10 Best Molecule Tattoo Ideas You Have to See to Believe!

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Molecule Tattoos

Looking for inspiration for your molecule tattoos? Find some of the best molecule structure tattoos and designs here on this list compiled by us!

Molecule Tattoo
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Molecules are defined as neutral groups of atoms that are held together by chemical bonds.

Unlike ions, molecules are not electrically charged, which helps in distinguished molecules from ions. Molecules have been a part of the study of science in both Chemistry and Physics.

To add more structure to the definition, the molecule is referred to as the smallest particle of a substance which has its properties both in physical and chemical form. Two or more atoms come together to constitute a molecule. In instances of biology, molecules can also be made up of thousands of atoms, for example in DNA and proteins. Molecules are always moving and in motion, as they can be found tightly packed together in every living or nonliving organism as they are part of the basic composition of anything that has a structure to it.

Serotonin Molecule Tattoo With Dopamine Molecule

Serotonin Molecule Tattoo With Dopamine Molecule
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The world of tattoos is called one of the most artistic fields due to the vast categories of timeless art that they represent taking the personal interest of the wearer as they take a combination of ideas to create the perfect tattoo on the skin.

This beautiful tattoo includes the serotonin and dopamine molecules that play an integral part in the body. The serotonin molecules are responsible for the production of mood-stabilizing and happiness hormones that most people experience in their life. Similarly, dopamine molecules are known as chemical messengers in the human anatomy and are linked with the feeling of pleasure.

Tattoo designs like this are a great tattoo option for chemistry buffs as they bring out the best of both these molecules with this combined art style and beautiful galaxy-themed background that looks classy as hell!

Minimalistic Serotonin Molecule Tattoo Design

Minimalistic Serotonin Molecule Tattoo Design
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Minimalistic tattoo designs have grown over the years thanks to their small size and simplistic artwork and are a great addition to your body as it allows you to express your fondness for cool tattoos in small shape that are visible on your skin only when you are the one who has decided to show it off.

This cool-looking design is great to look at thanks to the aesthetics present in the style as the particles are represented by flasks to give this design more of a chemistry ink style.

If you are not satisfied with the base design, then you can easily add other elements to the design by adding a little bit of your own ideas and chemical structure and symbols to create a tattoo that will bond with you, the wearer.

Molecule tattoos like this design are perfectly suited to the arm or the wrist, but if you want to change the placement according to your preference, you can get this inked on your shoulder, legs, ankles, neck or the back of your body.

Dopamine Chemical Structure Molecule Tattoo Design

Dopamine Chemical Structure Molecule Tattoo Design
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According to various reports based on numerous scientific study, dopamine is one of the most important types of neurotransmitters in the human body as they are directly responsible for the unique ability of the thought procedure in humans as it helps us in striving, focusing, and finding things interesting.

Tattoo designs like this dopamine tattoo incorporate nature into them and breathe the fresh air of life into the tattoos. As is expected of tattoo designs, you can integrate your own style into this tattoo and make up a new meaning for it that suits your personality. For example, you can combine a bit of different elements and matter and create a whole different meaning to the tattoo.

Another feature of small tattoo designs like this is that you can easily research for better locations that you prefer on the skin and can easily get this inked on your foot, shoulder, or arm, as seen in this picture.

Firefly Luciferin Molecule Tattoo Design For The Bright Folks

Firefly Luciferin Molecule Tattoo Design For The Bright Folks
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Luciferin is used as a term for light-emitting compounds found in bioluminescent organisms. In the wild, the firefly is one of the bioluminescent creatures that use the luciferin elements to emit yellow light leaving behind a trail of beautiful light that is stunning to look at.

This luciferin molecule tattoo design integrates small fireflies into the tattoo as a clear representation of the idea and style behind the design that shows off the uniqueness of these insects.

Tattoo designs like this can be made even better if you wish to do so by adding a different meaning to them as you develop a change in style by including more elements from the periodic table into the design or transforming the tattoo from a small to a huge design that will fit perfectly on your arm sleeve or your legs.

Caffeine Molecule Tattoo Design

Caffeine Molecule Tattoo Design
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If you are a hard worker who likes to finish your work on time, then you have absolutely heard about caffeine. This element is a natural stimulant that is consumed worldwide as it helps you to break down the effects of exhaustion by blocking adenosine, a compound responsible for tiredness.

Caffeine compound helps in increasing the activity of dopamine and norepinephrine which combine together and simulate the brain to promote focus, arousal, and alertness in humans. Since caffeine affects your brain, it is known as a psychoactive drug.

This tattoo design takes the appearance of a simple molecular symbol and keeps the tattoo at a minimum for people who have a simplistic fashion sense.

Colourful Oxytocin Molecule Tattoo Design

Colourful Oxytocin Molecule Tattoo Design
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An oxytocin tattoo can be a great tattoo design for women as this hormone transmits messages to the brain chemically and controls key aspects of the reproductive system which includes lactation and childbirth in women along with other human behaviours.

The two most important roles that these hormone plays are the contraction of the womb during the process of childbirth and the production of milk in the mammary glands.

Tattoo designs such as these are an amazing way for women to pay tribute to the importance of oxytocin hormones that play such a pivotal role in the process of motherhood.

The best placement for this tattoo is usually the shoulder or the chest but it can also be inked on the arm, and you can add another tattoo like the estrogen molecule on the other hand for tattoos with double bonds.

Minimalistic Dopamine Tattoo Design

Minimalistic Dopamine Tattoo Design
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Dopamine, as aforementioned, is known as the chemical messenger of the human anatomy as it transmits signals between neurons, dopamine is also pivotal in human movements as well as emotional responses. Well-balanced dopamine is vital for physical and mental wellbeing in humans. Due to these reasons, dopamine is also used as a medication as it doesn’t directly affect the central nervous system.

Dopamine tattoos are a great way for people to appreciate the work done by this hormone as it keeps us moving and helps in day-to-day life by controlling our emotions.

This small dopamine tattoo uses a minimalistic approach to the design as it creates a perfect representation of the dopamine molecule and adds a floral pattern around the design to give it a cute and sweet look.

As is seen in the picture, the placement for this tattoo is suited to the wrist or the arm, but if you want to change the location, you can easily do it so owing to the small size of tattoos like these.

Funky Science Tattoo Design With Molecules And Atom

Funky Science Tattoo Design With Molecules And Atom
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Chemistry is one of the most important parts of the world of science as it is essential in the breakdown of compounds, and atoms to get an idea of the basic components of different components and compounds.

As the world of tattoos, grow science has become an important tattoo style and there are many chemistry-based ideas like DMT molecule tattoo, THC molecule tattoo, and testosterone molecule tattoo that have become common designs.

This tattoo mixes all the basic details that are linked with chemistry as it includes flasks, molecules, and atoms in a colourful way that comes together to form an amazing concept that pays tribute to chemistry perfectly!

You can add more tattoo elements to the design to make it even better by adding a minimal lab coat design to make the design even more appealing!

Full-Sized Molecule Tattoo Design With DNA Strand

Full-Sized Molecule Tattoo Design With DNA Strand
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For fans of science, molecule tattoos like this design are perfectly suited as they create a complex structure on the body that can be topped off with the integration of additional elements like DNA and atoms to strike a perfect balance between all compounds.

This tattoo design has the molecular structure of Isatin, which is found in Isatis genus plants, which are a derivative of adrenaline in humans and animals.

Full-sized tattoo designs like this are best suited for the arm or the legs as they have a vertical structure.

Floral Adrenaline Molecule Tattoo Design

Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine is a hormone that is produced in the medulla of the adrenal glands, this hormone comes into play when the human body is to be prepared for a “fight or flight” situation.

It is common in humans to get an adrenaline rush when it’s an emergency situation where you have to respond. An increase in heart rate, blood pressure, lung expansion and enlargement of pupils are some of the side effects of an adrenaline rush.

This tattoo design takes the adrenaline structure and portrays it in a cute way with floral additions to give the tattoo a cuter look.

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