How to Dress When It’s Hot and Raining

by Jamie
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The unpredictability of British summer can leave most gents unprepared for the unexpected downpour followed by blazing heat before you have even made it into work. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with some handy hints on how to prepare for those unexpected downpours.

Summer showers are guaranteed and should not come as a surprise to residents of the UK. Even a glorious sunny day can end in torrential rain leaving many caught short in hope that the weather report is correct. Although the rainy spell reminds us of cold winter days, the temperature remains high during those summer months.

It is a difficult time to dress with many trying to shelter from the storm without drenching in sweat. A soggy suit with squelching footsteps is a rather dishevelled look not suitable for the office. Not to mention an uncomfortable, style disaster. Stay tuned as we guide you through outfit staples that will leave you smug as others run for cover.

Rainy Day Outfits

When the sky is full of gloomy, dark clouds threatening a full day of rain it is important to really consider your outfit for the day ahead. Unfortunately, the weather will dictate your ensemble, as wearing your favourite suede shoes will end in a disaster or leave you tiptoeing around, fearful of the slightest rain mark.


  • We must reiterate no suede as even the slightest of showers will leave a mark behind and the toughest of protectors will not defend like your favourite football team. The suede desert boots have earned their day off for a more drier climate.
  • Decide against heavy fabrics such as denim as when wet will take a long time to dry leaving your legs slightly damp all day long.
  • Opt for a strong, bold colour as lighter shades such as white could turn transparent and lead to indecent exposure at the wrong times.


  • Wear a tough shoe fabric in a dark shade such as black or navy leather, which allows for the rain to slide off effortlessly. A rubber sole is also preferred to avoid slipping to the ground unexpectedly.
  • Pack or wear a rain coat with a hood. Gone are the days of ugly macs from our childhood welcoming sophisticated versions in a variety of styles and colours. Choose from a selection of casual or formal trench styles to compliment your look ensuring that your outfit will remain dry when the heavens decide to open.
  • Wear a lighter weight trouser such as a cotton chino that will dry quite quickly when wet. However, linen is too fine and will stick to your legs.
  • Always carry a study umbrella when the day ahead is set for rain to protect yourself and your outfit from the heavy downpour.
  • Ensure the bag you are carrying is waterproof to avoid your essentials getting soaked in the shower.

What to Wear on a Hot Day

Alternatively, the forecast may correctly predict a scorching hot summer day, which sometimes in an almighty panic may leave you with heat stroke or sunburn if not prepared. The rush to the park or escape to the countryside may leave you stranded cowering for shade if you left the house in excitement. Others may be at work with no air conditioning not trusting the weather report and really wishing they had.

“I just wanna get to the end of the day without it raining.”

– Campbell Scott, Actor


  • During the summer months it is worthwhile applying sunscreen especially to your face to avoid burning. It is a fact that many burn unexpectedly in the shade.
  • Wear lightweightclothing such as linen and cotton to allow for breathability.
  • Layer for the morning chill. These extra pieces can easily be removed by lunchtime and reapplied for the evening walk home. Each layer should compliment the other and be lightweight.
  • A stylish hat is always a good idea to protect your head and face during the heat wave. There is so much choice on offer to keep your street credentials intact.
  • Opt for shorts if possible. Off duty this is an easy solution yet at the office it is worthwhile checking cut offs meet the office attire. There are many tailored styles that remain formal and smart whilst at the work place. Of course, a pair of swim shorts is certainly a no go!


  • Never wear heavy fabrics to wear in the blistering heat. The fight is over before it begun if you decide to swelter in wool on the hottest day of the year.
  • Lace up, chunky boots are also a fashion faux pas on a scorching hot day. Allow for your feet to breath in a pair of cotton daps or stylish sandals this summer.
  • Leave your coat firmly behind. If you are worried about the risk of breezy, cool winds pack a lightweight jacket for shelter.
  • Resist wearing grey especially on top as those particularly hot moments can leave you with unwanted sweat patches causing a lot of embarrassment for the immediate future.

Summer Rainy Day Outfits

Okay, so now we have the combination of muggy, sweltering heat with persistent rain. The humid climate can leave many overdressing with a lot of regret. It is a deceiving situation with the rain suggesting a cold, miserable day yet the temperature resists to falter. It is a difficult time to dress as getting drenched in either rain or sweat is not ideal.

  • Rain fashion items such as waterproof jackets have witnessed a revival with the festival style becoming very popular. It is a rainy day essential that can easily be teamed with your shorts and tee without loosing your unique style. For a more formal style choose a trench coat to protect your white shirt from becoming completely transparent.
  • Wear light layers to regulate your heat during those rainy periods. Summer days are unpredictable and when the heavens open the temperature may drop slightly requiring a jacket. However, when the sun shines for an hour you may need to remove a few layers. Avoid heavy layers completely as the muggy weather will be unbearable.
  • Sandals and flip flops are certainly a no go on a rainy day. Exposed, wet feet is not a good look and will leave you shivering all day long. Opt for a sturdy shoe with a rubber sole to keep warm and protected from the elements. Summer boots do exist and teamed with shorts will look stylish.
  • Rock a hat to protect your hair from the rain especially if the downpour has turned to a slight drizzle. An understated addition to your outfit that protects in a cool way.

Jackets When it’s Hot and Raining

To avoid getting absolutely soaked in the summer showers a jacket is an absolute must; a necessity that keeps you dry and compliments your outfit simultaneously. However, invest in a jacket that is functional, practical and stylish to see you through those rainy hot days completely dry.

  • Jackets for when it rains must be waterproof. There is little point in wearing an added layer on a hot day if the jacket lets all the rain through. Most will indicate their waterproofness with a label explaining their practicality for downpours.
  • There is a difference between waterproof, water repellent and water resistance, which is important to know before purchasing the item. Water resistant enables for the jacket to resist water to some degree but not completely. It is certainly not a barrier from a heavy downpour. Water repellent is not easily penetrated by rain, as you guessed the jacket will repel water. A much more effective solution yet a fully waterproof coat is impervious to water.
  • Ensure that your jacket allows for breathability. Many waterproof jackets are breathable, which is a necessity on those hot, close days as without you will certainly overheat.
  • It may be worthwhile investing in a jacket that is easily foldable for the moments where the rain disappears for an hour or so. A compact layer will be easy to pack into a bag rather than carrying on those glorious moments without rain.
  • Do not neglect your style when choosing your rain coat as you will unlikely wear it if it is not to your taste. Choose a jacket that compliments your wardrobe. Decide whether a neutral solid colour is more your style or a bold, bright jacket is right up your street. There are so many to choose from.

Shorts on a Hot Rainy Day

It can be tempting to reach for your trousers when a grey sky is looming and rain is only on the day’s agenda. This decision is wise on a winters morning however, in summer it is a very different story. Wearing shorts can seem like a bad idea however, in reality cut offs are the ideal solution on a hot rainy day. The perfect item in the humid weather clothing category to avoid over heating and here’s why!

  • A slight splash on your calf is no big deal and in fact, will dry much quicker than a pair of jeans or trousers. The rain drops will cool you down and dry instantly.
  • Trousers tend to stick to your leg when wet, which is uncomfortable and annoying for the rest of the day. Trust us, you will be dreaming of those shorts in no time.
  • Shorts will keep you cool in the hot temperatures avoiding overheating altogether.
  • Denim cut offs or cotton twill shorts effortlessly create a stylish look with boots, daps and layers.
  • Make the most of the summer heat while it lasts as guaranteed in the winter months those shorts will be packed away for what feels like a century.

What to Wear on a Hot Rainy Day

So, I think we’ve covered all the necessary items that are essential for those humid, rainy days. However, teaming the pieces of clothing together can be a struggle. Experiment with different layers and looks to ensure that you are fully equipped for those muggy days that even a downpour doesn’t shift. Take inspiration from the looks provided to build outfits that provide confidence and will survive those summer showers without hesitation.

“One thing I hold against Americans is that they have no flair for the rain. They seem unsettled by it; it’s against them: they take it as an assault, an inconvenience! But rain is so wonderfully cleansing, so refreshing, so calming…”

– Diana Vreeland, Fashion Editor

Your Quick Guide to Dressing When It’s Hot and Raining

  • Let the weather dictate your outfit wearing sensible, stylish options.
  • Invest in a rain coat that compliments your style and taste.
  • Layer with lightweight fabrics that can be removed when necessary.
  • Do not be fooled into choosing heavier weights because of the rain.
  • Shorts are an acceptable item on a hot, rainy day.
  • Be prepared with essentials to avoid getting absolutely soaked.

On That Note

Although dressing appropriately for those humid, rainy days is a challenge there are stylish solutions for the modern gent. It is important to consider your rain outfits when selecting items for  summer showers as you do not want to be left unprepared with gel running down your face.

Prepare and purchase staples that are both practical yet stylish to enhance your wardrobe. Do not try to defy the British weather by wearing a suede jacket or sandals as you will regret those water marks each time your reach for them in your closet. Trust us!

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