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Men’s Fashion Brands Accepting Crypto Payments

by Jamie Wilson

Investors and traders are not the only ones who find themselves choosing to use cryptocurrencies more and more frequently. Even though many people are reluctant to think that cryptocurrencies are the future of the financial market, the reality is that they are increasingly present in our daily lives.

Many famous fashion brands already accept payments through crypto assets. Demonstrating that these companies have managed to see the incredible potential that these virtual currencies do not want to be left behind, increasing their benefits, accessibility, and popularity.

Crypto In The Fashion World

You may wonder what is crypto and how it relates to fashion. Cryptocurrencies are a virtual asset. This asset will com cryptographic encryption that guarantees the investor complete security at any time, which makes this currency immune to copies or other attacks.

Being digital capital, they are in a virtual wallet. You can easily make payments from that wallet, making this a very comfortable and reliable payment method.

More and more companies are joining this new way of earning virtual money. Many big-name brands started accepting this new payment method, making us think many more brands will soon implement it.

A few years ago, very few fashion brands accepted this form of payment, but things have been changing. As with card payments, fashion brands that adapt to the new times will retain much influence in the international market. For this reason, the best fashion brands are taking action to adjust to the recent times and reach the maximum number of customers possible.

Brands That Accept Crypto Payments


This brand is one of the new additions to the world of cryptocurrencies. Currently, the Italian brand allows its customers to pay using a QR code. Payment is straightforward to do.

The company will create a code the customer must scan to make the payment automatically. Said code appears through a monitor and can be sent directly to the client’s email if the purchase is remote.

Currently, the Italian brand allows payment through some cryptocurrencies. However, the number of cryptos business use may increase so that more customers can use this payment method. More specifically, it allows you to cancel your payments through currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin. Many others will join this new payment system thanks to a brand with this world recognition.


Prada is another of the big brands including this payment method for their customers. The Italian brand has presented its new Prada Crypted collection and has taken the opportunity to remind its customers that they can also make payments through virtual currencies.

Their new methods show that the brand wants to adapt to recent times quickly. Of course, it not only allows payment through crypto, but it is also adapting to Web3.

The Italian brand’s methods of making cryptocurrency payments are standard. Using QR codes, you can make payments through your cryptographic wallet. In this way, Prada streamlines its operations, reaffirming that it is avant-garde and intelligent, since by using this system, it not only adapts to new technologies but also does not give its competitors any commercial advantage.


This fashion brand has decided to take a giant leap into the future. The brand started allowing payment with cryptocurrencies in April, and so far, the brand is doing great with the new payment method.

In a statement, the brand commented that they are trying to adapt to new technologies. They know that the first brands to start with this system will have it much more manageable.

Indeed, you cannot pay with virtual currencies in all its establishments. The cryptocurrency payment service is available in London, Milan, and Paris stores. However, we expect the number of stores to increase, and more countries will start accepting this new payment system.

Of course, not only is it growing exponentially in the billing arena, but they are also investing in the new technology of Web 3.0. The goal is to adapt to what customers will need in the future.

Louis Vuitton

They were one of the first fashion brands to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. It is a brand that they do not want to be left behind and quickly included the cryptocurrency payment system.

The brand presented this new payment method for the first time on the day of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the brand. That day the French brand offered an infinity of novelties, one of these being the possibility of paying through cryptocurrencies.

After the official announcement, the brand presented the necessary instructions to make the payments. The brand created a QR code that customers could scan to make purchases, significantly streamlining its operations. Overall, the public received this new payment method very well, which may signal the brand to expand this payment method to more stores.

Tag Heuer

This fashion brand has already taken the step of accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. In this particular step, the brand has decided to bet on receiving its revenues through the BitPay platform. Crypto is one of the most used options since Tag Heuer has been doing great with this platform.

At first glance, only a few people use this payment method, but when we immerse ourselves in this world, we find that the demand is much higher than expected. As the brand has commented, the number of people who have decided to use this tool to make their payments has been calling their attention.


Balenciaga is another of the many famous clothing brands that have recently jumped on the cryptocurrency charging bandwagon. Of course, the incorporation of this excellent payment system has been very minimal compared to other brands on the market. The Spanish brand only accepts Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In addition, this payment system is limited and only done online or in a few locations. As on other occasions, if the system works perfectly, the brand will add more virtual currencies and stores where you can pay this way. At the moment, this method is in an experimental phase.

Feature Image Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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