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101 Best Women’s Music Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Women's Music Tattoos

Music is a relaxing element we cherish in our stress-filled life, and also a popular choice for tattoo design, as the music tattoo designs touch one’s soul.

Women's Music Tattoo
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We all have felt moved by a particular musical note, our favorite song, or the sound of a favorite musical instrument once in our life.

This means that music comforts our souls, and thus, it impacts us emotionally. This is the reason that music tattoos are so popular among everyone.

Musical notes are pleasing to all, the genre may vary from person to person but the love for music is universal. Music lovers express their love and fondness for their favorite music, lyrics, or their passion for the entire art, through music tattoos.

It not only portrays their love for music but it is also a great tattoo idea. There are numerous music tattoos for men and women that look adorable and attractive when inked on the skin. The creative design of the music tattoos speaks for itself and allures people to its charm.

Apart from the music tattoo designs, and the emotions attached to them, the meaning associated with a music tattoo design is quite overwhelming. The music note tattoos show the passion of music lovers and their devotion toward music and other elements related to it.

Here are some women’s meaningful music note tattoo designs that will that not only fascinate you but will also make you choose your next tattoo design.

Women’s Arrow Music Tattoo

Women's Arrow Music Tattoo
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The arrow music tattoos on the wrist with music notes on them look quite charming. This combination of arrow and music notes symbolizes the struggle one witnesses in his/her life along with the relaxation that music provides. It’s a complete balance that fuels the journey of our life.

Besides that, this music tattoo design with a beautiful feather filled with colors at the end makes it mesmerizing. It is also believed that such a music tattoo design like this refers free-spirited woman, whose soul is free from the chaos of the world.

A woman can ink this vibrant musical tattoo on her wrist, forearm, or on the neck with multiple colors as per a theme.

Microphone Tattoos

Microphone Tattoos
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This is one of the cutest and most adorable music tattoo ideas we come across. It is known as fine line art, made with great precision by the artist. Tattoo designs like these are rare to find and result from the immense talent of the artists.

Music symbols like microphone refer to the amplification of one’s voice to the whole world. People find the meaning attached to it fascinating and thus, ink these musical symbols and express their emotions through them.

One can get this sweet tattoo inked on their skin from a professional tattoo artist, who can replicate the given design.

Dolphin Music Tattoo

Dolphin Music Tattoo
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This picture might play a cord in your heart where a dolphin lies between the flowers and musical notes. This amalgamation is a pure gem filled with the beautiful elements that are found around us. An adorable dolphin entangled in the music notes symbolizes peace and playfulness, both at the same time.

Although this music tattoo design is not among the mainstream tattoo ideas, it is still loved by the people and thus made its place as a popular music tattoo.

For people who love music, flowers, and the cutest water creature dolphin, this music tattoo is a perfect fit. You can also add more of your personal elements like your favorite song lyrics and turn it into a customized music tattoo.

Cool Music Tattoo Design

Cool Music Tattoo Design
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The sweet and delightful musical tattoos like these are the modern innovations that came in the body art industry. It is kind of trendy nowadays to make music tattoos where you mention your favorite music or favorite song with the music symbols like play, fast forward, and rewind buttons to add a unique touch to it.

Music tattoos like these are not only adorable when inked with multiple colors but trendy as well and who want to miss a scope to go with the popular choices of the generation.

You can ink this music tattoo on your wrist with vibrant colors and you can also add some words or lyrics that are close to your heart and make the music tattoo design more lovable to you.

Women’s Music and Rose Tattoo

Women's Music and Rose Tattoo
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This is an aesthetically pleasing music tattoo design where a rose is resting at the bottom of a gramophone. The way artists do merge two different types of tattoo design in one is a treat to watch. The essence of this music tattoo lies in the colors used in it to make it all vibrant.

This traditional or old-school tattoo design appeals to the people aesthetically and communicates them as an art and just as a tattoo design.

For women, it is a great idea to ink music tattoos like these and stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is a different tattoo style one should try on their wrist, leg, or forearm.

Record Music Tattoo

Record Music Tattoos
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This music tattoo design is similar with the previous one is its appeal and the combination of design that are used. But it has a layered message in it that portrays the music lovers love for music and creative tattoos of it.

Here, the tattoo represents the passion of the person towards music by making the heart on the hand. The artist also included rose and the record to show that his love for music is as pure as it can be.

It is a perfect tattoo design for women musicians who love music and wank to ink music tattoo that perfectly depicts her love.

Cool Music Tattoos

Cool Music Tattoos
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Music tattoos like these are the new age tattoo designs with a simple yet impactful approach it its style. Such music tattoos show an illustration that goes well with the modern world and add a touching quote besides it, to provide the mixture of both.

Present day girls would love to have an outline portrait of their own as a tattoo design, same like the one shown above. After that, a nice and impressive quote that moves their heart a bit can be added, and there you get the best tattoo design.

Girls can ink cool music tattoos like these on their wrist, and forearm with black ink or multiple colors as per their wish.

Colorful Music Note Tattoo

Colorful Music Note Tattoo
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Music Tattoos that include music notes are the mainstream tattoo ideas, but an approach like this is quite rare. Here the artist has connected life with music and written a quote that relates the two to each other, and gives inspiration to the individual.

Besides that, a notable fact about this tattoo design is the background color that the artist has created. The background is filled with the mixture water colors and the musical note is designed as a rope.

Girls can ink this colorful tattoo on their forearm by adding some of their personal elements to it and make it a glamour tattoo.

Musical Notes Tattoo

Musical Notes Tattoo
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A musical tattoo mostly contains music notes are popular among adults, especially girls and women. You can ink simple music tattoos like these behind the ear and look charming as never before.

This might be one of the common tattoo ideas but interested people not even think twice before opting for it. The reason behind it is the great tattoo design that shows beautiful music note.

You can ink music tattoos with music notes on it behind the ear, on the shoulder, and neck, with black ink or multiple colors as per your choice.

Dot Work Music Tattoo

Dot Work Music Tattoo
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Last but not the least, music tattoos formed with small dots like this is not only attractive but an admirable work done by artist. Dot work music tattoos depict the flow of music in an artistic way.

Here, the musical note made with the dots and the resulting tattoo design is unique in its way. One can also use different types of designs and colors while inking dot-work music tattoos.

You can ink musical tattoos like these or a small version of it on shoulder, behind the ear, and forearms.

Music and music tattoos both lives in the heart of music lovers and body art are just a way to showcase that love and admiration. We have encountered numerous tattoo designs through which anyone, especially women and girls, can show their passion for music.

Music Tattoos are not only restricted to musicians but the design and the layered messages that come with it appeal to each and every individual. This makes the music tattoos universal and thus, it is loved by all equally

Now, here are a few more suggestion apart from the ones mentioned above. All these together will help you decide your next tattoo design.

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What is a women’s music tattoo?

A women’s music tattoo is a type of body art specifically designed to honor and celebrate female musicians. These tattoos can range from small, simple designs to larger, more elaborate pieces featuring images of instruments, lyrics, or even the musician in question. Women’s music tattoos are a great way for fans and female musicians alike to show their love for music and the women who make it. These tattoos are often seen as a symbol of strength and solidarity, uniting people of all genders in their love for female musicians. No matter what style you choose, getting a women’s music tattoo is sure to be an empowering experience!

What is the history of women’s music tattoos?

The history of women’s music tattoos is rooted in the feminist movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. This period saw a significant increase in female musicians, who were often excluded or ignored by the male-dominated music industry. To honor their contributions, many women began to get tattoos featuring images of instruments, lyrics, and even the faces of female musicians. Women’s music tattoos continue to be popular today, with many people getting them as a way to celebrate and recognize the achievements of female artists. They are also often used to raise awareness about sexism in the music industry and support female empowerment.

How do I choose a design for my women’s music tattoo?

When choosing a design for your women’s music tattoo, it’s important to consider what the piece means to you. Consider the artist you want to honor, or any lyrics that hold special meaning for you. If there is a specific song or album that has been especially impactful on your life, why not get a tattoo featuring an image related to it? You can also incorporate symbols or words that are meaningful to you. Once you have a design in mind, make sure to research the artist and their music to ensure that your tattoo is as accurate and inspiring as possible. Also make sure to contact a reputable and experienced tattoo artist who has experience with women’s music tattoos.

What are some popular women’s music tattoo designs?

Popular women’s music tattoo designs include images of instruments (such as guitars, pianos, and drums), lyrics from songs, and even the faces of female musicians. Some people also opt for abstract designs that depict musical notes or other symbols related to music. Other ideas include a silhouette of an artist playing their instrument, a quote or lyric related to a song, or the artist’s name or logo. Ultimately, the most important thing is to design a tattoo that is meaningful and inspiring to you!

How do I take care of my women’s music tattoo?

Taking care of your women’s music tattoo is important to ensure that it looks its best for years to come. After getting the tattoo, make sure to keep the area clean and dry, and use a fragrance-free lotion to help moisturize the skin. Avoid soaking or scrubbing the area, as this can damage the artwork. Additionally, make sure to protect the tattoo from direct sunlight, as this can cause fading and discoloration. With proper care, your women’s music tattoo will remain a source of pride and inspiration for years to come!

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