101 Best Crescent Moon Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Crescent Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Wondering whether you can have the perfect crescent moon tattoo design? Choose from this list of crescent moon tattoos that have been discussed on this page.

Crescent Tattoo
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The moon has piqued the interest of people all over the world for aeons with its deep symbolic connotations.

You can interpret the moon in any way you want to get inked, be it the full moon in the night sky or the various phases of the moon that occurs periodically. Getting a tattoo in the shape of crescent moon represents different things for different people.

Many people ask what does a crescent moon tattoo mean. Crescent moon means the arrival of new opportunities. The half moon is related to fertility and there are a variety of symbols that make this one of the most sought after tattoo designs by everyone. Add to this the fact that the size and shape can be modified to your fit so that you can get inked on any part of your body.

Crescent moon tattoos are perfect for all ages, be it a first-time tattoo enthusiast who has just completed their graduation or an experienced man who faced the hardships of life and knows what the real world is like.

Traditionally the moon is associated with feminine symbols since Diana was the Greek goddess who stood for purity. However, lunar symbols are now loved by all.

If you are a night owl, then a waxing moon tattoo or even a waning crescent moon tattoo is ideal for you. A lot of people become active during the night and this is the time when the la luna lights up the night sky spreading its mystical energy.

The answer to the query of how long does a crescent tattoo moon takes to complete lies in the sizes and patterns that your tattoo artist has decided on. It could take an hour or two for a small moon of crescent shape or days if various phases of the moon cycle such as the full moon and the new moon have to be added to the design.

The moon is often associated as a symbol of mood swings. If you are someone who is of changing temperament at all times, then a waning gibbous moon tattoo could be just the one design you are looking for.

The list of crescent moon tattoo ideas below has been curated especially for people who often think about what does a crescent moon tattoo symbolizes.

Crescent Moon Tattoos With Serpents

Crescent Moon Tattoos With Serpents
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Not only is the moon a symbol of fertility but the snake is also associated with the same in Ancient Egyptian. There are several similarities in the symbolism between moons and snakes. Both represent the forces of regeneration and rebirth. The caduceus is a symbol of health organizations that also signify healing.

Use the ideas of your tattoo artist to find a suitable spot on your body for this moon tattoo design. You might opt for your lower arm or your upper thigh region as these are the best places for lunar cycle tattoos.

Snake Moon Tattoo
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The snake is considered to be nocturnal by many people. It inherently becomes associated with the moon. Though the snake looks ferocious with its fangs exposed, the presence of the moon’s aura behind it gives the image a calmness and makes this tattoo look ethereal.

Moon Phases Tattoo

Moon Phases Tattoo
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The phases of the moon are one of the enigmatic features in nature. Using black ink to get a moon phases tattoo could be your new style statement among your colleagues at the workplace.

The lunar cycle is a powerful symbol of birth, death, and rebirth. The illusion of mortality plays in the minds of many people who think that time is a closed-loop circle where everything occurs repetitively.

The various stages of the lunar cycle have meanings of their own. Getting moon tattoos of all of them has significant imagery attached to them.

The new moon is a symbol of new starting while the waxing crescent moon means growth. The first quarter of the moon is a symbolism of the decision-making process whereas a waxing gibbous moon is attributed to refinement. The full moon shows that the intention is complete. Once the moon reaches the waning gibbous phase, it becomes a symbol of gratitude. The third quarter of the moon shows your forgiving nature, unlike the waning crescent moon that is proof of surrendering. The final phase of the new moon once again symbolizes new beginnings.

Moon Phases Tattoos
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A variant of the moon’s phases tattoo, this work of art by any tattoo artist has a perfect symmetry of the various stages of the lunar cycle on the lower arm region. You could share this idea with your partner and get matching moon tattoos to strengthen the bond you share with them. Use geometrical lines to create beautiful patterns. You may even use stars around the moons for unique tattoo designs that nobody has seen before.

Crescent Moon and Sun Tattoo

Crescent Moon and Sun Tattoo
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Rich symbolism abounds in this specific moon tattoo design. The sun is the provider of light while the moon is the reflector of the same. The two bodies represent the mixing of the binary opposites, the yin, and the yang, The sun and moon tattoo respectively have the meanings of life and death, good versus evil, conscious and subconscious, the feminine and the masculine.

The meaning of this tattoo can also be as simple as the two forces of day and night. The mandala centric design of this moon tattoo provides an aesthetic value to the tattooed person that is you. It is a thought-provoking picture that is bound to spark up some conversations.

Sun and Moon Tattoo
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This pair of tattoos are essentially friendship tattoos where one of you balances the other. Real friendships are those in which both of you help each other in trying and difficult times.

You might even get these tattoos on your two legs or arms without sharing them with anyone else. Notice the stars around the celestial body of the crescent moon? You might interpret them as the children of the moon which is the mother figure while the sun being at a distance from them is like the father figure who loves his family but stays a bit aloof from them.

Cat with Crescent Moon Tattoo

Cat with Crescent Moon Tattoo
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Many people ask where did the cat crescent moon tattoo come from. It is common knowledge that cats are symbols of witchcraft. Witchcraft and the moon go hand in hand with each other. Hence this crescent moon tattoo with the cat sitting on it is ideal for you if you have a keen interest in magic and the world of wizards and witches.

The moon is often associated with the changing nature of life as well as the cat. There seems to be a sinister connection between these two forces of the natural world who do not speak to us but maybe talk to one another during the dark hours of the night. This tattoo might even symbolize death or good luck, quite contradictory elements, right?

Crescent Moon with Cat Tattoo
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Taking cue from some of the most popular and lovable feline characters in pop culture, this tattoo combines the furry four-pawed cuddly pets with the overarching symbolism of the crescent moon. You could also tweak the cat to make it look like your favourite feline characters like Crookshanks or Mrs Norris.

Mermaid with Crescent Moon Tattoos

Mermaid with Crescent Moon Tattoos
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The combination of a crescent moon with mermaids is a beautiful idea. Both the moon and the mermaids are symbols of duality. The dual essence of the moon is considered as the harbingers of light and darkness. The mermaid is believed to be the bringer of water for farmers while also causing deadly waves in the sea.

This crescent moon tattoo can be interpreted as being sensuous. The presence of the mermaid brings out the elements of fantasy that are a predominant feature of the crescent moon. You can show your mystical side if you choose to get inked with this design.

Mermaid with Crescent Moon Tattoo
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This tattoo represents the world of natural beauty where the moon phases evoke the ideas of the cycle of life while the faceless mermaid represents the ethereal dark side of life. The mermaid adds to the crescent moon tattoo meaning a sense of temptation.

Blackwork Waning Moon Tattoo

Blackwork Waning Moon Tattoo
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Have you ever thought about getting a blackwork crescent moon tattoo? This is a bold choice for a tattoo design but if you are confident enough of carrying this then there is simply no better choice for a tattoo. You may also use the words hyper-realistic moon tattoo to describe this breathtaking work of ink.

All the elements of the earth have combined to create this masterpiece – animals, birds, mountains, flowers, and the crescent moon. Even the mandala art form has been used behind the moon to add dramatic meanings.

Magical Crascent Moon Tattoo
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A unique design that you won’t find on any other website is this crescent moon tattoo. None but the most creative artist could have imagined a swing hanging from the moon, it is both eerie and mysterious.

Crescent Moon Tattoo Sleeve

Crescent Moon Tattoo Sleeve
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Sleeve tattoos have been in vogue for many decades. Using the crescent moon as the base for sleeve tattoos is an excellent idea. Take this design as an instance.

Is this not a work of art? Using dark ink can heighten a tattoo to a new level. There is an element of horror and mystery that this tattoo is trying to represent. The feminine figure shrouded in silhouette looks intriguing to the viewers. Life and death are at loggerheads – you can draw this symbolism from this crescent moon tattoo.

This is a realistic tattoo that a fan of scary ghost novels and the supernatural world can really love.

Geometric Crescent Moon Tattoo
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Another crescent moon sleeve tattoo, this one has a whole new look. The elements of nature combine together in this tattoo design for an entirely unique tattoo that you have not seen elsewhere. Sun and moon are intermingled with each other where the sun fits behind the moon symbol. Other items of the earth such as leaves, flowers and pyramids have fused with a delicate beauty in this crescent moon tattoo.

The perfect place for this idea is on the back of the arm sleeve. Men and women both can get this inked for the love of the lunar aesthetic. The use of lines to represent the rays of sun is a genius idea by the artist. The moon’s light colour complements the whole look ideal for the brave and the bold.

Colourful Crescent Moon Tattoos

Colourful Crescent Moon Tattoos
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Do you love the environment? Are you a believer in the doctrine of preserving natural resources? If your response is positive to any of the two then you can get this tattoo.

Once you ask your tattoo artist to colour ink and make this moon tattoo then you will be showing your love for Mother Earth to everyone. The half-moon and stars around her make her feel safe. This tattoo is propagating the truth that the conservation of natural resources is essential in today’s world.

Lady Crescent Moon Tattoo
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A totally different coloured moon tattoo, symbolizes the loyalty of moon as a lover. A mythological tale speaks about the tragic romance between the moon and her beloved. If you have lost your loved one then you may think of getting this colourful tattoo.

Minimal Crescent Moon Tattoo

Minimal Crescent Moon Tattoo
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If you are sceptical of showing your tattoo, then it is suggested that you use this crescent moon tattoo that has a minimalistic design but is still very beautiful. This tattoo is ideal for a first-timer who is looking out for ways to express themselves.

Behind the ears and the side of the ankles are the best places for you to try out such tattoo ideas.

Simple Crescent Moon Tattoo
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This simple crescent moon tattoo looks clean and fresh for someone venturing out into the world of celestial tattoos. Made with only a few lines, this tattoo can be placed on your shoulder or your neck.

Crescent Moon with Flowers Tattoos

Crescent Moon with Flowers Tattoos
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Flower tattoos have been the staple form of body art for many centuries. Pairing a half moon with flowers exudes elegance. You may use a full moon besides the crescent moons for creative designs.

Crescent Moon with Flower Tattoo
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This tattoo can be only inked on women as you can understand from the placement of the crescent moon tattoo. The lotus flower blends with the lunar shape to create a magical art that you can flaunt to your partner.

The meanings of crescent tattoos have no limitations and it is possible to replicate designs with similar features but adding a twist of your own so that it becomes personal. Stars and moons make the perfect pair for tattoos and if you haven’t been able to choose from the various designs above check these out for more suggestions.

  • Crescent Moon with Rose Tattoo
  • Cupid Shooting Crescent Moon Tattoo
  • Moon and Stars Anklet Tattoo
  • Celestial Fairy Tale Half Moon Tattoo

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