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101 Best Hydrangea Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Hydrangea Tattoos

Are you looking for hydrangea tattoo ideas? Here is a list of 10 beautiful hydrangea tattoo designs that you should check out for inspiration.

Hydrangea Tattoo
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Hydrangea tattoo designs signify sentiments such as gratitude, acceptance, and abundance. However, when it comes to hydrangea tattoo designs, the color is the main deciding factor! With so many lovely colors to pick from, a hydrangea flower makes for a visually appealing choice for a tattoo design.

Though the colorful hydrangea flower comes in various sizes, it is a lush flower found in gardens across the world. The flower’s natural bouquet-like appearance makes it a prominent design to adorn your body.

With bright colors and a captivating smell, colorful hydrangea plants are known to express and mirror heartfelt emotions. The pink and blue colors of the hydrangea are most popular, but many tattoos emobody an elegant blank and white design as well. Let us take a look at some lovely hydrangea tattoo pictures and designs that are suitable for both men and women.

Blue Hydrangea Flower Tattoo

Blue Hydrangea Flower Tattoo
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This blue hydrangea makes for an interesting tattoo. The hues of blue used in the tattoo along hints of with white used for shading gives the flower a gorgeous and delicate look. The leaves on the hydrangea give it extra depth and color, which makes it prettier. A tattoo like this can easily fill up your arm or leg, depending on your preferred size, and look fabulous. A blue hydrangea meaning can be frigidity and a sense of forgiveness.

Dark Purple Hydrangea Tattoo

Dark Purple Hydrangea Tattoo
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This dark purple hydrangea is a beautiful flower tattoo. The leaves drawn by the tattoo artist are dark green and olive green which go well with the dark purple shade used by the artist for the flower. The flowers are drawn separately and don’t overlap each other too much. The leaves in the tattoo use linework for shading while the flower petals have a subtle watercolor essence. This tattoo has been made on the inner side of the arm and looks beautiful as an arm tattoo.

Purple Hydrangea With White Aster

Purple Hydrangea With White Aster
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This tattoo stars another popular flower along with the hydrangea flower, giving us an elegant masterpiece that sends a strong message. Aster is named after the Greek phrase for a star because the flower looks like a star when it blooms.

The narrow strip of flowers and leaves make this an elegant design that would you can flaunt on any part of the body. Asters signify love and affection, grace, wisdom, faith, and trust. The two aster flowers below and above the purple hydrangea look magnificent. The same design can be replicated with a pink hydrangea flower too.

Black And White Hydrangea Tattoo

Black And White Hydrangea Tattoo
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While hydrangea is a lively, colorful flower, this tattoo excludes the color and focuses on the gradation of the flower petals and leaves. Here, a black and white or grey-scale ink hydrangea tattoo layout seems excellent and attractive. The dark leaves here have a slight shine, standing out below the flower. This tattoo is made on the rib at the side but can also be made on the arm or leg.

Blue Pink Hydrangeas Flowers meaning

Blue Pink Hydrangeas Flowers meaning
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Here is a small, colorful flower tattoo that catches your eye with the different shades. This tattoo has a combination of blue, purple, and pink ink. The colors blend so well that each petal looks like it belongs to that flower, even though actual hydrangeas don’t have tri-colored flowers. The petals in the air give an added effect that looks splendid. The green leaves seem to contrast the delicate feel of the petals, making this Hydrangea flower tattoo stand out.

Tiny Purple Hydrangea Flower Tattoo With Ribbon

Tiny Purple Hydrangea Flower Tattoo With Ribbon
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This is an all-purple hydrangea tattoo tied into a small bouquet with a thin, brown stem. The red ribbon at the stalk of the hydrangea flower makes the tattoo even prettier. It is tied into a bow and looks very pretty. The purple hydrangea in this picture is made near the foot, on the ankle. A tattoo of this size looks great on the wrist or neck as well. In this tattoo, the petals symbolize the purity of the soul.

Black And White Thigh Tattoo

Black And White Thigh Tattoo
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Here is a contrast to the usual hydrangea flower that excludes any natural colours. This black and white hydrangea shows a small bunch of petals at the top rising from a single stem. The leaves make such tattoos look even more significant. The leaves here are prominent with detailed linework, spread out below the flower. This black and white design looks stunning as a large thigh tattoo. You can add a red tinge for drama in this artwork, such designs are easy to find online too.

Dark Blue Hydrangea Tattoo

Dark Blue Hydrangea Tattoo
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This gorgeous hydrangea tattoo has a color scheme that lends the tattoo depth and originality. With only two colours, blue for the flower and green for the leaves, this tattoo shows a lovely picture in a minimal design. The touch of white ink in the petals give it a realistic appeal. You will the same find the same concept in a watercolor hydrangea tattoo design interesting too. The dark blue hydrangea tattoo is made on the side of the ribcage but can be inked on other places as well.

Black And White Hydrangea With Butterflies Tattoo

Black And White Hydrangea With Butterflies Tattoo
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Done entirely in greyscale, this tattoo shows us a complete picture. Beautiful floral designs with butterflies in bold, darker ink. The three butterflies around the flower increase the size of the tattoo as a whole and make it look unique and exciting. Butterflies are popular motifs that naturally combine well with flower tattoo designs. This flower tattoo with multiple butterflies and leaves takes up the entire back of the arm, making it an eye-catching design.

Twin Tri-Colored Hydrangea Tattoos

Twin Tri-Colored Hydrangea Tattoos
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These cute ankle hydrangea tattoos are adorable and pretty. The tri-color scheme brings out the beauty of the flowers. The above picture shows one hydrangea made on each ankle on both legs, making it more interesting. With a design likes this, you can create light watercolor art like a tattoo on your shoulder.

Hydrangea tattoos show grace, dignity, and tenderness. Hydrangea flowers have a range of lively, vibrant colours to choose from to adapt to your tattoo design. A bouquet of hydrangeas makes for a lovely, elegant show of your personality, gratitude, and admiration of nature.

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What does a hydrangea tattoo symbolize?

A hydrangea tattoo typically symbolizes gratitude, grace, and beauty. It can also represent abundance, heartfelt emotion, and understanding. This flower is often used to express thanks for a person’s generosity or kindness. Additionally, it may be seen as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment. In some cultures, the hydrangea symbolizes apology and sincerity. As such, it can be seen as a way of expressing regret for past mistakes or wrongdoings. Regardless of the individual’s underlying meaning, a hydrangea tattoo is often seen as a representation of inner peace and serenity.

What are the different designs of hydrangea tattoos?

Hydrangea tattoos can come in a variety of designs, ranging from realistic to abstract. A realistic hydrangea tattoo typically features the flower in bloom, surrounded by its lush green leaves and long stems. An abstract design may incorporate shapes or patterns that resemble this beautiful flower. Other popular variations include watercolor designs, single-tone or multi-toned designs, and minimalist styles. Some people also choose to add other elements such as birds, butterflies, or vines to their hydrangea tattoo for a unique touch. Additionally, the flower’s size and placement can vary from person to person depending on their individual preferences.

How should I take care of my new hydrangea tattoo?

It is important to remember that tattoo care is just as important as the design itself. When caring for a new hydrangea tattoo, it is essential to keep the area clean and moisturized, as well as wear loose clothing and avoid rubbing or picking at the skin. It is also best to keep the area out of direct sunlight while it is healing. Additionally, it is important to follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions carefully to ensure a successful healing process and beautiful results.

How much does a hydrangea tattoo cost?

The cost of a hydrangea tattoo will depend on a few factors, including the size and complexity of the design, as well as the artist’s hourly rate. Generally speaking, smaller designs may start at around $50 USD while larger pieces can range from $100–200 USD or more. It is important to note that some artists may also charge a minimum fee, so it is best to ask beforehand what the total cost of your tattoo will be. Additionally, some studios offer discounts or specials, so it is always worth checking around for the best price.

What are some of the best hydrangea tattoo ideas?

Some of the best hydrangea tattoo ideas include watercolor designs, single-tone designs featuring a realistic flower in bloom, and abstract geometric shapes. Additionally, people may choose to incorporate other elements such as birds or butterflies into their design for an even more unique look. For something a bit softer, pastel colors can also be used to create a delicate, feminine look. Finally, some people may choose to add text or meaningful words to their tattoo as a reminder of what the flower symbolizes for them.

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