100+ awesome underboob tattoo designs you need to see – June, 2022

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Underboob tattoos are some of the prettiest, yet hardest to achieve tattoos. Women love them since they truly complement their decolletage area. Although not wearable or loved by guys, these tattoos are quite asked-for at a tattoo shop by older & younger women. They are feminine, unique, as well as complimentary no matter your cup size! Are you looking for some tattoo inspiration? If so, keep on reading and find your perfect under boob tatts down below!

Do Underboob Tattoos Hurt?

Unfortunately, under boob tattoos do hurt. This is because this part of your body and the skin around your boobs is quite sensitive and prone to irritation. Although different tattoos will hurt differently, this spot may not be the best for women with super sensitive skin.

How Much Does A Tattoo Under The Breast Cost?

Different tattoo artists will charge different price points and prices can vary from state to state. Also, every tattoo artist can charge differently and based on their level of experience and expertise. In most cases & usually, an under-boob tattoo can be around $300-600. This depends a lot on its size as well as colors that you wish to place on your body.

What Should I Wear When Getting A Tattoo Under My Breast?

How comfortable or shy are you? This will depend a lot on your body and your confidence level. However & in most cases, the best top to go for is a loosely fitted non-see-through T-shirt and no bra. You will also get some sort of tape or covers for your nipples once you arrive at the salon.

———— Our Top 15 Underboob Tattoo Designs ————

Colorful Underbob Tattoo


Your tattooing can be a fun process, and you should go for a beautiful design. If you are open fo suggestions and you really like color, make sure you check this out tattoo design. This floral ink is small, but it will look great on smaller and larger breasts. The process is not that painful because this tattoo is not too big, so consider getting it if you dislike pain.

Mandala Under Boob Tattoo


This style and similar design ideas will look the best on women who have larger boobs. This art is done in precise motions and it has a lot of geometric elements all over. If you are a fan of symmetry and you also gravitate toward unique, precise, as well as detailed-work, go for this black ink! Be prepared and willing to sit up to 6 hours at your tattoo shop. Heads up, we’ve warned you!

Black & White Cute Underboob Tattoos


Under boobies tattoo designs will look great on every woman; just make sure you go for the perfect design for your personal preference. You’ll love this tattoo if you’re into large and noticeable pieces. Time-wise, it will also take you around 7 hours to get inked. This floral tattoo is decorated with beautiful geometric pieces, and it is something that can be pretty pricey.

Black Underboob Tattoo Horn Design


Would you rather go for something a little bit more manly? Maybe you are a fan of scary and skull-inspired tattoos? If so, this underboob tattoo design will suit you. This is a skeleton tattoo that is also placed over the rib cage. You might like this one if you are into black ink, and especially if you are someone who likes noticeable tattoos under breasts.

Black Panthera Animal Underboob Tattoo


This tattoo between boobs is quite large and magnificent. If you are an animal lover and you want some colorful ink – this duo will suit you. This tattoo covers an entire underboob area, along with your stomach and some of your ribs. People who get tattooed frequently and often won’t mind the pain, and will actually appreciate some of the latest trends in the tattooing industry. This specific tattoo design represents path, growth, and it is great for women who are trying to embrace their warrior side, alongside with personal growth.

Hand Print & Eye Design Underboob Tattoo


Do you like tattoos that have a unique explanation next to them, and that is deep underneath the surface? This design can be interpreted in any way you want. This is a small underboob tattoo that looks mysterious + it has some Illuminati elements to it! This underboob tattoo represents your path, as well as a chance to grow. The mixture of blue & green also symbolizes wealth, so why not get something positive and optimistic which may guide you through life? 

Floral & Geometric 


If you want an average-sized tattoo, yet you are a fan of feminine tattoos, this lotus flower will suit you. It is a good idea for women who don’t like the healing process, as well as for women who prefer tiny tattoos. It will take you around 2 hours to get this ink. Flowers represent happiness, purity as well as joy. If you are a bubbly person and you gravitate toward soft ink, go for floral small tattoos under the breast.

Underboob Tattoo Ideas Floral Tattoo


If you have a lot of time to spare place this tattoo design under the breast. Choose this tattoo if you are a fan of flowers and if you like geometrical signs. Time-wise, it may take you around four hours to get this ink. Flowers symbolize femininity, growth, as well as effortless beauty. If this is your first-ever tattoo, it is a good one and a top choice!

Bright & Colorful Underboob Flower Tattoo


Find a tattoo artist that knows how to do mandala shapes, and place this tattoo over your sternum (sternum means your breastbone). This underboob tattoo has a lot of details that you will want to combine with some other similar tattoos on your body. For instance, you could combine this underboob tattoo with a petite ink on your arm or finger.

Middle Boob Tattoos Black Geometric Design


Save up some money and place this underboob tattoo over your boobs and chest. This is a dagger ink that has an anime vibe to it. It’s design is simple yet noticeable. If you are a fan of black design ideas and you want a sternum tattoo that is not too pricey, get this ink. It will take you 3 hours to place this one or similar underboob tattoos.

Red Rose Underboob Tattoo


Some tattoo artists can do precise sternum tattoo designs. Also, only some of them can do bright and colorful underboob tattoos. If you want your boob area to look noticeable, get this sternum tattoo. Place a red rose below your boobs and decorate it with black geometrical lines to give it that fresh vibe.

Mystical Underboob Tattoo


When going to your tattoo artist make sure that you find your perfect underboob tattoo inspo. This is a retro indie tattoo that also has the Illuminati vibe. You will like this color combo since blue & black ink looks amazing together. This underboob tattoo stands for spiritual growth and it could be an amazing & new addition to your body.

Small & Feminine Rose Underboob Tattoo


This ink and this color combo look beautiful and feminine. Red & gold colors look great when matched together. Place a keylock between the roses and enjoy its symbolic meaning – eternal love. Colorful tattoos are a bit pricier to get, but you will enjoy their outcome in the long run. They won’t fade as easily, and they will look great for the upcoming years.

Dragonfly Inspired Underboob Tattoo


Sternum tattoo such as this one is unique and interesting to get. This is a dragonfly that stands for inhibited vision and a free-spirited mind. Do you like its meaning? Are you a spiritual person as well? If you wish to spread your wings and fly away far from here, get this sternum tattoo. It won’t take a lot of your time to get + it will look so precise and realistic over your chest and once you look at it up-closely.

Small & Petite Underboob Tattoo

If you think that underboob tattoos are cute you prefer small tattoos under the breast, you may find this saying interesting. It will take you only one hour to tattoo these ‘’good vibes’’ beneath your boobs. If you feel like that’s your motto through life and you love this vibe, you will get the tattoo and you won’t mind its pressure or pain level on your bone. Also, you may feel discomfort for only 60 minutes, so push through and enjoy your new tattoo!

Having Said All Of That

Now you know how fun & easy it is to get the underboob or sternum tattoo! Are you willing to give these a go? There are several different options for you to consider, and you will enjoy at least one of our 15 stunning and unique underboob tattoo designs. Make sure you come prepared and choose our designs when going to your tattoo artist.

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