101 Best Black And White Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Black and White Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: December 7, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Looking for some amazing black and white tattoos? This list is surely going to help you to find the one best suited for you.

Black and White
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Tattoos having black and white colour is the ultimate dream of any minimalistic tattoo lover whether they are looking for a detailed design or something unique and small.

A simple monochrome design can be great, even when you compare it with a bold and traditional tattoo design. You can also opt for grayscale patterns to get that next great tattoo inked on your favourite body part.

Monochrome tattoos rose to prominence during the 1970s and 80s when they were all the rage, especially in Los Angeles. Tattoos made with black ink and white ink have been in style since then. You should consider the size of the tattoo and research a lot because it would be an artistic piece of work that stays with you for a long time.

There are a lot of tattoos to choose from, ranging from images of animals to tattoo designs with bright and bold themes. Even a tiny monochrome tattoo inked by a competent tattoo artist can be a style statement that you can show off to the world.

The concept of a single coloured tattoo appeals to everyone. In the 21st century, people love to experiment and only bright-looking multicoloured tattoos are not the only thing they go for. The craze about dark beautiful pieces of patterns which can be suited to both first time new tattoo enthusiasts and old timers looking for the perfect piece of art to complement their body.

The role of tattoo artists is quite significant as they are the ones who can create a large gorgeous tattoo that you may be in search of. The question of how much does a black and white tattoo cost often arises in your mind, right? It is much less compared to your traditional coloured tattoos which are mostly painted using blue ink.

Don’t waste any more time and dive into this list of monochromatic tattoos which have been picked especially for you.

Hydrangea Tattoo Black And White

Hydrangea Tattoo Black And White
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Do you love flowers? Then you should consider getting a hydrangea black tattoo on your forearm.

You might notice people inked with a bunch of hydrangea flowers instead of a solitary one. The reason is nothing but the simple fact that these flowers often grow in clusters.

Hydrangea has long been considered a symbol of emotions. A person with this tattoo design is not afraid to show their emotions in front of people. They like to be vulnerable around close acquaintances and loved ones.

Black and White Sunflower Tattoo

Black and White Sunflower Tattoo
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One of the most popular tattoo design inked by people all over the globe is a sunflower tattoo using black ink.

Sunflower is associated with ancient Greek lore that tells the love story of the sun god Helios and Clytia. The story is about the unrequited love of Clytia who looked at the sun every day at sunrise and sunset and finally faded away. Sunflower is believed to be a reincarnation of Clytia and thus a symbol of unrequited love. You can always read more about that in history books.

This image is often inked by those who have lost their family. People sometimes use birds alongside black sunflowers in one tattoo to make a large scenery just like a piece of painting.

Black And White Rose Tattoo

Black And White Rose Tattoo
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Possibly the most popular tattoo ideas you have come across is using the rose. Artists dealing with tattoos often look for inspiration to create a new original work. The rose flower has long been helping them to come up with unique designs for their clients.

In the image above you will notice the rose is painted in black ink surrounded by the darker moon. This particular sketch is ideal for the skin above your waist, showing your mysterious side to everyone.

Black Rose Tattoo
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This gorgeous tattoo is unmatched by anything you have ever seen, right? The flowers and the leaves evoke a sense of longing for someone who was a part of you for a long time and you want to fill this void with tattoos. The placement of the tattoo is quite a strategic one, starting from just a little above the waist going down below. A perfect mixture of solitude and sensuousness is the selling point of this one.

Black Mermaid Tattoo

Black Mermaid Tattoo
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You have imagined mermaids from your childhood, haven’t you? The amalgamation of a fish and a woman, mermaids are fascinating creatures having their roots in mythology.

A portrait of a mermaid can be beautifully made into a gorgeous tattoo covering your biceps or maybe even your neck. It shows that you like a bit of magic in your life.

You can choose your own celebrity and ask your artist to turn them into a mermaid or perhaps a merman as tattoos as you can see below.

Mermaid Tattoo
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A very rare concept like using mermen for tattoos will up the ante of your style game. You can almost hear the shattering of gender stereotypes through the powerful image.

Amazing Blackwork Tattoos

Amazing Blackwork Tattoos
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Blackwork tattoos are all the rage right now. Such tattoos are made with the help of black ink and bold tones. Solid black tones in various forms are used by artists to make designs such as birds, animals, and geometric shapes.

A thing to consider when getting inked for blackwork tattoos is time. You will need to provide a longer time to the artist for finishing a blackwork piece as it involves the usage of bold strokes, not light ones

A good place for blackwork is the sleeve.

Stunning Anime Tattoo In Black Color And White Ink

Stunning Anime Tattoo In Black Color And White Ink
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Are you an anime lover? Do you begin your day with Naruto and end with One Piece?

For your next great tattoo idea, you can ask your artist to use your favourite characters from anime. From tiny tattoos to large portrait, let your imagination flow freely as you recreate scenes from the anime you love. Research a bit on which detailed design you would like to get inked on your skin. White ink can be used on black color to add light tones to get that perfect look.

Tulip And Rose White Ink Tattoo

Tulip And Rose White Ink Tattoo
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Isn’t this tattoo simply speaking about love? Even if you have never thought about getting inked, get this piece.

The combination of the tulip in black ink and the rose in white ink has to be admired. Tell your artist to make this one of your next tattoos.

A powerful style statement, this bit signifies the purity of love. The size of this work is ideal for your hips. The tulip in white ink really brings out the dark color of the rose beautifully. This bit will stay with you even in your old age on your person and provide hope when you want some companionship.

Ravishing Snake Tattoo In Black White Color

Ravishing Snake Tattoo In Black White Color
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If you search Instagram for snake tattoos, you will find a large selection of them and might end up feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry, you can search our website for curated designs like this one.

A snake in white ink painted on solid black color with detailed features is a must-have for people loving tattoos. Notice the flower around which the snake is coiled. The entire picture is that of a forbidden temptation akin to the old biblical story of Adam and Eve. The use of white ink for the snake highlights the fact that although snakes are seen as symbols of lust, they are always pure of heart.

Amazing Illuminati Black Tattoo

Amazing Illuminati Black Tattoo
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Ever heard of the conspiracy theory? If you have not been living under a rock, chances are you know the above work is.

The Illuminati is supposedly a super-secret organization in Europe that has influenced the lives of the common people through their hidden hand from time immemorial. People have dedicated their lives to look for the Illuminati but never has anyone has been known to succeed.

The Illuminati motif has long been used by tattoo artists to create sensational pieces of art. This particular style has been drawn on the skin with the help of white ink on black color. The white honeycomb structure by the artist is a direct contrast to the black background evocating a three-dimensional optical illusion for viewers.

The great thing about the Illuminati design is that it will look amazing on any part of your body, whether it is small or big. The ‘all-seeing eye’ is the most prominent feature of the Illuminati symbol inside the pyramidal structure.

Geometric Black And White Tattoos

Geometric Black And White Tattoos
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Geometric shapes are a source of tattoos for many people. Usage of white ink on a black tattoo makes the style stand out from other tattoos with similar concepts.

Sleeve Black Tattoo
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This full-length leg pattern of geometric shapes will make you stand out from everyone in your vicinity. The bold design is appropriate for fearless spirits who are not afraid to flaunt their sensuality.

There are so many different shapes to create tattoos like squares, rectangles, circles, parallelograms, rhombuses, triangles, and many more. Pick some geometric shapes of your own and ask your artist to use white ink to make a new shape combining all of them. You are surely going to stand out from the crowd when people spot the amazing work done using white ink.

You can take references from the list discussed above to make your own choice or maybe use Instagram for some references. The list is not an exhaustive one as there are plenty more monochromatic concepts you can use for making your own style. Ask tattoo artists or maybe use one of the following:

  • Monochrome sun and moon image
  • Monochrome skull and rose pattern
  • Monochrome images of cats
  • A monochromatic scenery painted across your chest

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