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101 Best Butterfly On Wrist Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Butterfly On Wrist Tattoos

Looking for unique butterfly on wrist tattoo ideas? We’ve got you covered with this collection of wrist butterfly design tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink!

Butterfly On Wrist Tattoo
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Wrist butterfly tattoos are the most popular, delicate and artistic choice of tattoo designs by tattoo lovers and artists alike!

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that have been the long-standing symbol of metamorphosis, resurrection, change, growth and transformation since time immemorial. Butterfly tattoos have a plethora of symbolic meanings attached to them- from transformation and freedom to beauty and feminity.

A beautiful butterfly tattoo can be the perfect canvas to depict all the significant events in one’s life, such as remembrances, motivation, creative inspiration or progressive ideas for the future. These tattoos have the capability of evoking deep-seated emotions and their unique designs can be customized according to your preferences to convey meaningful symbolism and ideas. Butterfly tattoo opens up a vista of imagination and creativity for the tattoo artist which they can fully enjoy by including anything from a range of intricate gossamer designs or bold, multi-coloured stand-out designs that will leave everybody in awe!

In general, butterflies symbolize ethereal beauty, elegance, goodwill, fertility and good luck, each in their rarest forms. In Chinese culture, they symbolize joy, grace and immortality while in Japanese culture they are related to marriages and weddings. Considered to be the most elegant and delicate creations of nature, butterfly tattoos can have endless possibilities to create the kind of design that is wanted. Although they can be placed anywhere on the body to compliment the human body’s natural form, cute butterfly tattoo on the wrist idea has gained a lot of prominence lately. The inner wrist is an extremely sensitive area for tattooing but also one of the most common areas to get a tattoo which holds a meaning very close to you. It is said that in ancient times, the inner wrist was considered a spot that exuded spiritual energy and hence became the natural spot or location to tattoo a symbol that had symbolic meaning. Therefore, people who connect deeply with butterfly designs love to get this tattoo inked on their wrists for varied personal reasons. The butterfly tattoo on wrist designs can have a range of meanings for the wearer but traditionally, they can represent ideas of resilience, endurance, hope, change, development, and spiritual evolution. Famous celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey, Lea Michele, Cheryl Cole, Jessica Harp, Britney Spears, Michelle Heaton, Keke Palmer, Noah Cyrus too have chosen butterfly tattoos to express their journeys and experiences that helped them to shape themselves.

There are myriad ways to express a particular idea through the butterfly tattoos and each rendition makes the idea all the more impressive! A combination of differently coloured butterflies hovering over a bunch of flowers can never go wrong. One could also opt for tiny butterflies flying out of a jar as a perfect depiction of freedom and open-mindedness. Matching tattoos for siblings or partners are also lovely ideas for a wrist small butterfly tattoo. Feel free to explore our designs and ideas to choose from and add aesthetic values to your stunning and unique butterfly tattoo!

Traditional Wrist Cuff Butterfly Tattoo

Traditional Wrist Cuff Butterfly Tattoo
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Traditional tattoos are often similar to the cartoon drawing style with bold black outlines and flat colour fills with little shading but loads of astounding contrast. The bold and vibrant colours have always been the hallmark of this kind of tattoo which gives it a timeless feel.

This mosaic mandala-themed wrist cuff butterfly tattoo done in traditional style looks super cool and is a great idea as an independent design but would also work for someone who is looking for fillers for a tattoo sleeve. Get this colourful wrist butterfly tattoo and wear those wings with immense pride!

Wrist Trendy Butterfly Tattoo

Wrist Trendy Butterfly Tattoo
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A small butterfly tattoo on the wrist in black ink with white highlights looks super cute and trendy. This tiny motif is super subtle and is done using the fine lining technique which lends a sense of daintiness to the tattoo butterfly. The black butterfly wings have been inked with finesse, leaving a fair amount of negative space in the upper half of the wings and the lower half has enough blackwork with a touch of white highlights, creating a dynamic sense of light and dark that enhance the overall appearance of the tattoo butterfly.

For people who are looking for a minimal wrist butterfly tattoo, this tiny wrist tattoo is the ideal choice!

Colourful Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Colourful Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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This medium-sized wrist butterfly tattoo looks absolutely amazing. This wrist trendy butterfly tattoo has a classic traditional look with bright, eye-catching colours. The tattoo butterfly has a bold black outline, and the fill-in colours fantastically complement the skin and the art. The butterfly wings have delicate ornamental designs on them, which add another layer of artistic dimension to this wrist butterfly tattoo.

If you are interested in getting such a colourful first tattoo, this is the tattoo design you should go for!

Wrist Unique Butterfly Tattoo In Red

Wrist Unique Butterfly Tattoo In Red
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Designer butterfly tattoos look great if inked properly. This wrist small butterfly tattoo done in a shade of cherry red ink is a symbol of love and passion. Done with both fine and bold lining, this wrist butterfly tattoo has a quirky feel to it. The upper half of the wings look like bold eye drawings and the lower half is adorned with flowers. The bright red ink adds to the visual interest of the tattoo butterfly, which also adds to the uniqueness of this medium-sized butterfly wrist tattoo.

Realistic Tiger And Blue Butterflies Tattoo On Wrist

Realistic Tiger And Blue Butterflies Tattoo On Wrist
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Blue butterflies symbolize luck and joy. This stunning wrist blue butterfly tattoo with a half tiger face is the ultimate tattoo idea that is going to bring home a truckload of compliments. The tattoo has an exceptionally bold look which helps to make the bearer a bold yet stylish style statement in public. The intricate detailing and fine lining done in this beautiful butterfly tattoo is breathtaking. The sparkling blue hue used for the eye colour and butterflies establish a sense of balance in this wrist butterfly tattoo which makes this butterfly tattoo sleeve simply other-worldly.

People who love tattoo aesthetics and have an inherent inclination towards natural beauties must try out this wrist blue butterfly tattoo at once!

Mandala Black Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Mandala Black Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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Black butterflies tattoo always has an air of mystery and elusiveness around them. A black butterfly tattoo is usually a symbol of transition and rebirth. The black butterflies tattoo is often mistaken to be associated with evil or anything dark, but it could also symbolize transition, rebirth and recreation. It can also represent the “death” of anything unfortunate and freedom of the body, mind and spirit.

This wrist unique butterfly tattoo has been designed with close resemblance to a mandala art. The wings of the black butterfly have been intricately designed with a vintage glam that is an absolute bang on. The sparkling jewels and dot-line designs elevate the vintage look of this black butterfly tattoo. Subtle lines and shadings of white ink have been added to highlight some areas of the tattoo that make it all the more attractive to look at. People who decide to get this wonderful black butterfly tattoo are sure to receive innumerable compliments from friends and family!

Pink Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Pink Butterfly Wrist Tattoo
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This butterfly wrist tattoo with floral patterns is for those who hold hope and the magic of new beginnings close to their heart. This simple butterfly tattoo has striped patterns on the butterfly wings which have been shaded quite impressively with shades of pink, grey and black, accompanied with occasional use of white highlights. This tattoo idea can also be customized with one’s name or initials in a way that it holds a little extra significance for the bearer. For people who enjoy floral patterns, this tattoo idea is an incredible option!

Impressive Black Butterfly Tattoo

Impressive Black Butterfly Tattoo
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The Chinese symbolism of decorative arts and beliefs around a pair of butterflies indicate that the butterflies are a symbol of youthful love and cheerful social life.

This cute black butterfly wrist tattoo comprises a pair of tiny butterflies inked on the wrist in jet black ink. Both the butterflies seem to be in flight, their wings detailed beautifully with curved and straight lines, creating beautiful patterns. The simplicity of this black butterfly tattoo design is what makes it so classy, and if you are somebody who prefers simpler designs, this is the tattoo idea you have been looking for!

Stunning Grey And Black Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Stunning Grey And Black Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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Realistic butterfly tattoos are hard to replicate and hence have a separate fanbase. This super realistic black butterfly tattoo exceeds all expectations with its intricate fine line designs and breathtakingly beautiful shadings, which add an entirely different dimension to the overall look of this black butterfly tattoo. The flowers in the background compliment the wrist butterfly beautifully, making it more prominent.

For people who resonate with realistic grey and black butterfly tattoo designs, get inked with this amazing butterfly tattoo right now!

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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A tribal butterfly tattoo has the qualities of a semi-abstract tattoo and therefore is easily differentiable from the rest. This little tribal butterfly tattoo on the wrist is inked in shades of black and grey ink, with bold black tattoo outlines. The butterfly wings have many interesting patterns of designs, which give this butterfly wrist tattoo a washed black through grey colour-gradient look.

People who like little tribal butterfly tattoos do try out this unique wrist butterfly tattoo!

Apart from the various butterfly wrist tattoo suggestions in this article, if you are interested in exploring more wrist butterfly tattoo designs, you may check out these recommendations as well:

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What does a butterfly tattoo symbolize?

A butterfly tattoo typically symbolizes transformation and growth, and can be a sign of hope during difficult times. It is also seen as a way to honor the beauty of nature, as well as a representation of femininity or female strength. They may also represent freedom and independence, or serve to remind us that we are all capable of change if we choose to do so. Many people also choose a butterfly tattoo simply because it is aesthetically pleasing.

What is the meaning of a butterfly tattoo on the wrist?

A butterfly tattoo on the wrist often symbolizes transformation, but can also represent femininity and grace. It can be a reminder of our ability to adapt to change, or that we are in control of our own destiny. The tattoo is sometimes seen as an emblem of hope during tough times, suggesting that better days lie ahead. Some people choose a butterfly tattoo on the wrist in order to honor a loved one who has passed away. It can also be a physical representation of an inner strength that is hidden and waiting to be unleashed.

What are some popular butterfly tattoo designs?

There are many different types of butterfly tattoo designs, ranging from realistic to abstract. Some popular designs include tribal butterflies, floral-winged butterflies, monarchs, and 3D butterflies. Biomechanical designs featuring gears and technology can also be used to create a unique look. Colorful watercolor tattoos are also becoming increasingly popular for their vivid and vibrant look. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, butterfly tattoos can be made to fit in almost any area of the body.

How much does a butterfly tattoo on the wrist cost?

The cost of a butterfly tattoo on the wrist can vary greatly depending on the size and intricacy of the design. Generally, small tattoos can range from $50-$200 USD, while larger pieces or those with more detail may cost up to $500 USD or more. It is important to research different artists in your area and compare prices before settling on a design, as some artists may charge more than others. Additionally, be sure to look at their portfolio and ask any questions you have before book your appointment.

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