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10 Best Spring Clothes For Men You Need To Try In 2024!

by Cressida meale

Listen up, guys—don’t think you can ride through spring in last year’s fall gear and still look sharp. You’ll be fine for early March, but when spring really hits, you’ll wish you were prepared. Stick with me; I’ve got your ultimate spring style guide ready to go. We’re talking essential footwear, how to choose a mature cologne, and rocking colors and patterns without going overboard. Let’s dive in.

Men's Spring Clothes
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The Essential Man Rules of Spring Style: Your Spring Style Playbook

Alright, guys, let’s break it down—Spring is here, and your closet needs to be ready. We’re talking fabrics, colors, layers, and intelligent swaps to keep you looking sharp. Here’s how to step out in style this season.

Rule #1: Spring Fabrics Are Your Best Friend

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Heavy wool blazers and cable knit sweaters had their moment. But now, it’s all about embracing lighter, breathable fabrics that keep you cool without compromising style. Look out for these terms when you’re shopping:

  • Fabrics: Cotton, Linen, Silk
  • Terms: Summer Weight, Tech (breathable synthetics), Unlined/Partially Lined, Moisture-Wicking

Rule #2: Lighten Up, Don’t Brighten Up

Men's Spring Clothes
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I get it; bold hues aren’t everyone’s jam. Good news—you don’t have to go full-on neon to add some color to your Spring look. Try this simple trick: shift your neutral tones a shade lighter. Instead of dark indigo, try a washed blue; switch from a deep grey to a lighter shade. It’s subtle, but it makes a difference.

Rule #3: Master the Art of Layering

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Spring weather is a mixed bag, so layering is key. Beyond just keeping you warm, clever layering adds depth to your outfit, separating you from the “just another t-shirt and jeans” crowd. If you need help pulling this off, I’ve got a post dedicated to layering formulas that you can check out.

Spring Style Swaps: The Essentials

Okay, let’s get into the nitty-gritty—the stuff you should swap out when temperatures rise.

The Mac Coat: The Parka’s Classy Cousin

Men's Spring Clothes
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No one wants to be caught in a fur-lined parka come springtime. Meet the Mac Coat. Named after Charles Mackintosh, this trench-style coat is both waterproof and stylish. It’s your topcoat’s lighter cousin, perfect for those in-between temps and unexpected showers. You’ll find them in colors ranging from classic khaki to navy and even camo.

The Unlined Sport Coat: Keep It Light and Casual

Drop the heavy tweeds and flannels; spring calls for something more relaxed. Go for sport coats that are unlined or partially lined, made with light wools, cotton, or linen. A lighter shade of navy is always a safe bet.

The Harrington Jacket: Your New Go-To

Men's Spring Clothes
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If you’re a fan of the bomber jacket, consider the Harrington as its sophisticated sibling. It’s made famous by James Dean and versatile enough for work or a casual night out. Stick to colors like navy or black to keep it versatile.

Breathable Button-Downs: Say No to Sweating

Ditch the flannels and opt for lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. A white, grey, or light blue shirt can be an excellent base for your spring ensemble.

Know Your Shirts: Button-Down vs. Button-Up

Men's Spring Clothes
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Button-downs have a collar that buttons to the shirt, while button-ups don’t. Generally, button-downs are casual, while button-ups are more formal. Choose according to your occasion.

Cotton Sweaters: Your New Layering Hero

A thin cotton sweater will give you the warmth without the sweat. Consider fine merino wool or a cashmere-cotton blend. Classic grey is a great starting point.

Light Wash Denim: A Relaxed Approach

Men's Spring Clothes
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If breaking in another pair of raw denim gives you pause, consider light-wash denim for a softer, more comfortable fit. These go through a stone-washing process, hence the premium, but it’s worth it for that instant worn-in feel.

Cotton Trousers: Your Formal-Casual Hybrid

Switch out your wool trousers for a pair of breathable cotton. They maintain a tailored look while keeping you cool. Brands like Bonobos offer great options with added stretch for comfort.

Part 3

3 Essential Spring Kicks

The Penny Loafer

Men's Spring Clothes
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Here’s your first power move for Spring: The Penny Loafer. It’s the Bruce Wayne of shoes—casual by day, business by night. There is no need for the cape; black or brown will do just fine. I’m leaning toward black this season; what about you?

The Gray Sneaker

Stepping into a sea of white sneakers? Stand out by going gray. These bad boys give you the minimalist vibes but with a twist that says, “I read more than the headlines.”

The Chukka Boot

Men's Spring Clothes
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Ever put on a suede shoe? If not, brace yourself for a Narnia moment. It’s that touch of texture that separates you from the rest. This isn’t just a shoe; it’s your intro to high society, no handshake required.

In Defense Of The Humble White Sock

Look, life’s too short to be the guy who only listens to vinyl. Let’s talk white socks. They’re back, but honestly, did they ever leave? James Dean rocked them. So did Elvis. Want to avoid trying them? Fine. But if you do and it’s not your jam, guess what? You’ve got new gym socks.

Your Spring Scent Game

Spring is a state of mind and the winter lumberjack vibe? Not invited. Here are some pro-tips:

  1. Less is More: If the guy in the following zip code can smell you, you’ve gone too far.
  2. Spray Smart: Forget the wrists; that’s rookie territory. Try a single spray on your bare chest or between the shoulder blades. It’s like a scent trail that rewards anyone who gets that close.
  3. Scent & Skin: Got oily skin? Your bouquet’s sticking around longer.
  4. Skip the Coffee Beans: To reset your sniffers while testing, smell your shirt. Simple.

Surviving Spring Weddings Like a Boss

Spring weddings are like the Super Bowl of style—you know it’s coming, so let’s game-plan.

Outfit 1: The Grey Suit Remix

Men's Spring Clothes
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You may own a grey suit. Let’s liven it up with a blue shirt and a lighter tie. Add Derby shoes; you look fresher than a cold brew on a Sunday morning.

Outfit 2: The Tuxedo Truth

Men's Spring Clothes
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Here’s the deal: “optional” in the wedding invite means “don’t mess this up.” My vote? Peak lapels and a cummerbund. Wanna learn more? Bloomberg’s “10 Commandments of the Tuxedo” is a must-read.

Outfit 3: Beach Mode

Men's Spring Clothes
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Do you have a beach setting? Here’s your permission slip to go linen. Pair it with a cotton oxford shirt, ditch the tie, and use suede loafers. Ensure your invisible socks match your shoes, or you’re playing yourself.

And there you have it. From top-notch kicks to wedding fits, you’re now Spring 2023 ready. Do it right, and the only thing you’ll worry about this season is handling all the compliments. Cheers!

What Are Some Specific Examples Of Breathable Fabrics For Spring? 

Great question! When it comes to spring attire, you want breathable and lightweight fabrics to help you stay cool as temperatures start to rise. Here are some go-to options:

  1. Linen: The quintessential spring and summer fabric. It’s breathable but wrinkles easily, so it’s ideal for a casual look.
  2. Cotton: Classic and versatile, cotton is another excellent choice. Look for lighter weaves like poplin or seersucker to maximize breathability.
  3. Tencel: Made from wood pulp, Tencel is breathable and has moisture-wicking properties. It drapes well and is a sustainable choice to boot.
  4. Chambray: Often mistaken for denim, chambray is lighter and breathable, giving you that relaxed yet put-together look.
  5. Rayon: A synthetic fabric made from natural fibers, rayon is another option that’s breathable but tends to retain heat, so it’s best for cooler spring days.
  6. Voile: A sheer fabric, usually made of cotton or cotton blends, voile is perfect for super-hot days when you need something lightweight.
  7. Madras: Named after its Indian city of origin, Madras is a lightweight cotton fabric featuring a pattern of bright checks or stripes and is excellent for casual shirts and shorts.
  8. Merino Wool: Sounds counterintuitive, but finer grades of merino wool are highly breathable and moisture-wicking. Perfect for those chillier spring evenings.
  9. Performance Fabrics: Think polyester blends engineered for breathability. Not just for activewear, many brands now offer everyday clothes in high-tech fabrics that help regulate temperature.

When selecting fabrics, it’s not just the material but also the weave and weight that can impact breathability, so keep an eye out for those details. Happy shopping!

How Can I Add Color To My Spring Wardrobe Without Going Too Bold? 

Adding a pop of color to your spring wardrobe doesn’t have to be bold or daring. Here’s how you can inject some shade while still keeping it understated and masculine:

  1. Subtle Accessories: If you need more confidence about diving into the color pool, start with accessories. Think earth-toned pocket squares, belts, or even colored shoelaces for your sneakers or boots.
  2. Pastel Shirts: Swap out your whites and grays for muted pastels. Light blues, greens, or pinks can freshen up your look without making it feel like you’re screaming for attention.
  3. Colored Socks: White socks are back, as we discussed earlier, but a pair of socks in a more vibrant shade can also add a little something extra to an outfit. Keep the rest of your look neutral to ensure they don’t clash.
  4. Layering with Color: Try a lightweight, colored jacket or blazer over a neutral tee or button-up shirt. Or reverse it. A neutral coat over a colored tee can tone down the brightness.
  5. Patterned Items: Sometimes, it’s not just about color but how it’s presented. A pattern like stripes, checks, or even subtle florals can bring in color without overwhelming the eye.
  6. Pants and Chinos: If you’ve been rocking dark jeans or black trousers all winter, now’s the time to switch it up. Opt for lighter shades of gray, tan, or even soft greens and blues.
  7. Footwear: Pay attention to your shoes as an opportunity to add color. Whether it’s a pair of navy loafers or brown derbies, footwear can easily incorporate color.
  8. Casual Staples: Items like baseball caps, backpacks, or even your phone case can also be opportunities to inject a bit of color into your everyday look.
  9. Denim Updates: Instead of the standard dark wash, opt for lighter blues or even colored denim if you’re feeling adventurous.
  10. Stick to One or Two: The trick to pulling off color without looking like a walking rainbow is to limit yourself to one or two colorful pieces per outfit. This creates focus and keeps your look cohesive.

Remember, it’s all about balance. If you add a pop of color in one area, keep the rest of your outfit relatively muted. This way, you enjoy a bit of spring freshness without going overboard. Have fun experimenting!

What Are Some Other Essential Spring Footwear Options Besides The Three Mentioned?

Absolutely, footwear can make or break your spring wardrobe. Besides penny loafers, gray sneakers, and chukka boots, let’s dive into some other solid options that add versatility and style to your spring get-up:

  1. Espadrilles: Light, breathable, and casual. They’re the go-to for beach holidays and backyard barbecues. They pair well with shorts or lightweight chinos. Remember, they’re super simple, so they will only work for some occasions.
  2. White Low-Top Sneakers: A crisp pair can freshen up your look, and they go with almost anything, from jeans to suits. They’re like the Swiss Army knife of spring footwear.
  3. Brogues: A leather or suede brogue is hard to beat if you’re looking for something you can dress up or down. These add texture and detail to your look, and they’re as at home with a suit as they are with jeans.
  4. Desert Boots: Consider these as the chukka boot’s more rugged cousin. Generally made with a crepe sole and suede upper, they can add a laid-back yet stylish touch to your spring wardrobe.
  5. Boat Shoes: A bit preppy, sure, but they’re great for weekends and casual Fridays. They look great with chinos, a button-up, shorts, and a simple tee.
  6. Monk Straps: Try a pair of monk straps for a dash of sophistication. They’re less formal than a traditional Oxford but more dressed up than a loafer.
  7. Slip-On Canvas Shoes: A great alternative to sandals, these are quick, easy, and perfect for any casual event. Think Vans or similar styles for this one.
  8. Moccasins: These offer a more streamlined look than loafers but a similarly laid-back vibe. They’re great for that “smart-casual” balance.
  9. Driving Shoes: Designed for comfort, these slip-on shoes are often made from soft leather or suede. They’re not ideal for long walks but perfect for a relaxed but stylish setting.
  10. Wingtip Oxfords: If you’re going for a more formal springtime look, wingtips provide that classic aesthetic with a bit of flair, thanks to the detailed perforations.

Each option brings its own vibe to the table, so think about what works best for your lifestyle, comfort, and the events you’ll be attending. Switching up your shoe game can make a familiar outfit feel new again, so take your time with the power of solid footwear. Happy stepping!


Alright, gents, there you have it—a rundown on how to step up your game this Spring. From versatile footwear like penny loafers and gray sneakers to embracing the underestimated power of white socks, the season is ripe for experimentation. Please don’t sleep on switching up your scent either; it’s an underrated but game-changing move. As for spring weddings, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re hitting the beach or going black tie. The risks? Minimal, as long as you follow the pro tips and trust your instincts. Bottom line: Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone. The key to nailing spring style is mixing timeless classics with a few carefully chosen risks. You got this—now make this season one for the style books. Cheers to stepping into Spring 2023 like a boss.

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