101 Best Woman Feet Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Feet tattoos are so in fashion right now. Learn more about woman feet tattoo ideas and take inspiration to vogue your look!

Woman Feet Tattoo Ideas
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Foot tattoos have been pretty much in fashion right now which the tattoo artists often make on their customers.

The most popular form of foot tattoos for women is tribal art, mandala tattoo designs, floral designs, geometric patterns, and butterflies. Women lean towards this form of body art because of its stylish detailing and its minimalistic stunning looks.

Foot tattoos are one of the most cool tattoos in the world. A person is inclined to make a foot tattoo because of its lesser nerve endings and it causes very little inflammation if made with proper care. Tattoos on foot are not that tricky to make according to the tattoo artists. However, the intricate detailing is one of the main essences of the tattoo art forms. Couples also like making matching foot tattoos which they can show off with their significant others. In some cultures, it is to be said that foot tattoos of women are extremely provocative and attract attention. A small foot tattoo does not specifically define anything but it mostly talks about courage and new beginnings. Cat tattoos on foot determine sensuality and independence. Foot tattoos with butterflies signify freedom and brightness, whereas dolphins emphasise harmony. The most popular foot tattoos are flowers on the left foot. This precisely signifies and represents joy in one’s life. Foot tattoos with animals depict prosperity and richness in one’s life. Besides this, it also enhances the beauty of the woman immensely. The feet look absolutely beautiful and the tattooed feet can inspire other people to do the same to boost their confidence.

Know more cool idea for tattoos for floral designs and mandala foot tattoo, bird tattoo, flower tattoos for women, popular tattoos, toe tattoos, dragon tattoos, geometric patterns for tattoos, and different other foot tattoo idea that are going to pique the interest of all tattoo lovers.

Mandala Foot Tattoo Designs

Mandala Foot Tattoo Designs
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This particular foot tattoo design is made upon both feet reaching up the legs. This design is based on and inspired by the mandala art of India. Mandala is a very calming Indian zen art form that is made to release stress. This particular tattoo design is aesthetically pleasing. The left foot and the right foot tattoos are identical to one another. The best part about this tattoo is that there is no inflammation or redness on the skin which deciphers that the tattoo has been maintained properly. The style statement of the person in this image has been enhanced immensely.

It is said that mandala tattoos are very difficult to make. However, the tattoo artist has been very skilled to make this particular tattoo, and looks really cool on the feet of the girl! 

Foot Tattoo Idea That Is Going To Render You Speechless!

Foot Tattoo Idea That Is Going To Render You Speechless!
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This particular foot tattoo is absolutely stunning and has been trending all over Instagram. The tattoo on the foot is based on a red dragon. According to the Chinese and in many other cultures, red dragon tattoos represent joy and fierceness among the people. The tattoo can be done on both feet or on one foot only. Even though the lower part of the foot will be covered up in shoes, the leg would be visible with tattoos. These are nice tattoos and look absolutely stunning.

Tattoos made near the feet or ankle are known to cause less pain. However, tattoos like these can cause a tad bit of pain to women because of sitting for hours. It is also expensive because the tattoo artists work on an hourly rate and it might increase given the intricate time period spent on the tattoo. 

Foot Tattoos For Women With Birds

Foot Tattoos For Women With Birds
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This particular foot tattoo is made right above the ankle with a hummingbird. The ink that has been used on this person is both red and black ink. This is an absolutely stunning bird tattoo and has enhanced the beauty of the individual wearing it. It is made upon one half of the left foot. The shoes will not cover this beauty up as the tattoo artist has favoured it so. 

Bird tattooed on feet is a very common idea for a feet tattoo. The birds can sometimes be an eagle, a hawk, or sometimes small canary birds. This completely depends on the preference of the person and how properly the artist can get the bird tattooed on the feet. The images have deciphered that most women love to get tattoos on both the feet and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Tattoos For Women For Unforgettable Memories

Tattoos For Women For Unforgettable Memories
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Tattoos fall mostly under the category to retain a precious memory than making a style statement. This particular tattoo is made on the right foot right above the ankle. This tattoo on foot deciphers a date that might be very special to the woman who is wearing this. This will not get cover-up by the shoes and it is absolutely one of the beautiful tattoos with a lot of meaning. 

Tattoos are mainly made to cover up an unfortunate event as well. The images in this context further suggest that sometimes tattoos are made to hide any form of visible trauma. The tattoo artist has to be careful and make intricate work to create the tattoos on scars and make those scars an unforgettable memory for the person in the future.

Flower Feet Tattoos For Girls And Women

Flower Feet Tattoos For Girls And Women
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Foot tattoo design with flowers is right now very much in fashion. In this particular image, it can be seen that the tattoo on the foot is made of a fierce flower. There is a use of colourful ink in the tattoo which makes it cool and the beauty of the person stands out. There is no harm made to the skin as the image suggests that the tattooed portion looks very well. The picture of the flowers is extremely fierce and looks very appealing.

Tattoos Made On Leg

Tattoos Made On Leg
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Tattoos made on the leg are not very common because it is known to be an extremely painful form of a tattoo irrespective of gender. In the image, the tattoo is made of a butterfly with the use of red ink. There is no tattoo on the other foot. It is not a simple tattoo, but the intricate tattoo design really makes the leg look very cool. The tattoo design has taken up shapes of circles and straight lines to give it a much more intricate and stylish look. This tattoo looks straight-up amazing and can upscale your style vouge. The feet tattooed in this looks lucrative and have been made beautifully.

Girly Foot Tattoos

Girly Foot Tattoos
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Girly foot tattoos mainly consist of flowers, butterflies, rose bushes, and other things related to nature. However, this particular image has a moon tattoo on the foot. The tattoo itself looks extremely cool and brings out the beauty of the girl. The tattoo symbolises the moon tattoo finger and the Croatian-Bosnian tattoo named Kolo. This is referred to as the family community and Croatian circular dance. This brings prosperity to one’s family. This is a very rich tattoo and looks magnificent. 

Popular Female Tattoo Ideas

Popular Female Tattoo Ideas
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This particular foot tattoo design looks very pleasing and has been made with fine craftsmanship. The tattoo design is of a blueberry branch and it looks absolutely stunning on the right foot of the model. This floral art will look very gorgeous and is a popular choice for foot tattoos amongst women. This has been known to be one of the common foot tattoos unlike roses and stars and it shapes the feet of the women very well. The feet tattooed in this looks absolutely stunning.

Foot Tattoos Ideas Taken From Different Fandoms

Foot Tattoos Ideas Taken From Different Fandoms
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Calling out to all the Harry Potter lovers, this tattoo on the foot is absolutely meant for you. The foot tattoo that has been shown in this image is of Dobby. Dobby used to be a house-elf of the Malfoy family and Harry Potter freed him with a sock. Dobby later dies a tragic death, however. That has made a mark on the fans gravely. But for all the Potterheads, these foot tattoos are popular and are an absolute steal!

Foot Tattoo Ideas With Quotes

Foot Tattoo Ideas With Quotes
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This particular foot tattoo idea will never go out of style. This tattoo is made on a quote to consume more plants and go vegan. This is a very positive approach considering the climate change that has been consuming our society very much and has been making the world inhabitable for us. This foot tattoo promotes positivity and also makes us take a second and think about our planet once in a while. In the place of “O”, flowers are drawn to make it more lucrative. This looks very beautiful and enhances the style of an individual. 

Whenever there is a talk about women’s feet tattoos, it is always primarily considered of nature, flowers, dragons, powerful quotes, and other important unforgettable memories in one’s life. However, it can be seen from the images that feet or foot tattoos do not only cater to cliché ideas of nature but also to different fandom and promote different forms of art of mandala and tribal shapes which stands out in the crowd and enhances your style. Foot tattoo ideas that are also extremely prevalent and should be looked over by tattoo aficionados are: 

  • Snake foot tattoos 
  • Feather foot tattoos 
  • Unicorn and Phoenix foot tattoos 
  • Elephant foot tattoos 
  • Stars foot tattoo ideas 
  • Sunflower foot tattoo ideas 
  • Country foot tattoos. 
  • Tattoos popular for Star Wars
  • Beauty and the Beast Rose Foot tattoos

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