101 Best Feminine Small Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Feminine Small Koi Fish Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: July 26, 2023 by Jamie Wilson BA

If you are looking for tattoo ideas that also have a deep meaning associated with them, these cute feminine small koi fish tattoo designs are here for you!

Feminine Small Koi Fish Tattoos
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(These koi fish tattoo ideas will undoubtedly leave you fascinated)

If you are interested in aquatic animals, then surely you might as well have heard about the beautiful koi fish.

The origins of koi fish can be traced back to Chinese culture and later to Japan. This fish holds a lot of value for the people in both China and Japan.

As koi fish originated from China and was later brought to Japan, this particular fish is the symbol of good luck and advancement in Chinese and Japanese culture. This fish is also kept for decorative purposes because of its beauty. In China, koi fish is considered lucky and is also respected among people, whereas in Japan, this fish is regarded as the symbol of strength, courage, and advancement. It is also believed in these countries that keeping koi fish brings us good fortune and will help us overcome obstacles. These beautiful koi fishes are colorful and can help ease our minds while also making us adore the true beauty of nature. All these beliefs originated from a beautiful mythical story where koi fishes go on a journey and swim against the current of the yellow river. After swimming for some time against the cruel current, few fishes admit defeat and return, but few continue their journey. At last, they reach a waterfall, and impressed by their courage, God transforms them into a golden dragon. 

This folk tale shows how much koi fish is attached to the culture of both China and Japan. Koi fish are always present in the conscience of the people of both China and Japan, and this fish gives them the courage, strength, and determination to overcome any challenging obstacles.

Dragon Koi Fish Tattoo

Dragon Koi Fish Tattoo
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This full-arm black dragon koi fish tattoo truly deserves a beauty award. This tattoo has successfully captured every detail of the dragon koi fish. In this tattoo, the dragon koi fish design is drawn in a way that it looks like it is climbing the hand, which exactly represents the idea of the fish swimming upstream. This dragon koi tattoo has black shadings on the face, fin, and tail of the fish, which shows the talent of the artist.

If you are hoping for people to notice and learn the legend of koi fish, then this black koi tattoo is a perfect choice.

Black Koi Fish Cherry Blossoms Tattoo

Black Koi Fish Cherry Blossoms Tattoo
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This tattoo on the waist with only one koi fish on it has been colored black and is surrounded by cherry blossoms. The koi fish is black in color, and the cherry blossoms are of red which coexists with each other in perfect harmony. You can’t even complain when such a well-chosen color choice has been made. In this tattoo, it looks like the black koi fish is swimming on the waist and swimming upstream while facing upward. The cherry blossoms are drawn with their stem, which is colored in black and totally fits well with the theme. This koi fish tattoo design is perfectly embedded on the waist with its praise-worthy color combination, which looks sublime.

If you want to carve something of dual-color and want it to look stunning, then we would strongly recommend you to go for it without any hesitation.

Black And Red Koi Fish Tattoo

Black And Red Koi Fish Tattoos
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This body art features two koi fish swimming in a circle. It is drawn on the side of the calf muscle, which cannot miss people’s attention. This detailed koi tattoo design is very unique in its own way. Two koi fish are swimming in a stylish black circle. This koi fish tattoo looks beautiful with its black and red koi fish design on it.

If you want to carve a tattoo with a dual-color combination that would make heads turn, we have this body art of two fish swimming for you.

Colourful Koi Fish Tattoo

Colourful Koi Fish Tattoos
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This colorful koi fish tattoo has a very unique aura. In this tattoo, there is also a portion around the corner where the water is drawn, and it looks like the koi swimming. This tattoo is on the hand just above the knee and will definitely look good for a thigh koi fish placement. There are lots of tattoo artists who ink koi fish tattoos or koi tattoos, but only a handful of them can ink something with such precision. This tattoo is inked without sparing any details. The tides and the fish’s fins and scale are also perfectly done, and so is the coloring. The coloring is done in a faded manner that remarkably matches the entire picture, and without a doubt, this has been done very carefully. The combination of different colors, such as blue, navy blue, red, yellow, black, white, and brown, along with other distinct colors, compliment each other perfectly.

If you want to show your love for the mighty colorful koi fish with a touch an ocean detail, this is what you should definitely go for.

Yin And Yang Koi Fish Tattoo

Yin And Yang Koi Fish Tattoo
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The yin yang symbol has a philosophical meaning where the black part of yin symbolizes negativity and yang is considered positive. Yin and yang symbol is from China, and these tattoos or we can say the yin and yang koi fish tattoos are beautiful and meaningful at the same time. This tattoo design is undeniably stunning. This koi fish tattoo has one koi fish on the white side, symbolizing yang, while the other one on the dark side, represents yin, making it a complete yin yang symbol. This fish tattoo design shows that the fishes are swimming in a circle, and there is a yin yang symbol in the middle of it. This tattoo reflects a very powerful philosophical meaning, and it is inked on the bearer’s arm.

If you are a philosophizer and want to show the beauty of unity and harmony, this koi fish tattoo is perfect for you.

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo
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Japanese koi fish is a vital part of Japanese culture, and koi fish is a symbol of good fortune in this beautiful country. The potential use of different colors makes Japanese koi fish tattoos even more attractive. This particular koi fish tattoo among all the koi tattoos has stolen the spotlight. This tattoo is inked on the hip, and two koi fish are shown circling. This tattoo has a unique design and is filled with various colors. This is the reason why these koi fish tattoos are among the most stunning koi tattoos out there.

If you want to show your unconditional love for Japanese koi fish, this fish tattoo is what we have for you.

Red Koi Fish Tattoo

Red Koi Fish Tattoo
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This tattoo with red koi fish on it is inked on the shoulder. This koi fish tattoo has only one fish which can quickly grab anyone’s attention. The red koi fish is inked with intricate details, which is why this koi fish tattoo is different from the other koi fish tattoos.

If you want to show your stylish tattoo with appealing color, this tattoo is the one for you!

Black And White Koi Fish Tattoo

Black And White Koi Fish Tattoo
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This black and white koi fish tattoo is inked on the hand. These stunning koi fish tattoos are uniquely attractive, especially this tattoo with a text on it. This koi tattoo can attract people’s attention for its unique positioning.

Regardless of its colors, a koi fish tattoo will never fail you and will always make your tattoo stand out, just like this one here.

Forearm Koi Fish Tattoo

Forearm Koi Fish Tattoo
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This koi tattoo is on the forearm and has been inked in red color. There are more than one koi fish drawn in this koi tattoo with a black design and text on it. This koi tattoo is definitely attractive because of its unique combination of designs. The choice of colors, which is red and black, has also been used very strategically.

If you like koi fish a little too much and have been looking for a perfect koi fish tattoo to go on your arm, this koi tattoo is the answer for you.

Back Koi Fish Tattoo

Back Koi Fish Tattoo
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This uniquely positioned koi tattoo is undeniably attractive. This tattoo has been inked on the back and has two different colored koi fish on it; red and black. The finishing of this particular tattoo is undoubtedly second to none. The way the artist has planned out the design is also praise-worthy and totally aesthetic. The two fishes in this tattoo resemble the calmness of fishes swimming in their habitat. This tattoo is very simple yet challenging to ink, considering the perfect use of one single color for each koi fish. Only a handful of artists are truly capable of inking such tattoos that are so full of perfection.

If you love koi fish and want to get a clean, minimal, and aesthetic tattoo on your back, this tattoo is something you might want to consider for your next trip to the tattoo artist.

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What is the meaning of a koi fish tattoo?

Koi fish tattoos are said to symbolize perseverance, courage, and strength. The traditional Japanese koi tattoo is a popular design for those wanting to express these virtues. It also has associations with spiritual growth, good fortune, and luck. The colors of the koi fish can also bring different meanings to the tattoo; gold and orange represent good fortune, blue and black represent strength and determination, while white often symbolizes purity. Ultimately, the meaning behind a koi fish tattoo is up to the individual’s interpretation. It could symbolize something very personal or simply serve as a beautiful piece of art.

What is the difference between a male and female koi fish tattoo?

The main difference between male and female koi fish tattoos is the color. Male koi are usually represented with orange, red, yellow, and white colors while female koi are typically depicted in shades of blue and black. These variations symbolize the different feminine and masculine traits associated with each gender. Additionally, some people opt for a half-and-half koi fish tattoo featuring both male and female elements. This could represent a balance between the two. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide what their koi fish tattoo represents.

What are the different colors of koi fish and their meanings?

The colors of koi fish have specific meanings, depending on the culture. In traditional Japanese culture, black and blue are associated with strength and determination while gold and orange represent good fortune and luck. White koi symbolizes purity and innocence. Red is often thought to represent success or celebration as well as love. In Chinese culture, red is associated with love, and black is associated with water. Ultimately, the interpretation of the koi fish tattoo’s meaning is up to the individual wearer.

What is the best placement for a koi fish tattoo?

The best placement for a koi fish tattoo depends on the individual. The back is one of the most popular choices for larger designs, as there is plenty of space to work with. The arms and legs are also great placements for smaller tattoos. Some people opt to place their koi fish tattoo in a more intimate area such as between their shoulder blades or on their chest. Ultimately, it is up to the individual’s preference as to where they would like to place their koi fish tattoo.

How big should a koi fish tattoo be?

The size of a koi fish tattoo depends on the individual’s preference. Some people opt for a small, delicate design, while others prefer larger and more intricate artwork. It is important to consider how much detail you would like in your design when deciding on the size of your tattoo. Smaller designs can often be detailed enough to be meaningful, while larger ones can show more of the vibrant colors and patterns associated with koi fish. Ultimately, it is up to you how big or small your koi fish tattoo should be.

What kind of koi fish is most popular for a tattoo?

The most popular type of koi fish for a tattoo is the traditional Japanese koi. These fish are known for having vibrant colors such as orange, red, yellow, and black. They also often have intricate patterns and designs that can be used to create unique tattoos. The variety and beauty of these fish makes them ideal subjects for tattoos.

How much does a koi fish tattoo cost?

The cost of a koi fish tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the design. Smaller tattoos may cost around $50-100 while larger ones can range up to $500 or more. Many tattoo artists also offer discounts or special packages for people that want multiple tattoos done at once. Ultimately, it is best to contact a tattoo artist in your area to get an accurate quote.

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