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25+ Time Is Money Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Time Is Money Tattoos

Listen up folks, we’re about to embark on a journey exploring one of the most profound truths of life. Get ready, because it involves two of my favorite things – time and tattoos! Yes, indeed. We’re talking about the eternal adage, “Time is money,” and the incredible storytelling power it holds when etched in ink.

Time Is Money Tattoo

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Now, as someone who’s spent an ungodly amount of hours under the hum of a tattoo gun, I can tell you this – time is a precious currency, and it’s worth more than a treasure chest of gold doubloons. You see, the way you spend your time is a clear reflection of your priorities and how far you’re willing to go to make that green. Tick-tock, tick-tock, each passing minute is a chance for you to move closer to your goals, or it could just as well be a missed opportunity.

You might be sitting on a mountain of money, swimming in a pool of diamonds, but let me tell you, time? It’s the ultimate luxury. Unlike money, which you can earn, lose, and regain, time is a one-way street, my friends. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, never to return. You can’t barter for it, can’t steal it, and certainly can’t make more of it.

Now, this might sound a little preachy, but trust me, I’m going somewhere with this. As an a tattoo artist, who’s seen the gamut of tattoo designs, there’s nothing that tells a more personal and powerful story than a tattoo that resonates with your life philosophy. And that’s where our gorgeous money tattoos come into play.

Imagine having a constant reminder of this profound truth inked on your skin – a stunning money tattoo that reminds the world around you to make every second count. Whether it’s a classic timepiece ensnared in dollar bills or an abstract depiction of an hourglass with coins trickling down, the design possibilities are endless and equally enchanting.

Having one of these pieces on you isn’t just about aesthetic appeal; it’s about carrying a personal creed, a daily reminder that strikes a chord every time you glance at it. It’s a mantra for living life to its fullest, seizing every moment, and respecting the relentless, ticking clock.

So, here’s my advice – delve into this concept. If it resonates with you, why not carry it on your skin? I mean, it’s not every day you find a philosophy so universally true, yet so personal. It’s like having a piece of wisdom permanently etched on your skin, a reminder of the finite nature of time and the infinite possibilities it holds.

In conclusion, remember, my inked friends, time is truly the most valuable currency we have, and a money-themed tattoo can serve as a constant reminder of this invaluable truth. It’s a decision you wouldn’t regret. After all, what better way to celebrate life’s most precious resource hood money, than to wear it as a badge of honor, a testament to the timeless truth of our existence. So, gear up, explore the various designs, and let’s make some timeless, money-inspired art!

Time Equals Money Tattoo

Time Equals Money Tattoo

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First off, we’ve got the classic “Time equals Money” tattoo. It’s a pretty straightforward design, but there’s an undeniable charm in its simplicity. Imagine the words “Time equals Money” scribed artistically across your chest or back. Large, bold, and profound, this piece serves as a daily reminder that while money may wield power, time has an unmatched influence on our lives. If you believe in this philosophy, then this is one of money tattoo designs you definitely want in your arsenal.

Scrooge Mcduck Tattoo

Scrooge Mcduck Tattoo

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Next up, we got an eccentric one – the Scrooge McDuck tattoo. Yeah, you heard that right, good ol’ Uncle Scrooge. The cartoon character, known for his massive fortune, is depicted with a stack of money and time ticking away in the background. Surrounded by dollar signs, this tattoo is a testament to wealth and power. But here’s the kicker – it serves as a reminder that while wealth can open doors, the real essence of life lies in appreciating the passage of time. A portrayal of the fact that true financial success and in life comes not from hoarding wealth but from cherishing time and nurturing quality relationships.

Time Is Money Clock Tattoo

Time Is Money Clock Tattoo

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Stepping away from cartoons, let’s take a look at the “Time is Money” clock tattoo. It’s a striking design with a watch ticking away and “Time equals Money” etched above it. Beyond the financial symbolism, this piece is a message in itself. It’s a nudge towards focusing on the bigger picture – inspiring others, pursuing passions, and cherishing loved ones. A constant reminder that life’s true rewards often lie beyond the scope of wealth and riches.

Time Is Money Hourglass Tattoo

Time Is Money Hourglass Tattoo

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We have the “Time is Money” hourglass tattoo. It’s an enchanting design with a clock at the top of the hourglass cascading into dollar signs and cash below. This artwork captures the relentless flow of time, subtly highlighting that time is money bag indeed the most valuable currency.

This design, fitting for a sleeve tattoo, is more than just eye candy. It’s a visual interpretation of the priceless value of time. It boldly declares that regardless of how much money you amass, the secret to a fulfilling life lies in appreciating the passage of time and cherishing the success and love that comes with it.

Face And Rose Tattoo

Face And Rose Tattoo

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We have a real beaut – the Face and Rose tattoo. Picture money bag tattoo with this: a countenance enveloped by a ticking watch, beneath which blooms a rose crafted from dollar bills. It’s a striking reminder that wealth and status alone don’t provide life’s true meaning. Perfect for an arm or chest piece, this design underscores the dark truth about wealth – real riches lie in spending time with the right people, not just amassing a fortune.

Time Is Money Gentlemen Tattoo

Time Is Money Gentlemen Tattoo

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Next up is the “Time is Money Gentlemen” tattoo, a colorful depiction of a gent checking his watch, a vibrant flower adding contrast at the bottom. This piece serves as a reminder that true wealth is time itself. Here’s a tip, folks – we can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can make good use of our time. So, let’s ditch greed and power and focus on finding purpose and meaning in life.

Money Rose Tattoo

Money Rose Tattoo

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Following suit, we have the Money Rose tattoo. Imagine a cascade of dollar bills and dollar signs twisting upwards to form a circular timepiece – a metaphorical money rose tattoos. This piece is more than eye candy; it’s a symbol that money alone can’t fulfill your dreams. Finding real beauty and purpose in life comes from inspiring yourself and others. Remember, folks, time is the real currency. This design makes for a great arm or chest piece and can be a fantastic addition as a hand tattoo.

Clock And Roses Tattoo

Clock And Roses Tattoo

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We have the Clock and Roses tattoo – a piece rich with symbolism and meaning. Envision two roses full of one dollar bill call signs, melting into an infinite timepiece. It’s a vivid statement that real wealth lies in time, not money. This design is a strong reminder that no matter how much money we accumulate, it can’t compete with the value of time. Suitable for both men and women, this piece would look fantastic as a hand tattoo.

Hourglass And Money Tattoo Ideas

Hourglass And Money Tattoo

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Let’s chat about the Hourglass and Money tattoo design. This intriguing design features a mesmerizing hourglass encircled by a dollar sign and money. But don’t be fooled by the greenbacks, the real star of this show is time itself. This piece beautifully captures the mantra “Time is Money” and serves as a constant reminder not to fritter away our precious moments. Remember, money shouldn’t be the only thing on our minds. A splendid piece, this design would look fantastic on your arm or chest, regardless of your gender.

Time Is Money Tattoos

Time Is Money Watch Tattoo

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Now, let’s talk about the “Time is Money” Watch tattoo. This particular tattoo design is a potent visual metaphor – picture a wad of cash with a watch lying on top. Simple, yet powerful, this piece echoes the undeniable truth that no sum of money can trump the value of time. It’s a testament to the age-old wisdom “Time is Money”. If this resonates with you, it’s definitely one to consider adding to your collection.

In a nutshell, when it comes to money tattoos, it’s not just about flaunting dollar signs and heaps of cash. It’s about embracing the pivotal relationship between time, money tree and wealth. These tattoos are rich in symbolism, serving as everyday reminders of the profound truth that time is our most valuable asset.

More on Time Is Money Tattoo

The Time is Money Tattoo is an evocative piece of ink art that underscores the inherent value of time and its relation to wealth. It’s a potent symbol much like a dollar sign tattoo, which straightforwardly signifies monetary prosperity. Drawing parallels with money tree tattoos, it suggests that time, like money, must be cultivated and invested wisely to reap rewards. In the same vein as a gangster money tattoo, it conveys a bold statement about ambition and the relentless pursuit of wealth. However, unlike the raw bravado often depicted in money arm tattoos or the capitalist symbolism seen in a monopoly man tattoo, the Time is Money Tattoo emphasizes the invaluable essence of time itself. So, while it carries the audacity of a gangster money tattoo, it’s imbued with a deeper philosophical connotation – that time is the ultimate currency.


In wrapping up, my ink-loving compadres, let’s not forget the immense value of time – it’s the one currency you can’t counterfeit or replenish. Reflecting this truth on your skin with body art or a money-themed tattoo? Well, it’s an idea worth every penny. Think of it as a forever reminder of life’s real riches.

Sure, these designs may vary in complexity, and depending on the level of detail, size, and the artist’s expertise, you could be looking at a bill ranging from a few hundred to a couple of grand. But hey, isn’t it all relative when you’re about to get something timeless?

Now, there might be some who’ll say, “but Jamie, isn’t the thought of a needle puncturing my skin a gazillion times a tad bit… discomforting?” Well, that’s one way to look at it, or you can see it as I do – it’s the slight sting of creating something extraordinary. It’s part of the journey. A little dance between the skin and the needle, if you will.

So, if you ask me, this idea of etching the value of time, money power respect it on your skin with a money-themed tattoo – it’s as brilliant as they come. Why do I say so? Well, for one, it’s an evergreen conversation starter. Imagine walking into a room and having your tattoo narrate a profound life lesson. Plus, let’s not forget the undeniable cool factor that comes with it.

So folks, step up, explore these artistic symbols of time and wealth, and let’s etch some financial wisdom onto your canvas. After all, there’s nothing quite like carrying a piece of philosophy everywhere you go!

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How much does a time is money tattoo cost?

The cost of a Time is Money tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and design elements that you choose. Generally speaking, small simple designs start at around $50 and can go up to $300 or more for larger, more detailed pieces. Additionally, the skill level of your artist will also affect the cost of your tattoo as more experienced artists may charge more. It is best to consult with your artist for a more accurate estimate of the cost for your specific design.

How big is a time is money tattoo?

The size of a Time is Money tattoo can vary greatly depending on the design and where it is placed on the body. Smaller designs may measure as little as 1 inch in width, while larger pieces can be up to 10 inches or more in width. It is important to discuss your desired size with your artist before you begin to ensure that your design will fit the area. Additionally, you should also factor in any additional details that may affect the size of your tattoo.

What are some ideas for time is money tattoo designs?

Time is Money tattoo designs can be very unique and creative. Some popular ideas include a clock with money symbols, a dollar bill wrapped around a watch, or an hourglass filled with coins. You could also incorporate other elements into your design such as skulls, clocks, or even flames for a more dramatic effect. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your Time is Money tattoo, so take the time to explore different options until you find a design that is perfect for you.

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