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How To Wear A Polo Shirt With A Blazer In 2024!

by Cressida meale
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Let’s talk polo shirts. The underdogs of your summer wardrobe that are begging for some airtime. I get it—you see ’em everywhere, so they’ve probably fallen off your style radar. But listen up: These bad boys are way more versatile than you give them credit for. This isn’t just the get-up for your mate’s backyard BBQ, where you must look half-decent. It’s time to elevate the game.

The polo shirt is that understated MVP when you want to keep it casual without sinking into full slacker mode. Pair it with khakis; you’re good to go—nothing wrong. But why stop there?

Want to kick it up a notch? Toss a blazer over that polo. Trust me, it’s a game-changer. Stick around; I will show you how to pull this off without sweat.

Sports Coat with Polo
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The Collar Conundrum: Make it Work for You

Sports Coat with Polo
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Let’s tackle the elephant in the room: the polo shirt’s collar. It’s not rigid, right? It’s not the kind of collar that’ll stand at attention under the weight of a blazer like your go-to Oxford shirt. But hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The softer, unstructured collar works to your advantage when shooting for that laid-back vibe. When you rock a polo under a blazer, the collar creates an effortless, casual look that dials down the formality.

Summer Styling: Polo and Blazer

4457973 image Outsons
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This is one of my top picks for a summer ensemble. A polo’s short sleeves are much more forgiving when you’re simmering in the heat than cooping up in a long-sleeved button-up. Add a blazer, and you have an outfit that’s as comfortable as excellent.

The Devil’s in the Details: Watch That Collar

Sports Coat with Polo
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One little hiccup you might run into? The collar can fluctuate if you frequently take the blazer on and off. A simple fix—give yourself a quick once-over in the mirror to straighten things out, and you’re golden.

So, to wrap this up, refrain from writing off the polo as a second-string player in your wardrobe lineup. This outfit is easy to pull off and looks damn good, collar quirks. Just remember to do a collar check if you’re in and out of that blazer, and you’re set.

5 Other Ways To Style Polo Shirts Besides Pairing Them With Khakis And Blazers?

While the khaki and blazer look is a classic, the polo shirt is much more versatile than you might think. Let’s run through other killer ways to maximize this piece in your wardrobe.

The Denim Route

Pair a polo shirt with slim-fit jeans for an effortlessly sleek vibe. Dark wash jeans up the ante, giving you a look that’s casual but still put-together. Add some leather sneakers or desert boots, and you’re a weekend winner.

Street Style: Polo + Joggers

Want to lean into the sporty origins of the polo shirt? Pair it with joggers and some cool sneakers. You’re balancing the fine line between athletic and stylish, perfect for running errands or grabbing a casual coffee.

Layer it Up

As the weather turns cooler, don’t stash your polo shirts away. Layer them under crewneck sweaters or V-necks. You’ll get a neat collar pop without the bulkiness of a full button-up shirt.

Suit Up

Yes, you read that right. A well-fitted, solid-color polo can work under a suit when you want to look sharp but not too stiff. Make sure the case is casual—think lighter fabrics and colors.

Seaside Casual: Polo + Shorts

For those hot summer days when even khakis feel like a furnace, shorts are your best friend. Go for a tailored pair to keep the look crisp. Finish off with boat shoes or loafers; you’re good for anything from a beachside lunch to a sunset date.

The Monochrome Look

Feeling bold? Try a monochrome ensemble. Matching your polo shirt to your pants creates a continuous line that can be striking and elongate your silhouette. To break up the color, add a belt or some contrasting shoes.

So there you have it: From street style to formal events, the polo is far from a one-trick pony. Keep it from collecting dust in your closet; make the most of it, and keep your look fresh and updated.

5 Tips To Adjust Your Collar So It Doesn’t Bunch Up Under Your Blazer

Ah, the dreaded polo collar bunch. It’s like the fashion equivalent of a squeaky wheel—annoying and distracting. But luckily, there are some solid workarounds to keep that collar looking crisp under a blazer. Let’s break it down:

Starch It

One quick way to stiffen up that soft collar is by using starch. Lightly spray it on your polo collar before ironing. This will give the fabric more rigidity, making it more likely to hold its shape under your blazer.

Collar Stays

Believe it or not, collar stays are explicitly designed for polo shirts. These are usually adhesive and can stick to the underside of your collar, giving it enough stiffness to prevent the dreaded bunch-up. Just make sure to remove them before washing the shirt.

The Pin Trick

Here’s a DIY hack for you. Get a small, discreet safety pin and fasten the tips of your collar to the body of your polo. This will keep your collar in place without any visible alterations. Remember, this is a temporary fix, so don’t go too wild, or you might have some minor fabric damage.

Double-Sided Tape

Another quick fix is double-sided fabric tape. Just put a small strip on the underside of each collar tip, then press them onto the main body of the shirt. It keeps the collar from lifting and bunching and is easily removable.

The Right Blazer

Last, the type of blazer you wear can also influence how the polo’s collar behaves. Opt for a blazer with a softer, more relaxed construction around the neck and lapels. This will put less pressure on the collar, allowing it to sit more naturally.

There you go, guys. Say goodbye to bunching and hello to a sharp, clean look. You can rock a polo and blazer combo like a pro with these tricks.

5 Tips To Match Your Blazer With Your Polo Shirt?

Not all blazers are created equal—especially when pairing them with a polo shirt. Since we’re talking about a relaxed but stylish look, let’s dial into the blazers that best complement the easygoing nature of the polo.

The Right Fabric

Summer calls for lightweight fabrics like linen, seersucker, or light cotton. These will let your skin breathe and won’t overshadow the casual vibe of the polo. Consider textured wool or even corduroy for colder months for a more layered look.

The Fit Matters

Look for unstructured or partially lined blazers. These are softer around the edges, which works well with the polo’s more delicate collar. A more structured blazer can make the combo look disjointed.

Colors to Consider

When it comes to color, think about the setting. For a casual atmosphere, lighter shades like tan, khaki, or soft pastels can work wonders. These shades bring out the summer vibes of the polo.

Stick to classics like navy, charcoal, or deep forest green for something more versatile or formal. These can easily transition from day to night or from casual to slightly dressy.

Pattern Play

If you don a solid-color polo, experiment with a blazer with subtle patterns like checks or herringbone. It’s a fantastic way to add depth to your outfit. If your polo has stripes or any other design, it is best to stick with a solid blazer to avoid visual overload.

Single vs Double-Breasted

Stick with single-breasted. Double-breasted blazers are generally more formal and can clash with the relaxed feel of a polo shirt. A single-breasted blazer keeps things streamlined and straightforward.

To wrap it up, the perfect blazer can elevate your polo from just another shirt to a critical player in a killer outfit. Consider the fabric, fit, color, and even the cut of the blazer when making your pick. Remember these tips, and you’ll be okay with pulling off this combo in style.


In summary, the polo shirt under a blazer is a killer combo in your style arsenal. It’s a versatile get-up that can slide seamlessly from a day at the office to drinks with the boys. Keep an eye on that polo collar—it’s less rigid, which adds a casual flair but can bunch up if you’re not careful. A quick mirror check can sort that out with no fuss. So, please don’t sleep on the polo; its laid-back collar and breathable fabric make it a prime choice for those scorching summer days. Go ahead, dust off that polo, throw on a blazer, and step out with confidence. You’ve got this.

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