101 awesome black lotus tattoo designs you need to see!

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black lotus tattoo

Looking for some amazing & beautiful flower tattoos? Maybe you are in the mood for a Black Lotus? This flower symbolizes growth & purity, so why not place it somewhere on your body? It also grows from dark waters and it is a common symbol in Tibetan art. If you like noticeable tattoos that also have pure & beautiful meanings, go for this flower. It also represents positivity and perfection. We have some of the prettiest Black Lotus tattoos down below, see for yourself!

Matching Lotus Tattoo Black Design


If you like floral tattoos generally, why not get this one as well? Make sure you find an amazing tattoo artist that won’t take a lot of time to give you this tattoo piece. This is a beautiful design that will suit people who need matching tattoos. Call beforehand and book yourself a dual-appointment!

The Black Lotus Tattoo With Compass 


Every person is a fan of black tattoos. These are simple to get and they are also quite affordable. Go for something that will cover larger parts of your body. Some tattoo artists can pair along your beautiful flower designs along with a compass, perfect if you need some guidance and spirituality through life!

Side Black Lotus Tattoo Budha Inspired


Ask your tattoo artist for a tattoo that is unique and peaceful. This is a beautiful Buddha design that will look intriguing once paired along with this lotus print. The tattoo itself will take 4 hours to get and you will probably enjoy the simple ink. Hindu tattoos shouldn’t be too aggressive or bold, so stick to something low-key.

Dark Lotus Tattoo Small Design


Always make consultations with your tattoo artist before you begin the process. Appointments can be tricky, so always be open to suggestions. This tattoo is quite petite and it will take you only two hours to get this one.

Black Lotus Tattoos Unique Design On Arm


Mix up some black, purple & blue ink if you wish for a dramatic tattoo. Every art studio will know how to do detailed and precise work. Time-wise, you will spend 5 hours at the salon. However heads up, this tattoo is a bit pricey to get.

Black Lotus Tattoo Work Of Art Design


If you prefer smaller tattoos and unusual placements, go for this design and the back of your leg. This tattoo is quite cheap to get, but its placement can be a bit unbearable, so be prepared! Time-wise, it will take you 2 hours to place it.

Chest Black Lotus Tattoo

Do you go to the gym? Do you work out a lot? If you are a fan of your body & your current shape, a chest piece is for you! Place this giant lotus flower above your chest & enjoy showing it off when at a beach. 

Large Back Lotus Tattoo Design On Back


If you have time, patience & money, and you demand a giant piece – this is your perfect back tattoo! You can also decorate this flower with a silhouette of a woman. This tattoo will symbolize your love & patience toward your mother, or wife.

Beautiful Artwork Black Lotus Tattoo


Black ink tattoos are cheaper to get. You will leave the salon in less than 3 hours if you end up choosing this ink. You should place it over your arm since it will symbolize your growth, as well as the state of being open for growth & new opportunities in life!

Detailed Black Lotus Tattoo


Last, but not least, if you are all about details – give this flower a chance. This design in particular is a bit demanding to get & place, so make sure you do your research before going to the studio. Schedule all constellations and find yourself a tattoo artist that is known for precise work.

Having Said All Of That

So, are you ready to find your perfect tattoo? If you are a fan of art and you also enjoy sentimental and thoughtful designs, you will enjoy at least one of our top 10 pieces. Let us know your favorite down below!

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