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How To Wear a Bucket Hat – Your Complete Style Guide In 2024!

by Cressida meale
How To Wear a Bucket Hat

The bucket hat has evolved from a mere fisherman’s accessory to a ubiquitous fashion staple, the bucket hat has indeed cemented its place in the annals of trendsetting. How do I do this hat with panache? Look no further! In today’s post, we’ll traverse the bucket hat’s history, aesthetics, and style adaptations. Whether you’re aiming for a street-smart vibe, a relaxed beach look, or an elegant ensemble, this ultimate style guide will provide you with the ins and outs, dos and don’ts, and myriad ways to wear a bucket hat. Ready to elevate your fashion game? Let’s dive in!

History In A Hat

Did you know the bucket hat originated in the early 20th century? Originally a companion for fishermen and farmers in Ireland to shield against unpredictable rains, it quickly rose to fame in the 80s and 90s, all thanks to the vibrant skate and hip-hop scenes. Its foldable design makes it super handy – I’ve been saved countless times on impromptu trips when I could stash it in my pocket!

Black Bucket Hats

Black Bucket Hats
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/6334454-Publish-Brand-Aikman-Mesh-Jersey-Adidas-Track

 These are my absolute go-to! Easy to pair, they have this uncanny ability to make any outfit instantly chic. Last summer, I paired mine with a sleek blazer and oversized trousers. But trust me, it’s just as rad with simple jeans and a tee, perfect for those park hangouts or spontaneous meet-ups.

Tie-Dye Bucket Hats 

Tie Dye Bucket Hats
Photo by Nathan McDine on Unsplash

There’s something about tie-dye that screams ‘fun.’ Remember the DIY tie-dye phase during lockdown? Ah, memories. These colorful hats can be the pop of color you need against a monochrome backdrop. So, the next time you pull out that all-black or all-white ensemble, twist it with a tie-dye hat!

Navy, Olive, Khaki, and Grey Bucket Hats 

Navy Bucket Hats
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/6434192-Strunway-Uneck-Vintage-Pocket-Tshirts-Strnway

If black isn’t your thing, fret not. I’ve always had a soft spot for neutral hues. These colors are sublime, whether it’s the navy that pairs amazingly well with camel suits or the olive and khaki hues that scream autumn vibes. And grey? It’s having its moment this season, and I’m here for it!

White Bucket Hats

White Bucket Hats
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/6515572-Strunway-White-Star-Printed-Drawstring-Banded

Less is more, and nothing says that better than a classic white bucket hat. On a trip to Santorini, I matched mine with bright blue shorts and boy, the compliments wouldn’t stop! It’s a versatile piece that truly stands out with vibrant colors.

Cool Prints and Plaid Bucket Hats

Olive and Khaki Color Bucket Hats
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/7621020-Norse-Projects-Bucket-Hat-Cos-Worker-Jacket

One day, I’m flaunting my geometric print bucket hat, and the next, a classy plaid – it’s all about expressing yourself. Remember, fashion is personal; wear what makes YOU feel good.

Yellow and Red Bucket Hats

Yellow and Red Bucket Hats
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/8816633-Zara-Grey-Sweater-Cambridge-Satchel-Black-Pull

These are my sunshine on a cloudy day! Yellow instantly uplifts any look, while a fiery red makes a bold statement. A tip? Pair these with neutrals or go all out with a color-coordinated outfit.

Bucket Hat Brands

Gucci Bucket Hats

Gucci Bucket Hats

Have you ever tried traveling back in time through fashion? With Gucci, you can. Established in 1921, this iconic brand started with luxury travel essentials and equestrian goods. I still remember the first time I spotted that interlocking GG logo on a bucket hat. The current Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, has brilliantly married classic luxury with vibrant patterns and shades. Perfect for those who love history and luxury in their style.

Nike Bucket Hats

Nike Bucket Hats

We’ve all seen that swoosh, right? While most recognize Nike for its athletic shoes, their bucket hats have a tale of their own. Every time I sport my Nike hat, it feels like the best of both worlds – athletics meets fashion. And yes, spotting fashionistas wearing this on the streets and runways? Totally common.

The Luxurious Touch of Fendi

Fendi Bucket Hats

Fendi often appears in my mind when I think of luxury. Established in 1925, the brand initially focused on fur and leather. But let’s talk about the game-changer – the iconic logo designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1965. This brand encapsulates opulent style and finesse, with the FF logo now gracing countless Fendi treasures.

Casual Days with Champion

champion bucket hat

My first heavyweight hooded sweatshirt was from Champion. Founded in 1919, they’ve mastered the art of fusing athletic wear with modern street style. That famous ‘C’ logo? It has seen many sunrises and remains as iconic as ever.

The Timeless Adidas


From workout sessions to music festivals, Adidas has been my constant companion. More than just sportswear, this brand, with its unmistakable stripes and logo, is a statement. I mean, who doesn’t recognize those stripes? It’s truly a fashion statement by itself.

Surfing with Stussy


Stussy: Ah, the California dreams! Born in the 80s in Laguna Beach, Stussy is an ode to surf culture. But its reach isn’t limited to the waves; skaters and hip-hop enthusiasts embrace the brand. And yes, those collaborations with brands like Marvel? Absolute must-haves!

Bold & Daring Supreme


Streetwear enthusiasts, unite! From its humble beginnings in New York, catering to the skating scene, to now collaborating with luxury giants like Louis Vuitton – Supreme’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. That iconic red logo? Let’s say it has my heart.

The Elegance of Valentino


When it comes to luxury with an edge, Valentino always delivers. This brand has done everything from dressing legends like Elizabeth Taylor to modern icons like JLo. The bucket hats, adorned with the iconic ‘V’ logo, are nothing short of a style statement.

12 Tips for Styling A Bucket Hat This Season

Bucket hats are versatile and can be styled with numerous outfits to create distinctive looks. Here are some styling tips for fashion enthusiasts:

  1. Casual Everyday Look: Pair a bucket hat with a simple t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. It’s a casual look that’s perfect for a day out.
  2. Beach Vibes: Opt for a straw bucket hat or one with tropical prints. Pair it with a sundress, shorts, or a bikini for that beach-ready ensemble.
  3. Sporty Edge: Go for bucket hats from sporty brands like Nike or Adidas. Pair them with joggers, a crop top, or an athleisure set. Finish the look with sports shoes.
  4. Bold Statement: Pick a brightly colored or patterned bucket hat and keep the rest of the outfit neutral. This ensures that the hat stands out as a focal accessory.
  5. Layered Winter Look: Even in colder seasons, bucket hats are in. Choose ones made of wool or corduroy. Wear them with oversized sweaters, leggings or jeans, and boots.
  6. Festival Chic: Combine a tie-dye or bohemian patterned bucket hat with a flowy dress, combat boots, and layered jewelry for a festival-ready look.
  7. Monochrome Mood: Go for a single color from head to toe. A black bucket hat with an all-black ensemble can look incredibly chic and minimalist.
  8. Retro Vibe: Channel the ’90s by wearing your bucket hat with wide-leg jeans, a crop top, and platform shoes. Add small sunglasses for that extra nostalgic touch.
  9. Elevated Elegance: Who said bucket hats can’t be elegant? Pair a sophisticated fabric like leather or suede in a neutral shade with a tailored suit or a chic dress.
  10. Pattern Play: Feel free to mix patterns. A floral or geometric-patterned bucket hat can add a fresh twist if your outfit has stripes.
  11. Accessorize: Enhance your bucket hat look by adding pins, brooches, or custom patches to make it yours uniquely.
  12. Experiment with Fabrics: Different materials like denim, velvet, and faux fur can give different vibes. Match the fabric of the hat with the occasion and season.

Remember, confidence is the key to styling bucket hats (or any accessory). While it’s great to follow trends, the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel good and represents your style.


Hello, fashion enthusiasts! When diving into the vast realm of bucket hats, it’s vital to remember that this accessory, while rooted in history, is ever-evolving. Brands, from luxury to streetwear, bring unique flair to this iconic piece. Remember: always choose a style that resonates with your aesthetic. While the fashion world always invites risks, such as venturing outside your usual style comfort zone, these high risks make fashion thrilling and personal. However, ensure you balance trendiness with comfort. After all, every bucket hat has its own story – and it’s up to you to write yours. Stay informed, confidently explore, and let your bucket hat adventures begin!

Feature image by Tânia Mousinho on Unsplash

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