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4 Ways to Dress Like You’ve Walked out of Grease – [current_date format=’F, Y’]

by Jamie Wilson
Ways to Dress Like You’ve Walked out of Grease

Looking to pull off the ultimate dress up as Danny Zuko, but even cooler, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to how to get the style and you’ll look like you’ve walked straight off the set. 

It’s one of those iconic films that leave you wanting to pull off the look and swagger of Danny Zuko. The leather, the hair, and comb, them tight jeans. I bet you’re wishing you could turn back time to the late 70s when the film was released (yes it was that long ago!).

With our fashion tips, we’ll soon have you looking like you’ve just walked off the Grease film set. We’ll have you pulling it off for your dress-up party but in style. Now all you need to do is practice combing your slick hair and achieving that unbelievably sexy lip curl…ah huh!

The 70’s

The 70's
fashionSPARK / Raleigh Denim” by Brett Arthur Donar (brettjessica.com) via WordPress

Microwave ovens, home VCR’s, the first general microprocessor, and C-programming language appeared in the ’70s. The discovery of “black holes” by Steven Hawking elevated peoples’ awareness of our universe. The Disco movement reached an all-new height in America, in the latter half of the decade. The 70’s culture seemed to bring out a more mindful generation that, by and large, were open to newer thinking and revolutionary ideals.

This included fashion, and obviously drugs, but let’s focus on the fashion. It involved both bell bottom/ flared trousers, and most importantly, tight skinny and slim jeans. The kind you should be after to get the Danny look.

And most importantly, let’s not forget the much love leather trousers, which became a huge hit after the film. And thanks to Grease, are still a necessity today. Grease was a style icon for many people, and apparently still is today.

A Leather Jacket with Grease Lightening Quality

A Leather Jacket with Grease Lightening Quality
@Royal Anwar via pexels

Of course, we have to start with the most distinguishing feature of the Grease getup – the leather jacket. A prominent feature for all the ‘T-Birds’ is a must-have if you’re going to pull off this look. It’ll need to be a good quality jacket and must, must be black. The boys tended to opt for biker style jackets, but you could add a sophisticated twist with a leather bomber jacket, giving you that modern update on the style.

What you will need to ensure is that you never, I repeat never, zip-up said jacket, as this could leave you looking more like Eugene that Danny Zuko. And, you could have T-Birds embroidered on the back if you really do want to pull out all the stops.

But if you’re after something with a bit more room, then Selected have you covered. With broader shoulders, this will suit someone who’s after something a little looser.

White T-shirts for Summer Nights

White T-shirts for Summer Nights
@Allan Mas via pexels

Underneath the leather jacket, John Travolta’s character would always be wearing a crisp white t-shirt. We’d recommend investing in a few of these t-shirts, so you have several on standby in case Rizzo decides to throw her milkshake all over you too. It’s also worth getting a black t-shirt for when you’re wanting to look a little bit smarter when taking your Sandy out on a date.

Thanks to the neutral colors of these bad boys, they’ll suit most of your outfits as well as your Danny outfit. Pieces like this are essential for a man’s wardrobe. Again, if you want to be a true T-bird you’ll need to have a packet of cigarettes rolled up underneath your sleeve.

Hopelessly Devoted to the Blue Jeans

Hopelessly Devoted to the Blue Jeans
@Mesut çiçen via pexels

Danny Zuko and the T-Birds would always opt for dark blue or black jeans, and would rarely be seen in light blue ones. Opt for ones that are well fitted, but aren’t skinny and you’ll need to make sure they’re long enough, so you can roll them up at the bottom several times. When choosing a belt to go with the jeans, choose a black one, and one with an understated buckle.

Stranded at the Drive-in? You Need White Socks and Black Shoes

You’d always be able to see a pair of white socks underneath Danny Zuko’s outfit, so these are an absolute must. Team these with black shoes that aren’t overly dressy – something like a pair of retro Vans would be ideal.

As you can see, dressing like John Travolta from Grease is easily accomplishable and is one of those looks that continues to ooze attitude even though it’s been nearly forty years since the film was released. Grease is unquestionably the word…OK, sorry, there have been far too many cheesy one-liners in this post, but there are worse things I could do…

Feature image from Pexels

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