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How to Pinroll Jeans the Right Way In 2024!

by Cressida meale

Today, we’re diving deep into a fashion technique that’s simple yet game-changing: pin rolling jeans. The tiniest tweaks can often elevate an outfit from ‘alright’ to ‘astounding.’ By the end of this post, you will not only have mastered the art of patrolling like a seasoned stylist but also understand the nuances that make it work for different jean types and footwear choices. Ready to add a fresh spin to your denim game? Let’s roll!

Pinrolling vs. Cuffing: What’s the Difference?

I often get this question during my Instagram Q&A sessions (by the way, join me every Friday at 8 p.m., and we’ll chat about all things fashion!). While patrolling and cuffing involve rolling up your pants, their results are like night and day. Cuffing is your laid-back friend, the one you go to for a leisurely coffee chat. It gives you a straightforward fold, retaining the original silhouette of your pants. Pinrolling? That’s the edgy, adventurous pal, turning even the baggiest pants into a tapered masterpiece.

The Perfect Candidates for Pinrolling

The Perfect Candidates for Pinrolling
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/4850189-Buffalo-By-David-Bitton-Jeans-Marc-Jacobs-Knit

While I’ve had fun experimenting with all sorts of pants, jeans, and chinos, I win the pinrolling game. Remember my New Year’s Eve post featuring those sleek pinrolled chinos? Yup, chinos are a favorite. However, let’s give those formal trousers and suit pants a break; they aren’t cut out for this style.

For those jean enthusiasts out there, hunt for Selvedge denim. Their neat, loom-made seams can elevate your pinrolled look to runway-worthy levels.

Mastering the Pinroll for Jeans

If you’re ready to up your jeans game, follow these steps:

  1. Wear those jeans and stand tall!
  2.  Pinch the inner seam fabric for one leg, giving the hem a snug fit.
  3.  Fold this pinch against your ankle.
  4.  Holding this fold, roll your jeans up an inch or two.
  5.  Roll once or twice more, depending on your mood and shoe choice, but let’s keep it chic without too much bulk.
  6.  Smooth out any rebel creases, and voila!

Outfit Inspo: Pinrolled Perfection

The magic of pinrolled jeans? Versatility. They effortlessly dance between casual and smart-casual. Pair them with your favorite sneakers and a comfy T-shirt on a laid-back day. For a dinner date? A crisp button-up is your best ally.

Chinos and Pinrolls: A Match Made in Heaven

Chinos and Pinrolls
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/8185993-Cos-Shirt-Pants-Axel-Arigato-Pony-Hair-Slip

Having mastered pinrolling with jeans, chinos are your next challenge. As these are typically softer and lighter, ensure a snugger roll to keep everything in place. Refrain from rolling an extra time; chinos are forgiving, ensuring you don’t end up with the dreaded bulky look.

Outfit Ideas with Pin-Rolled Chinos

Outfit Ideas with Pin-Rolled Chinos
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/4984612-Similar-Here-Burgundy-Varsity-Jacket-Rayban

Chinos, much like jeans, are incredibly versatile. I remember rocking a straight-leg pair with my trusty sneakers on a lazy Sunday brunch for that chilled weekend vibe. If you’re steering toward a classier look (think wine-tasting evenings or upscale brunch dates), invest in slim-leg chinos of high-quality fabric. Team it up with a slim-fit button-down and a blazer, and voilà, you’re oozing sophistication. Oh, and a pair of loafers? They’ll be the cherry on top. Here are some more specific outfit ideas to keep you looking fresh:

For Pinrolled Jeans:

  1. Casual Day Out:
    • Light-washed pinrolled jeans.
    • White or pastel crew neck t-shirt.
    • Canvas sneakers (like Converse or Vans).
    • Add a casual watch and a baseball cap to complete the look.
  2. Dinner Date:
    • Dark-washed pinrolled jeans.
    • Crisp white button-down shirt.
    • Tan or brown loafers.
    • A leather watch and minimalistic accessories.
  3. Weekend Vibes:
    • Medium-washed pinrolled jeans.
    • Striped long-sleeve tee or Henley.
    • Desert boots or chukkas.
    • Layer with a denim or bomber jacket if it’s chilly.

For Pinrolled Chinos:

  1. Office Casual:
    • Olive or navy pinrolled chinos.
    • Light blue button-down shirt.
    • Brogues or Derby shoes.
    • Add a leather belt and a stylish watch for a complete look.
  2. Beach Day:
    • Beige or light gray pinrolled chinos.
    • Loose-fitting white or tropical printed shirt.
    • Espadrilles or boat shoes.
    • Don’t forget those sunglasses!
  3. Urban Explorer:
    • Black or charcoal pinrolled chinos.
    • Heather gray crew neck sweatshirt or tee.
    • White low-top sneakers.
    • A minimalist backpack and a beanie to round off the ensemble.

When to Rock That Pinroll

Now, let’s talk occasions. I’m all for breaking the fashion rules, but some guidelines make our style journey smoother. Pinrolled pants scream casual or smart casual. Think relaxed Saturday brunches, evening cocktails, or a movie night with friends. Remember, it’s all about balancing the ensemble.

Times to Skip the Pinroll

There’s a time and place for everything, and patrolling is no exception. Once, I daringly attempted a patrolled look at a formal work event – let’s say it raised a few eyebrows. Lesson learned! Reserve this style for more laid-back settings, keeping formal events pinroll-free.

Socks Dilemma: To Wear or Not to Wear

To Wear or Not to Wear
Image credit: https://lookbook.nu/look/7608238-Asos-Chinos-River-Island-Shirt-Axel-Arigato

A frequent question popping up in my DMs is the age-old sock debate. With pinrolled pants, it’s a split vote! Some days, I love the no-sock, breezy ankle feel, especially during summer. But here’s a hack: invisible socks. They keep the comfort while flaunting the desired look. Feeling adventurous? Long, quirky socks can add that zing, especially if you’re confident enough to flaunt them.

Common Mistakes When Pinrolling and How to Avoid Them

1. Over-Rolling:

  • The Mistake: Many folks get carried away and roll their pants numerous times, leading to a chunky and bulky cuff that can look disproportionate.
  • The Fix: Stick to about two rolls. If you find you need more rolls to achieve the desired height, consider getting your pants hemmed first.

2. Loose Rolls:

  • The Mistake: A loose pinroll can quickly unravel as you move, defeating its purpose.
  • The Fix: Make sure the initial fold is snug against your ankle. It should be tight enough to stay in place but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.

3. Choosing the Wrong Pants:

  • The Mistake: Not all pants are suitable for pinrolling. Ultra-wide pants or those that are too skinny can give off an awkward appearance when pinrolled.
  • The Fix: Opt for straight or slim-fit pants that sit just below the ankles. Remember, jeans and chinos work best.

4. Inconsistent Rolls:

  • The Mistake: Having one pant leg rolled tighter or higher than the other can look untidy.
  • The Fix: After pinrolling, stand in front of a mirror and compare both legs. Adjust as necessary to ensure they’re symmetrical.

5. Wrong Footwear:

  • The Mistake: Heavy boots or overly formal shoes can clash with the casual vibe of pinrolling.
  • The Fix: Choose footwear that complements the look. Casual shoes, loafers, or sneakers usually work best.

6. Over-stretching the Fabric:

  • The Mistake: Over-pulling the fabric can lead to unnecessary strain on the seams and may cause damage over time.
  • The Fix: Handle your pants gently. Pinch just enough fabric to achieve the tapered look without over-stretching.

7. Ignoring the Occasion:

  • The Mistake: Wearing pinrolled pants to an event or setting where it’s inappropriate, such as formal occasions.
  • The Fix: Save the pinrolling for casual or smart-casual events. Always consider the dress code before deciding on your outfit.

8. Not Considering the Weather:

  • The Mistake: Pinrolling in cold weather can leave your ankles feeling quite chilly.
  • The Fix: Check the weather before heading out. If it’s cold, consider longer socks or ditching the pinroll for the day.

9. Overdoing the Entire Outfit:

  • The Mistake: Pairing pinrolled pants with too many trendy items can make the outfit look overdone or chaotic.
  • The Fix: Keep it balanced. If you’re pinrolling your pants, consider keeping the rest of your outfit relatively simple and classic.


In wrapping up our deep dive into patrolling, hello fashion enthusiasts, it’s essential to remember that style is as personal as our fingerprints. While patrolling offers a chic twist to jeans and chinos, balancing its casual vibe with the right occasion is vital. Key takeaways? Stick to about two rolls, ensure it’s snug, pick the fitting pants, and let your shoes do the talking! Of course, every fashion choice comes with its own do’s and don’ts, and while patrolling can transform an outfit, remember to tread cautiously in more formal settings.

All in all, fashion is about self-expression. So, embrace these tips, play around, and discover what makes you feel most fabulous. Armed with this knowledge, I’m confident you’ll master the pin roll quickly. Here’s to rolling up and stepping out in style!

Feature image by Ben Weber on Unsplash

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