The Ultimate Beard Balm Recipe You Can Make At Home!

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Beard Balm Recipe You Can Make At Home

Implementing a beard balm into your every day or weekly skincare routine can do wonders for your skin, as well as your beard! A beard balm has nutrients that can help stubborn strands and can also give you long and healthy facial hair in no time. However, purchasing a new product every month or so is pretty expensive. So, do you want to lower down the cost and start making your own beard balm? We will let you know how to make a beard balm recipe and will help you understand why a homemade beard balm can be good for you, no matter your age, length of your beard, or your preference!

What Is Beard Balm For?


A beard balm is a fantastic moisturizer for your beard, a conditioner, and a styling product for your strands. It is usually a go-to product for men who want to achieve thicker and longer beards. You can use a beard balm to hold your beard in place and to shape it, as you would use your wax.

However, you should always avoid beard balms that have artificial ingredients, such as synthetic sealants like petroleum jelly. This ingredient can rip out and damage your facial hair, causing them to fall out. A beard balm that has more of jojoba oils, argan, beeswax, and shea butter will do wonders for any facial hair type.

How to use a beard balm?


If you want the best results that show the quickest, wash your beard with a natural soap. After it is clean, apply your beard balm to your dry skin and dry facial hairs. Use a dime-size amount and rub it in with your fingers. Apply your beard balm and brush out the product with a small comb (in case you are working with longer facial hairs.)

What Is Beard Oil?

Some guys prefer a beard oil over a beard balm. This is because beard oils have a lot more of a watery consistency, as well as a runny texture. They can hydrate your face and your skin, as well as your facial hair. Plenty of men can use their beard oil as a cologne since it has a strong and masculine scent.

How to use beard oil?

Beard oil is mostly used by guys who have dry skin and drier beards. You should apply this product before your beard balm (if you are going to use both products). Rub it in with your fingers and re-use once a week.

Top 5 Must-Have Products For Your Beard

If you want to have an amazing patch-free beard, voluminous strands, as well as an amazing (yet easy) beard routine, you will need a set of products. Think about including and adding the following tools:

  • Beard trimmer: If you usually cut, shape, and trim the beard on your own, you will need a beard trimmer. Invest in a better kind that will last you for years. Make sure your beard trimmer has several different detachable guards, just so that you can achieve different styles.

Beard scissors: Men who have a longer beard (over 2 inches) will need beard scissors. They are amazing for men who want precise grooming, but who don’t want to spend a lot of money investing in their trimmers.


Beard shampoo: Your regular and typical face wash or your shampoo shouldn’t be your go-to product for your beard. This is because typical shampoos remove oil, while your beard will need additional oil. Invest in a high-quality beard shampoo and wash your strands every 3-4 days.


A brush: A brush that is specifically made for your facial hair will give you soft and brushed-out strands. If your beard is longer, you will need a comb.


Beard balm: As previously mentioned, a beard balm with shea butter will give you softer and smoother strands. It will save your hair from becoming dry and will help with personal hygiene.


How Do I Make My Own Beard Balm? Beard Balm Recipe


Beard balm DIY process is not too complicated. It is also an amazing product if you are trying to save some coin. All you have to do is have the right set of ingredients, and those are:

1. The Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural ingredient that has nutrients like vitamin A. When purchasing for beeswax in store, go for a 1-ounce bar. Make sure you don’t exaggerate with beeswax. In case you do, you may end up with a stiff beard. You can purchase this beeswax in either a bar or pellets. If you want to use the product for longer, you will want pellets. If you want only one tin, you can go for the bars.

2. The Butters

If you want to DIY beard balm, get cocoa and shea butter. These smell amazing and are filled with antioxidants and vitamins. The shea butter will help with any rashes or itchy beard. The butter will also give you proper texture for your beard, without making it look or feel thick. You will need around one pound of each product.

3. Carrier Oils

Add carrier oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed, or avocado oil. You will need two-three containers until you figure out what scent is your favorite, and you will need to play around with these carrier oils for a bit. Also, jojoba oil is great for men who have naturally oily skin and who want to tame down their oils. You should purchase carrier oils if you like scented products. Amber oil can block UV rays, and some carrier oils smell better than others. However, whichever oil you end up purchasing, it should take about 30-40% of your beard balm.

4. Essential Oils

If your balm needs a pleasant scent, add a lot of essential oils. Men who want to smell masculine will need pine, cedar, or sandalwood oils. If you are a fan of natural and lighter scents, as well as those who can reduce flakes and dandruff, get vanilla or benzoin oils. However, don’t mix all of these oils! They can contaminate and end up smelling unpleasant. Pick out one essential oil, and add a hefty amount of it.

5. Other Ingredients

To mix all of these together, you will need some accessories. Get yourself a smaller funnel, a few pipettes, a scale (kitchen scale), as well as an eyedropper. Don’t forget a smaller container in which you will store your product. It can be any square or oval tin can, just make sure these are made out of aluminum. If you end up creating a bigger batch, make sure you have more containers. 

Step By Step Process – How To Make Beard Balm

Step 1: Heat Your Mixture

Use 2 ounces of your shea butter and 3 ounces of the coconut oil. On top, add 1 ounce of beeswax and make sure you mix all of these items on minimal heat. You could also mix these with a candle warmer.

Step 2: Mix It All

All of your ingredients will mix and become one substance. Once you get a liquid, turn off the heat and start adding essential oils. However, make sure you work fast! Essential oils can easily solidify. Add 2-3 tsp of your favorite oil and stir fast.

Step 3: Pour It All

Pour the balm that you’ve just created into a storage tin and cover it with your aluminum top. Place your can into a fridge and let it cool down. The balm should be ready the next morning for you to use!

Can You Make Beard Balm With Coconut Oil?

If you are a fan of coconuts and you like their scent more than others that we’ve previously talked about, know that you can create beard balm with coconut oil.

You should still use beeswax and butter and make sure these two take up around 70% of your mixture.

Make sure you also have a heatproof bowl and a can where you will place and pour these ingredients.

Step 1: Measure coconut oil – you will need around two tbsp of this product to melt it.
Step 2: Add essential oils – with coconut, the best combo would be tea tree oil that will result in a sweet yet spicy flavor. Yet again, two tbsp is a good measurement.
Step 3: Cool it off – after you mix all of these in a tin, leave them to solidify at room temperature. 

Do You Need a Beard Balm In Your Skincare Routine?

Since now you know all about the beard balm recipe, and you know how to DIY beard balm, would you like to try it and give it a go? Choose and add a beard balm to your routine if you want to :

Experience Softer Beard – your beard will be a lot softer with just a bit od product.

Everyone can use it – we recommend that you implement a beard balm to your weekly routine, no matter your age. Teens and mature men should use a balm.

It will prevent itching – your beard wax will reduce any rash and itching, as well as those that appear after you just shaved.

You will save money – creating your own beeswax and placing it in a jar is a lot easier than re-purchasing beard balms that sell around $20-30 every other month.

Top 12 Beard Styles

1. Connected Beard 

Connected Beard 
@Caleb Lucas via Unsplash

If you love a well-shaped and trimmed beard, you will easily maintain and achieve this shape. If your hair can naturally grow longer and you don’t mind taking care of it, you will love this outcome. Younger guys often look amazing with a goatee, as well as with shorter mustache, such as this.

How to maintain it?

If you are going to DIY beard balm, you will need carrier oils, shea butter, as well as a bit of time and patience. You can easily maintain this outcome if you simply reapply this beard balm every third or fourth day. It will leave your beard a lot softer, and will give you several benefits in the long run! No reason to use a comb, your balm is all it takes to get this smooth style.

2. Soft Long Beard

Soft Long Beard
@Jakob Owens via Unsplash

Choose this longer beard if you are a fan of attention-seeking and longer beard looks. This style is a bit hard to maintain, but it will suit guys who are in their mid-30, and who have some time to spare every morning to nurture their facial hair.

How to maintain it?

Besides our natural beard balm recipe, we also highly recommend that you add beard oil to your everyday routine. Homemade beard balm won’t do a lot, because your strands are naturally longer and prone to frizz and damage. Avoid heat, and apply your beard wax every 2-3 days. However, make sure you use a lot of beeswax when creating your balm.

3. Beard With Mustache

Beard With Mustache
@Lesly Juarez via Unsplash

A longer beard with mustache usually looks great on younger guys. However, choose this style only if you are going to pair it along with a stylish hairdo. Extra length and longer hair look amazing for everyday wear, as long as you learn how to style it.

How to maintain it?

It is important to follow our recipes or similar kinds. Beard balm homemade solution is fantastic if you already have thicker or drier strands. It is essential to add essential oils if you want to end up with a significant scent in your balm, but also all over your beard. Don’t forget a beard conditioner in this case since it is important for your beard growth!

4. Short Soft Beard

Short Soft Beard
@Stephan Louis via Unsplash

Are you someone who likes shorter beard styles? Guys who have a hard time maintaining a longer beard should cut their beard every week, or every other week. This style is fantastic for men who work office jobs, and who need a professional look.

How to maintain it?

In this case, a coconut beard balm is the best solution! Coconut oil, carrier oil, as well as cocoa butter will do wonders for shorter and thicker strands. If you are a fan of fragrance, these tins will suit you!

5. Longer Bushy Beard

Longer Bushy Beard
@Gelmis Bartulis via Unsplash

Longer beards will demand a lot of care. Essential oils and shea butter are only some of the main ingredients. This style will take some time to grow, but once it does, leave it properly trimmed and voluminous.

How to maintain it?

Grapeseed oil and beeswax are vital elements to moisturizing thicker and bushier strands. However, make sure you also comb through your beard with a small comb. You can also use a small spoolie as s substitute if at the moment you don’t have a comb lying around.

6. Beard With Shorter Mustache

Beard With Shorter Mustache
@Arun Sharma via Unsplash

Some guys like shorter and easier to maintain beard styles. In cases like these, sweet almond oil is a must-have! Leave your mustache noticeable and embrace the patchy look, for now. Your hair will grow in time, and a lot faster as you incorporate beard balms into your routine. However, make sure you leave it enough time for it to grow out.

How to maintain it?

Essential oils, as well as sweet almond oil, will give you moisture, but argan oil will speed up the growth. A trimmer is a must-have product if you are trying to maintain and DIY your beard properly. If you don’t want to spend or invest money in your barber, you can DIY beard balm, beard cut, and beard trim. Practice makes everything perfect; you’ll see for yourself.

9. Long Ginger Beard

Long Ginger Beard
@Allef Vinicius via Unsplash

Do you naturally have red-colored hair? It helps to let your beard grow long before you trim it. Gingers have thicker hair than others, but this hair type also goes gray the quickest. Let your strands grow 3-4 inches before you cut them, trim, or start investing in balm products, carrier oils, or any essential oil. You won’t know what you’re dealing with till they reach their full potential.

How to maintain it?

Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo & conditioner. Also invest in carrier oils, coconut oil, as well as essential oils. All of these bring back moisture and give you a hydrated outcome. The best way to tame down your hairs is to cut them with your scissors every week or so. This will allow you to maintain your shape and to add volume to your beard slowly but surely.

10. Black Beard With Curly Mustache

Black Beard With Curly Mustache
@Albert Dera via Unsplash

Is your plan to achieve a long Italian mustache? This style suits mature men, as well as guys who have naturally thicker and darker hair. If you are a fan of unusual mustache and you like to DIY your own facial hair, go for this style. 

How to maintain it?

Beard balm ingredients for thick and coarse hair should be of a high-quality. The best product is cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, as well as the carrier oil. Also, make sure you use grapeseed oil as an active ingredient in your mixture, but not the balm itself. These will set all of your hairs in place and will allow you to add volume and definition to your facial hair.

11. Long Beard Long Hair

Long Beard Long Hair
@Banjo Emerson Mathew via Unsplash

Natural hairs can often look frizzy. If you have a hard time trying to style your beard, or you simply prefer messy and reckless looks, you will enjoy this design. Since your beard is natural, make sure your beard balm natural is also your choice.

How to maintain it?

Beeswax will support and fasten your hair growth. Just make sure you stick to a scent that suits your preference. Do you like cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, or any essential oil in particular? Either way, your facial hair will need to be set in place. It is also essential to add some oil along with your beard balm. These two products will give you healthy strands in no time.

Lastly, try to emphasize your thicker and darker hairs by adding a lot of beeswaxes. Men who have darker strands usually have a hard time trying to brush their hair through. This style is appropriate for any age group but will look the best on men with a darker complexion and naturally black hair.

How to maintain it?

If you just started to experiment with beeswax, be patient. The main benefit of letting your facial hair grow is allowing yourself to experiment with different patterns and lengths. However, what is important is to use high-quality balm every other day. It will fasten your hair growth and will give you smoother strands.

On That Note

This article and our guide will help you create the perfect beard balm recipe! Essential oils, cocoa butter, carrier oil, and beeswax are only some elements that will help you with creating natural recipes and high-quality beard balm. The sooner you begin using a balm in your everyday routine, the sooner you will have smooth, frizz-free, and a long beard. Guys who want to save some money should use the beard pomade recipe asap, and experience flawless, healthy strands in a couple of weeks, if not even sooner!

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