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101 Best Chemistry Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Chemistry Tattoo

Wants some cool chemistry tattoo ideas to bring out your inner science geek? Here are the 10 best chemistry tattoo ideas that you’ll love!

Chemistry Tattoo
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Chemistry tattoos are the new cool thing for science buffs.

Chemistry is one of the ancient branches of science that evolved from alchemy. If the periodic table is at your fingertips and you remember things by their chemical formula, this list might just have the right tattoo idea for you.

Chemistry brings to mind potions, beakers and equations. For some, it’s the most fascinating subject of all time, while for others, it is just plain boring. For the ones who worship this branch of science, getting it inked gives them a kick of serotonin. These chemistry tattoos make great conversation starters. Get ready for your friends to go gaga over these ten cool chemistry tattoo designs inked on your body. This list explores each chemistry tattoo, meaning you choose the one with sizzling chemistry!

Flowers In A Test Tube Tattoo

Flowers In A Test Tube Tattoo
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This feminine chemistry tattoo can be a beautiful addition to your arm or legs. The floral enhancement to the otherwise monotonous test tube brings out your soft side. The pastels and watercolor effect all add up to make it dreamy and graceful.

Tattoos like this are not only for women as is commonly believed. It is a sign that one simply embraces what nature has to offer. The tattoo artist uses mild ink strokes for this tattoo that lends it a soft appearance.

Chemical Structure Tattoo

Chemical Structure Tattoo
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Want to get high on tattoos? Then this molecule tattoo is the perfect choice for you. Chemical structure tattoos help flaunt your love for chemistry while adding a coolness quotient to it. As students, many were averse to the complexities of chemical structures, but if you were the exception, this tattoo is meant for you.

This molecule tattoo is a simple, monochromatic line drawing of the chemical compound popularly known as LSD. While drug use is legally frowned upon, this tattoo can be a fun addition if you want to get trippy solely on your love for chemistry.

This organic chemistry tattoo is greatly customizable as you can ink any of your preferred chemicals on your skin and add other elements to make it a unique expression for yourself!

Colorful Doodle Chemistry Tattoo

Colorful Doodle Chemistry Tattoo
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This colorful tattoo is the creative synthesis of your love for chemistry and the popular show ‘Breaking Bad’. Inking this tattoo on your skin lets you shine as a true fan of the discipline and the show that is expressed through this whip shading tattoo and snappy colors used by the tattoo artist.

This tattoo allows you to break the stereotype of chemistry being a boring white coat affair and lets you be the ‘bad’ science guy. It has everything you need, the bubbling chemicals, innumerable test tubes, molecules, and a shady-looking van to give off the ultimate chemistry rebel vibe.

The tattoo is fairly big and calls for attention, so one should get it inked where it is easily visible and just sit back for the compliments to pour in like hot liquid in a beaker!

Periodic Table Tattoo

Periodic Table Tattoo
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The periodic table is the foundation for learning about the elements in chemistry class. If you are a real chemistry buff, you will definitely love this element tattoo with a humorously creative twist!

Simple yet fun, this tattoo is for all you peeps who like their tattoos well seasoned. This NaCl salt tattoo achieves realistic dimensions using only black for creating shadows and highlights. You could easily customize this tattoo with the elements of your choice. These elements can also be used to spell out a word!

Let your creativity loose and let the ink flow on your skin, and just wait for them to turn into a thing of beauty.

Bazinga Tattoo

Bazinga Tattoo
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Few shows are loved as much as the classic ‘The Big Bang Theory’. The first-of-its-kind science sitcom even had the science mogul Stephen Hawking appearing for a cameo.

Real fans would know that the show is more about Physics than Chemistry but has endless references to science as a broad discipline, which includes a fair amount of chemistry. In season seven, protagonist Sheldon Cooper discovers an element accidentally that leads to a true ‘bazinga!’ moment when he is invited to a radio show and made fun of for his accidental discovery.

This Sheldon Cooper vector tattoo is a cool pop culture reference to chemistry and a testament to the fact that science, too, can be fun.

Interested in more show-inspired science tattoo ideas? Check out the rest of the article and find your perfect match.

Breaking Bad Tattoo

Breaking Bad Tattoo
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Walter White is a television icon. His fall and rise to a powerful drug lord after battling his failing health is a character arc loved by many. Walter’s search for financial stability was over when he utilized his excellent knowledge of chemistry. This show is centered around chemistry, dominated by chemicals, equations, and molecules, creating a world that immerses lovers of chemistry.

This is a 3d tattoo requiring a fairly large area to be displayed in full glory. The slightly worn-out photograph, the famous quote by Walter, and the glass apparatus all come together like a dream.

Galaxy In A Flask Watercolor Chemistry Tattoo

Galaxy In A Flask Watercolor Chemistry Tattoo
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Glass apparatus in chemistry is a potent symbol for creation. These dainty glass containers may hold the cure for a disease or a new chemical compound. Most importantly, it holds matter, what the world is made of, essentially meaning that our galaxy can fit inside a tiny glass container.

The tattoo artist mostly uses line work with a single color with a dreamy purple as the only other color. This round bottom flask holds atoms, molecules, and whatnot. The man inside the flask is seen holding a glass of wine, making him one with the universe and the things in it.

This is a highly customizable science tattoo. It has a deeper meaning and looks visually appealing. The beauty of this tattoo lies in the simplicity of its expression. It would look great on arms and thighs and parts of the body that have enough space to let it flourish.

Witchy Alchemy Tattoo

Witchy Alchemy Tattoo
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Alchemy is a forerunner of chemistry. Alchemy was believed to be practiced by sorcerers and witches.

Witches in literature are often narrated as brewing potions in a huge cauldron, adding all sorts of nasty things to it. Perhaps, the most famous example of this is the cauldron scene in Macbeth, where the three weird sisters toss in various items to brew a potion that beckons spirits.

This morbid chemistry tattoo is a bubbling witch cauldron with a skull in it. The darkness of this imagery is achieved better using only monochromatic tattoo ink. The base of the cauldron is a bird’s claw, while there is a third eye that misses nothing. This ancient chemistry tattoo oozes darkness and magic.

The details in the design are achieved through careful shading. This tattoo looks amazing on the hand, where you can flaunt how you embraced the darkness.

Head And Heart DNA Tattoo

Head And Heart DNA Tattoo
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This design is a great choice if you want to try getting an unconventional chemistry tattoo. This tattoo can be described as linking the head and heart with DNA. This anatomically detailed tattoo delves into the combination of chemistry with biology, a profound connection between the two disciplines that enables humans to understand the intricacies of our bodies.

The DNA strand connects emotion and awareness and is a metaphor for joining the two disciplines.

This tattoo displays line and dot work to create this realistic piece of art. Throw in a splash of color and decorate it how you want to give this cool tattoo a unique touch.

Felix Felicis Tattoo

Felix Felicis Tattoo
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Are you a Potterhead? Are you a chemistry junkie? Then professor Snape’s class is where you should be! Unfortunately for us muggles, this is next to impossible, but we can always hope for the best by carrying a vial of liquid luck!

Felix Felicis, or liquid luck, is as precious as liquid gold as it makes the drinker very lucky for a period of time. It is brewed in the potions class and was introduced in Professor Slughorn’s class. This potion plays an important role in the Harry Potter series as it leads to the unearthing of many secrets.

This tattoo is a party on your skin! The bold colors and realistic textures make this tattoo a complete win among your muggle circle.

Fashion has evolved over the history of time, and these tattoo designs will surely serve as trendy options. Each of these designs is a work of art. These cool tattoos can be an expression of your love for chemistry in a personal way. People often wonder, “can we go to heaven with tattoos?” Well, what can you say if all these tattoos are heavenly?

Which of the chemistry tattoos was your pick? You can also combine tattoo ideas to make something to match your style.

Want some more inspiration for cool chemistry tattoos? Here are ideas that you will definitely love!

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What are some good ideas for chemistry tattoos?

A periodic table with your favourite elements and their symbols!
An organic molecule of your choice, such as glucose or caffeine.
An atomic structure featuring the nucleus and electrons in orbit.
A beaker filled with colourful molecules or liquids.
An electrochemical cell featuring positive and negative electrodes.

What are some popular chemistry tattoo designs?

A chemistry-inspired art piece featuring molecules, test tubes, and other lab equipment.
A tattoo of a laboratory flask filled with colourful liquids or substances.
An atom symbolized as a sun with protons and neutrons in its core.
A logo featuring the letters “CH” for Chemistry.

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