10 Best Coy Fish Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Koi Tattoo

Are you looking for some amazing Coy fish tattoo designs? scroll below to find some cool Koi fish tattoo ideas.

Coy FIsh
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Koi fish or Coy fish are variations of Amur carp that have a huge significance in Chinese and Japanese culture.

The Koi fish is native to East Asia and primarily kept in outdoor ponds for decorative purposes. However, due to their huge connotation, the Koi fish tattoo has become an important part of tattoo culture.

The lineage of Koi fish goes a long way back in history. It is contemplated as a legendary fish. This legend of Koi fish plays has a fundamental role behind why people opt for a Koi fish tattoo or what is the meaning behind the coy fish tattoo? It is believed that in the yellow river of China there existed sufficient Golden Koi fish. They went against the current of the river and went swimming upstream till they reached the top of the waterfall called the ‘Dragon’s gate’ in Hunan. Regardless, the Koi fish attempted to surpass the waterfall for hundred of years but failed to overcome. The spirits of the river mocked them and their incapacity to overcome the obstacle. After years and years of endeavour when they were very close to losing all hopes and giving up one Koi fish tried a different strategy to surpass the waterfall. That particular koi fish accumulated utmost speed to swim upstream. It swam harder when it was about to reach the top of the waterfall and didn’t stop till it passed the waterfall. Watching this phenomenon the spirits of the river decided to reward the Koi by transforming it into a dragon. This fable is very popular and thus people opt for the Koi fish tattoo because it implies consistency, determination, hard work and other things.

One should always get a meaningful tattoo because tattoos are a form of self-expression. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to choose the accurate tattoo that will suit your personality. There can be so many variations and meanings of Coy fish tattoos. This is why we have curated a perfect list where you can choose the right design before getting a Chinese or Japanese Coy fish tattoo.

Minimal Koi Fish Tattoo

Minimal Koi Fish Tattoo
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Are you thinking about how to centralize this entire legendary idea behind a minimal tattoo? Because the legend of Koi fish is associated with such rich culture. Well, then you should definitely check these minimal Koi fish tattoo designs. This is a typical yin yang Koi fish tattoo, that is placed side by side that symbolizes unity and duality.

Small Koi Tattoo
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A minimal tattoo is an appropriate choice for someone who is into sleek and chic tattoo design. The crisp sharp outlines bring out simple attributes of your personality. A Koi fish tattoo such as this one represents swimming upstream against all odds and obstacles that you are facing just like their legend.

Minimalist Koi Tattoo
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Another prominent illustration of a minimal tattoo could be this one. This is a continuous line tattoo design that is very creative and authentic. The size of a tattoo has nothing to do with its intention that is very evident from this tattoo. This is perfect for beginners, as it is very simple.

Full Sleeve Koi Fish Tattoo

Full Sleeve Koi Fish Tattoo
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The major difference between a full sleeve tattoo and an arm covered in a tattoo is, a full sleeve tattoo has a unified symbolism and meaning behind it. While an arm covered in a tattoo may have different tattoos with different meanings. A full sleeve koi fish tattoo such as this one may represent perseverance. The colour of a Koi fish also has an integral role to play. A Red koi fish represents power, bravery and strength.

Full Sleeve Koi Colored Tattoo
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Full sleeve tattoos can also act as a cover-up tattoo. If you are not happy with a tattoo that you have done in the past you can easily cover up the tattoo with new Koi fish such as this one. It has a massive Red koi fish and a blue coloured Koi fish. A blue Koi is the symbol of peace and composure.

Black Sleeve Tattoo
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If you do not want to experiment with coloured Koi fish then you can always opt for a black coy fish tattoo sleeve. A Black koi fish symbolises the struggle that one might face in life and overcome the obstacles. Thus the core meaning of a Koi tattoo is the same while the colour may signify different aspects of the same idea.

Red Koi Fish Tattoo

Red Koi Fish Tattoo
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A Colored Koi fish tattoo design is a popular choice. The Red koi is the symbol of love, strength, power and even motherhood. An uncomplicated red koi tattoo such as this one on the elbow will remind you to face all the hardships in your life. It will give you the power to resist and survive just like a Koi fish.

Massive Full Sleeve Tattoo
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A massive full sleeve tattoo can be very time consuming and let’s not forget the pain that follows. Therefore, rather than going for full sleeve Koi fish tattoos, one can choose a half sleeve Koi just like this one. However, this is a Kohaku red and white koi. This is another variation of Koi fish that is not completely red. It is more like a white koi with red spots that represent success.

Amazing Koi Tattoo
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If you want to get creative with your tattoo and add other elements like a flower you can check this tattoo. The flower enhances and compliments the black outline with red inner shading.

Koi Fish And Yin Yang Symbol Tattoo

Koi Fish And Yin Yang Symbol Tattoo
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Yin and yang, according to Chinese philosophy represents duality. It is believed that these yin and yang are two complementary forces that formulate the facets of life. Yin in Chinese is ‘moon’ and is considered as a symbol of earth, passivity, feminity and is frequently represented by the colour orange. While, Yang in Chinese is ‘sun’ and is considered as heaven, activity, masculinity and is represented by Azure colour. Incorporating this symbolism and creating a yin yang koi fish tattoo like this one is definitely going to inspire you for the rest of your life.

Yin and Yang Koi Tattoo
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Another variation of the Yin yang koi fish tattoo would be this one that reflects the properties of yin yang through these two fishes. Instead of the original symbol, these two fish represents the ideas without changing the initial meaning.

Yin Yang koi Fish Tattoo
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The balance between the darkness and light is totally apparent in this yin yang koi fish tattoo. Both of the fishes have the black and white circle of the yin yang symbol. Along with the meaning of the tattoo, the location of the tattoo is equally important. A back tattoo such as this one indicates the mysterious factor in your personality.

Koi Fish And Lotus Flower Tattoo

Koi Fish And Lotus Flower Tattoo
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You may have come across lotus flower along with Koi fish and wondered what does this signify? Well, we have an answer. Both Koi fish and lotus flowers have parallelism. Lotus flowers represent becoming a better person and Koi fish represent becoming a better version of yourself by going against all odds. Therefore people often for Koi fish tattoos with lotus flowers such as this one.

Koi Lutos Flower Tattoo
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A blackwork tattoo is primarily composed of black ink such as this one. This blackwork koi fish tattoo with a lotus beneath is one of the most dramatic pieces of work that you will ever see. If you are up for a more stunning version of the Koi fish tattoo with a lotus, this could be it.

Black Koi Fish Tattoo
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If you are planning to get a black koi fish tattoo with a lotus, then make sure to choose the right design. A Kumonryu black koi fish has two varieties. One is a white koi fish with black spots and the other is complete black fish. The Kumonryu koi fish may represent the changes and transformation in life. The lotus below the koi is associated with positive outcomes after the transformation.

Traditional Koi Fish Tattoo

Traditional Koi Fish Tattoo
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What distinguishes the traditional tattoo? It is bold lines and vibrant colours. This amalgamation of red and orange in this traditional Koi tattoo looks amazing. Also, this colour of Koi fish is mainly associated with good luck. You can also add a lotus or any other flower to make it more stunning.

Black Koi Tattoo
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Traditional tattoos are also acknowledged for their bold outlines. If you are not a fan of vibrant colour then go for an all-black tattoo just like this one.

Golden Koi Tattoo
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According to the legend, the koi fish transforms into a golden dragon. There yellow or gold koi has deep symbolism and is associated with prosperity and good luck. This traditional yellow or gold koi fish tattoo design is a flawless blend of Japanese culture and traditional tattoos.

Blue Koi Fish Tattoo

Blue Koi Fish Tattoo
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Blue koi fish tattoo designs are associated with peace and calmness. It is often linked with masculinity too. It also refers to the acceptance of the hurdles that may come your way. A koi fish tattoo such as this one could be a gentle reminder to remain calm and overcome all the obstacles in life.

Blue Koi Tattoo
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The direction of a koi fish swimming matters immensely. In this tattoo, the koi fish swimming against the flow refers to the actual legend of the koi. The blue colour on the arm is greatly enhanced by the red flowers around it which are complimenting the blue fish.

Arm Koi Tattoo
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This tattoo is a fundamental example of Asian tattoo design. There are several koi fish tattoo designs but this is very unconventional. If you want something usual without modifying the original ideas this tattoo is ideal.

Dragon Koi Fish Tattoo

Dragon Koi Fish Tattoo
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The symbolism of the golden dragon in correspondence with the Koi fish. The spirits of the river rewarded the koi fish by transforming it into a golden dragon. Thus a dragon koi fish tattoo is associated with the ideas of transformation just like this tattoo.

Dragon Koi Tattoo
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Another bold choice of a dragon koi fish tattoo would be this tattoo that covers the entire chest area. This is a brilliant piece composed of intricate work consisting of two Dragon koi fishes. This Dragon koi fish tattoo will cover a large portion of the body. Therefore be very determined before getting a koi fish tattoo such as this one.

Watercoloured Koi Fish Tattoo

Watercoloured Koi Fish Tattoo
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The beauty of watercolour lies in the uneven stroke of colours. This tattoo is very unique and not just because of the colour splash technique. There are few details like the yin yang and the feng shui brush circle. These two entities elevate this simple koi fish tattoo design effortlessly.

Two Koi Fish Tattoo
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Koi fish tattoo designs have their own aesthetic. This yellow and golden koi fish can be assessed as a conveyor of fortune and wealth. Also, the light and deep stroke of blue colour coat the negative space and unify both the fishes. This tattoo is very stylish and cool and doing it on the thigh is a great way to limit the sun exposure that can gradually fade a watercolour tattoo.

Zodiac Koi Fish Tattoo

Zodiac Koi Fish Tattoo
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If you want to give the mainstream Chinese and Japanese koi fish tattoo a twist then check this design. The twelfth astrological sign in a zodiac is the Pisces that consist of two fishes. If you are a Piscean and want to merge your zodiac sign with koi fish tattoo designs then check this tattoo. This tattoo is elegant yet expressive. A tattoo like one on the forearm is bound to catch a lot of eyes.

Thus you can comprehend the role of different koi fish tattoo designs along with the ideas and meanings associated with them. Hence choose a design that will match your personality.

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