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101 Best Money Rose Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Money Rose Tattoos

Money rose tattoo has already earned its place in the world of tattoo enthusiasts and if you are a Stigmatophile too, this is the perfect stop for you.

Money Rose Tattoo
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Money and rose, both belong to two separate worlds, but when they come together, they bring out the perfect blend of beauty and power.

The rose tattoo, earlier, was typically considered to represent femininity and now there is no space for old notions anymore makes the rose tattoo a perfect pass for both men and women. However, when roses and money are mixed, they birth a super cool new hybrid species of beauty, power, and wealth. 

rose tattoo doesn’t need any introduction and for all the obvious reasons which has gained its popularity among both men and women. Although a rose tattoo might tend to evoke an interpretation of femininity, this tattoo also symbolizes love and passion, which can give men a thumbs up too to get them inked on their bodies. Just like any other thing in the world, rose tattoos come in different shapes and sizes as well, colour, and greyscale, miniature, and large, and just because a black rose usually means death, a black rose tattoo could also mean a fresh start. Now quite obviously, a money rose tattoo would mean something to do with rose and money, right? So, how exactly does a money rose tattoo look like? It is a variation of the rose tattoo with its petals made out of dollar bill signs, which is also a reason why it is known as a financial rose or financial flower. This tattoo is often perceived as a flaunting of wealth, however, it can also be a symbol of hope, ambition, and passion. Now if you are planning to get a money rose ink on yourself, you must be wandering around the internet trying to answer mostly two questions: first, how much it might cost you, and second, what kind of money rose tattoo should you get. Well, that is exactly what we are here for today. While a normal rose tattoo could cost you anywhere around $100-$300, a money rose tattoo could average around $100-$450. And now addressing the second question, here are 10 cool tattoo designs by super talented tattoo artists that could invoke the art lover in you and help you get a clear image of how you want your financial tattoo to be like:

‘Time Is Money’ Rose Tattoo

'Time Is Money' Rose Tattoo
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These tattoo designs are the most realistic representation of the famous phrase ‘time is money’. This ‘time is money’ tattoos can also convey a message that time is the greatest of all assets and no money in the world can buy it. This tattoo design comes with a rose (duh!) with money petals and a clock. To give this design a personal touch, you could also make the clock hands point to a specific time that may hold a special meaning. These tattoos are perfect for imprinting a special moment of your life onto your body.

Skull Money Rose Tattoo

Skull Money Rose Tattoo
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This money rose tattoo that comes alongside a skull symbolizes the dark side of money. It represents the popular phrase ‘Every time you make money, you make someone lose money’ in quite a cool way. Every coin has two sides and although money is a very important part of our life, we can sometimes find ourselves lost on our way to wealth. If you want a tattoo that acts as a reminder of the dark side of wealth, and everything glamorous, this design is definitely for you.

‘Harley Quinn’ Money Rose Tattoo

'Harley Quinn' Money Rose Tattoo
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Embrace the clownish nature of money through this money rose tattoo variant and have all your friends talking about how cool your new ink looks! Adulting, throughout history, has us all realize how money can be funny and evil at the same time.

Dollar Money Rose Tattoo With Thorns

Dollar Money Rose Tattoo With Thorns
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Wealth and success are not always a bed of roses and this dollar money rose tattoo with thorns is the perfect representation of the same. The thorns in this tattoo may be interpreted as the flaws that money comes along with and this depiction of the reality could not have been more accurate.

King Of The Jungle Money Rose Tattoo

King Of The Jungle Money Rose Tattoo
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Okay, be honest and tell us. Is there anything as majestic and royal as the King of the jungle? I bet not. This tattoo is the ultimate amalgamation of power, beauty, and royalty. Consider this a sign that the universe has sent for you to bring out the King within you and rule your life as a King would.

Apart from these money rose thematic tattoos, these financial tattoos can also look super cool with different placements.

Money Rose Hand Tattoo

Money Rose Hand Tattoo
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When it comes to wanting to show off your tattoos, a hand tattoo has to be a go-to for you. Show off your deep love for money and tattoos with a cool financial tattoo like this one.

Money Rose Sleeve Tattoo

Money Rose Sleeve Tattoo
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When it comes to getting a cool ink on yourself, being sleeved can never go wrong. Classy and sassy, these tattoos combined with the art of money rose, are the best way to portrait the meaningful aspect of money rose tattoo.

Money Rose Leg Tattoo

Money Rose Leg Tattoo
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You can never go wrong with a leg tattoo and the picture above clearly shows why. A money leg tattoo like this, allows you to flaunt your financial passion in the boldest and meaningful way.

Money Rose Neck Tattoo

Money Rose Neck Tattoo
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Neck tattoos are a symbol of being open to taking risks. If you think you are an adventurous person when it comes to money who would gamble your wealth for a better return, this money rose tattoo on your neck is 100% meant for you.

Money Rose Feet Tattoo

Money Rose Feet Tattoo
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Feeling a little wild and super powerful? This one right here is the definition of adventurous and we are here for it. Forget Kendell Jenner’s drunk night inner lip tattoo, would she have been gutsy enough for a tattoo so bold like this one right here? We think not!

A money rose tattoos are simply art and a great tattoo idea for both men and women that depict passion and power. Check out our suggestions if you want more cool ideas for styling your power tattoo.

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What does a money rose tattoo mean?

A money rose tattoo typically symbolizes financial success and abundance. It is thought to be a reminder of the importance of hard work, dedication, and resilience when it comes to achieving financial freedom. Money roses can also represent luck and hope for those who are struggling financially or aiming to make their dreams come true. This type of tattoo is especially popular among entrepreneurs, business owners, and those who aspire to achieve financial success.

How much does a money rose tattoo cost?

The cost of a money rose tattoo can vary depending on the size, complexity, and artist. Generally speaking, small money rose tattoos can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 while larger and more intricate designs may be priced up to $500 or more. It is important to discuss your budget with your tattoo artist beforehand so they can provide you with a realistic quote for your tattoo.

How big is a money rose tattoo?

The size of a money rose tattoo can range from small and discreet to larger, more intricate designs. Smaller designs may be 2-3 inches in diameter while larger tattoos can span up to 8-10 inches or more. The size of the tattoo will depend on your individual preference and design style, so it is important to consult with your tattoo artist to determine the best size for your money rose tattoo.

What are some popular designs for money rose tattoos?

Money rose tattoos can be customized in a variety of ways depending on the individual’s personal preference. Some popular designs include roses with dollar signs, coins, and green leaves to represent money or wealth; flames or fire to represent ambition and hard work; and ribbons or bows to represent luck. Money rose tattoos may also feature a quote or phrase to serve as a reminder or source of inspiration. Ultimately, the design of your tattoo should be unique to you and reflect your individual values and aspirations.

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