasmines are shown to be blooming from a branch thus attaching positive symbols of spring and rebirth to the design.

The tattoo features a linear black line with several jasmines orderly drawn. Different shades of black make the tattoo aesthetically pleasing. If you want a dynamic floral tattoo, this one must be your upcoming design!

Forearm Jasmine Tattoo

Forearm Jasmine Tattoo
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This jasmine flower tattoo is fairly simple with jasmine flowers and a few leaves. The whole design uses black ink and shade showing how a single colour can create wonders! The skillful strokes and the variant shades of black used for the leaves gives a classy shine to the whole design. The petals are done using black ink which gives a simplistic glow to the tattoo.

The size of the tattoo makes it ideal for any part of the wrist, ankle, arms, chest, shoulder. If you want a simple yet adorable tattoo design, wear this jasmine tattoo and flaunt your feminine beauty!

Black Shade Jasmine Tattoo

Black Shade Jasmine Tattoo
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If you are searching for a captivating jasmine tattoo, check out this one! The tattoo has many small jasmines all shimmering with exuberance and positive energy. The black and white hues of the petals and leaves compliment each other perfectly. The dynamic black outlines enhance the perfection of the design.

As the tattoo is comparatively lengthy, the shoulder, arms, legs would be the ideal place to get this inked. Wear this catchy tattoo and equip yourself with all the positivity that this jasmine flower tattoo symbolize!

Adorable Jasmine Tattoo

Adorable Jasmine Tattoo
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Do you guys want a bold tattoo design? Check out this tattoo as the bold black design will blow your mind!

The tattoo features a full bloomed jasmine, several buds and two leaves. Black bold outlines give the tattoo an extraordinary shine and the precise shading on the leaves gives the tattoo its aesthetic beauty. The cuteness and boldness of the design makes the tattoo stand out in the crowd. Wear this adorable black tattoo and make a bold assertion of your femininity!

Star Jasmine Floral Tattoo

Star Jasmine Floral Tattoo
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This black and grey shade tattoo can polish up your personality by adding a fresh glow to your everyday looks. As the jasmines are coupled with lavender and eucalyptus, you can almost feel the divine smell erupting out of this tattoo.

The dark shaded lavender and light-shaded jasmines blend perfectly adding depth to the design. The minute detailing with dark ink adds sharpness to the tattoo. Make this your next design if you want a classy floral tattoo!

Yellow Jasmine Colourful Tattoo

Yellow Jasmine Colourful Tattoo
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Do you love vibrant colours? This tattoo is crammed with all the colours and fresh vibrance of nature. Lotus, yellow and white jasmines, a butterfly all with their colours combine to make the tattoo a must-have for all nature lovers!

The pink shade of the lotus, the white and yellow hue of the jasmines and the regal beauty of the butterfly with intricate detailing has the power to make you stare for hours at this unique design. The black background enhances the vibrance of the tattoo. If you want to live your days on the lap of nature, this tattoo is designed especially for you!

Realistic White Jasmine Tattoo

Realistic White Jasmine Tattoo
@brenna.rose.tattoo via Instagram

Apart from the divine smell, this realistic jasmine tattoo would surely provide you with all that makes jasmine exceptionally attractive. The flowers in the tattoo use minimalistic shading and colour. The precisely drawn petals give a realistic glow to the tattoo. The green shimmering colour on the leaves adds a dazzling glow to the tattoo design. The thick black outlines on the petals and the bold outlines on the leaves and branches add refinement to the design.

Suited for both men and women, the arm, shoulder, chest would be the ideal place to get this inked. If you want to enjoy the delicate luxury of nature, get this tattooed!

Apart from those listed above, we have a few more jasmine tattoo designs that you can check out-

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