101 Amazing Lavender Tattoo Designs You Will Love!

by Mark
lavender tattoo Designs

Lavender flower tattoos are not the most common tattoo ideas for guys. However, once we explain its symbolism and we review our top 10 lavender tattoos, you may want to get one for yourself! Keep on reading and explore your favorite lavender springs tattoo ideas down below.

What Does A Lavender Tattoo Mean?

Floral tattoos can have different and beautiful meanings. Each flower is different, and it will represent something new and unique. Also, the color of your flower can play a huge rule in its symbolism.

What Does Lavender Symbolize?

If you get a lavender tattoo you are embracing the meaning of purity, serenity, grace, as well as calmness. The color purple also stands for elegance and luxury, so it is a positive tattoo overall!

Small Lavender Tattoo On Wrist


This lavender spring tattoo will suit guys who like smaller and petite designs. Lavender color tattoo such as this one is a piece of art and it will suit flower lovers as well as people who like colorful tattoos.

Lavender Tattoo Inner Bicep


If you are on a search for a smaller tattoo you will enjoy this one as well as the meaning of lavender tattoo designs. It will take you around 2 hours to place this tattoo on your hand.

Bright And Colorful Lavender Tattoo


Do you like bright tattoos and splashes of color? Are you open to suggestions and you like colorful ideas? If so, this floral tattoo with smaller elements will suit you. Go big or go home, right?!

Small Lavender Tattoo Over Leg


Lavender tattoo ankle designs will look great in purple and black ink. If you like color and tattoo ideas that stand out, this is your perfect ink!

Bright And Large Lavender Tattoo Ideas 


This lavender flower tattoo has mostly green elements and is a manly tattoo when compared to some other options. Lavender tattoo black design will take 2-3 hours of your time to get.

Lavender Plant Tattoo Sleeve


This spring of lavender tattoo is colorful and great for guys who like sleeve designs. Lavender tattoos will symbolize your power as well as wealth, so why not stick to this image and place it over your arm?

Flower Tattoos Lavender Design


Make sure that your tattoo artist has a precise hand and that they know how to do flowers. If you are out of ideas and you want something medium-sized as well as masculine at the same time, you will find this tattoo perfect!

Lavender Tattoo Wrist Dad Design


This tattoo from Instagram can be an amazing inspiration if you wish to dedicate a flower tattoo to someone you love. Bring this photo with you to your tattoo artist and ask them to place this piece of art along with the name of your parent next to it. It is a great inspo if you want a sentimental sprig of lavender tattoo.

Spring Of Lavender Tattoo Small Tattoo


Are you a fan of smaller lavender tattoos? Maybe you dislike the needles and the pain behind this tattooing process? If this sounds like you make sure you go for this lavender tattoo. It is quite petite and inexpensive to get.

Lavender Tattoo Simple Design

Last, but not least, would you want this purple flower tattoo on your arm? If you are on a search for something direct and simple, this post is perfect for you!

Having Said All Of That

And there you have it! Our top 10 lavender tattoos that you will like from our post. Which purple flower is your favorite? Let us know when you find your preferred design down below!

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