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101 Best Sunrise Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Sunrise Tattoos

Sunrise is the moment of renewal, so why not ink the radiant light on your skin? Here are our top 10 sunrise tattoos that will fill you with warm spirits!

Sunrise Tattoo
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Sunrise tattoos are a popular choice for people who are more spiritually centered, or contain Pagan beliefs of considering the sun as the supreme god, or just positive people in general.

The sun is one of the prime reasons for life on earth and is thus considered a divine symbol. But being the center for eight celestial giants puts the star under immense attention from non-believers as well.

In ancient times, the sun god was duly preached for its heat and light nurturing life on earth. As days went by, astronomers like Copernicus found that it holds the center of the system and hence became an object of greater curiosity and attention. Gradually, philosophers had their theories and there you have it- the perfect ingredient for a wholesome recipe. Basically what we are trying to tell you is that no matter if you are a believer, or a space enthusiast, or smitten by the inherent connection between human life and the cosmos, a sunrise tattoo can be the right answer for all of you. Although, your sunrise tattoo meaning will differ from the others based on the elements and the style of tattooing that interests you. Keep reading to find more information on how to style sunrise tattoo designs that compliment your persona!

Sunrise Tattoo With Quotes

Sunrise Tattoo With Quotes
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The most common symbolism associated with the sunrise is that of inspiration of trying over and over no matter for how long. This half sun tattoo along with the elongated sun’s rays is indicative of the warmth that the rising sun holds. Devoid of any other elements, this sunrise tattoo is a simplistic take on the magnanimous implications of the star. The phrase could be just the right fit if you also have encountered hardships in your personal life but have chosen to stay put and rise every day.

Sunrise Tattoo With Quotes
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A strong remnant of the touching Twenty One Pilots lyric, this dainty rising sun tattoo reassures the one constant that we can guarantee ourselves with. In daily walks of life, we realize the rudimentary truth that the world is an uncertain place, and having an assurance of tomorrow comes in handy when we fail to realize what to do with this excruciating today. Opt for this subtle yet powerful tattoo that will serve as an uplifting message forever.

Sunrise Tattoo In A Frame

Sunrise Tattoo In A Frame
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Still remember that one particular sunrise where your surrounding was not only visually interesting but soulful, too? Be it a vacation or just a jog, we all have that scene engrained in our minds. Paint the image from your mind to your body with all its intricacies with this idea. Here, the artist shapes up the scenery within a rectangular frame that keeps with the neat and compact presentation, allowing the contents to come alive with proper shading. This sunrise tattoo contains the dark of the night as reflected on the waters, the golden hue of the rising sun in the perfect place, and the gradually lightening sky, all contribute to such a brilliant sunrise tattoo. Place this tattoo design on your forearm for an appropriate exhibition of your taste in art.

Mountain Sunrise Tattoo

Mountain Sunrise Tattoo
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Continuing with the rectangular frame, except it is frame-s now. This sunrise tattoo chops a canvas for a seemingly misplaced but whole picture. The somber light of the rising sun amongst dense clouds is something to gawk at the break of the dawn. The hyperrealism in this sun tattoo and the light and dark interplay makes this a must-have for all you mountain lovers having experienced the sunrise above the peaks.

Artsy Sunrise Tattoo

Artsy Sunrise Tattoo
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Monet created an aesthetic masterpiece based on the sunrise experienced from his hometown and it would have been a sin to not mention it in our list of sunrise tattoos! The tattoo artist takes a vertical piece of the impressionist painting that focuses on the sun and its scattered reflection on the water. This body art has a cryptic resemblance with the original painting which makes it stand out among the other sunrise tattoos. Satiate your thirst for art-inspired pieces with this particular style of sunrise tattoos.

Artsy Sunrise Tattoos
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This crayon sunset is no less than artwork for you if you have children drawing you pieces from their observations. Rating high on the colour scale, this rising sun tattoo is a petite addition that you may etch as a celebration of your child’s creation. The radiant colours and the texture of this design are your cues to your first tattoo inspired by your junior.

Minimal Sunrise Tattoo

Minimal Sunrise Tattoo
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Such a small, tiny sun tattoo with absolutely minimum ink and hassle is bound to please the lovers of minimal body art. The quirky yellow curve below the horizon makes this style unique while keeping its meaning intact. Draw this half sun tattoo right above your elbow and show it off with max flamboyance!

Minimal Sunrise Tattoos
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This sunrise tattoo exhibits the different positions of the sun with respect to the horizon. A seemingly simple design in black ink actually holds layers of meaning and symbolism. We tend to appreciate the beauty of the rising or the already risen sun, but little do we think about the process. Think of this concept in astronomical terms and you would be able to envision the curvature of the earth glimmering in shreds of sunlight. Makes it an interesting addition, wouldn’t you agree?

Micro Realistic Sunrise Tattoo

Micro Realistic Sunrise Tattoo
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This sunrise tattoo is a remnant of a romantic poem that arouses a sense of fulfillment. This kind of scenery would perhaps have been a muse for artists to create verses from their experience. This small, tiny sun tattoo brings you the moment of realization, filled with the will to be instead of doing. The birds in and out of the frame serve as a flag to remind that this ethereal scene is still body art and not an image from distant memory.

Japanese Sun Tattoo

Japanese Sun Tattoo
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This Japanese sun tattoo is a beautiful conjugation of bold black and red, shaping the sun rays in a quirky fashion. The dotted rays fall over the dark mountains but without any hue. This keeps with the overall dark theme with the only point of radiation being the bright red circle. Opt for such hand-poked tattoos on the back of your forearm. You can also play around with a sun and moon yin yang tattoo showcasing the two opposing forces in one go.

Japanese Sun Tattoos
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The practice of stone stacking, or Cairns, is a prominent symbol in Japanese ancestry that requires possessing immense patience. Stacked stones would mean marking the pathway to avoid the wrong ones, but at the same time, the process becomes a testament to driving away passion and grounding oneself both spiritually and physically. The symbolism of stacked stones at the time of sunrise thus becomes a meditative one, equating nature with spirituality. The practice can also be located in ancient Chinese philosophy that stresses the unity of body and mind in order to achieve a deeper appreciation for life. This sunrise tattoo with the stacked pebbles along with the interesting symbols of light and dark presented by the blue and yellow colours. It attempts to capture the spiritual meaning behind the practice and would be a great choice if you are looking for ways to celebrate your spiritual journey.

Delicate Sunrise Tattoo

Delicate Sunrise Tattoo
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We have seen fine linework in several images of sun tattoos but this one takes the cake! If you want to capture a fragile and fleeting moment of the rising sun, the design should also be inked with the same delicacy. This beach sunrise tattoo is a spectacular piece on the clavicle, given the sensitivity of the spot. However, play around with the concept of the rising star in an eclipse for a completely off-beat idea.

Serene Sunrise Tattoo

Serene Sunrise Tattoo
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More often than not sunrises are experienced and relished when you are alone. Without any negative symbolism, isolation allows us to connect more with ourselves and our surroundings avoiding any distractions whatsoever. The artist follows a similar ideology with this feminine body art that features a lone figure gazing at the sun. This sunrise tattoo barely uses any shading, concentrating more on the meaning of the sun tattoo than its intricacy. The feminine figure is ideal to associate the connotation of truest intimacy that we find in such experiences.

Sun Rays Tattoo

Sun Rays Tattoo
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This sunrise tattoo solely focuses on the grand stature of the sun as it rises above the horizon. The sun, without any definite outlining, binds this sun rays tattoo even better. We would suggest choosing such careful dot work in your sunrise tattoo to make the images come alive with fine details. You can also do away with the sun while featuring the rays emerging above a wave, opting for a different take on your sun tattoos.

By now you have gotten the hang of the meanings associated with a sunrise tattoo. The sight of the sun rising fills us with a wave of certainty and affirmation that lasts longer than that moment. However, it is also true that apart from these references, you can opt for a tribal sun tattoo exhibiting a more Pagan side of your beliefs, or just experiment with your take on sun tattooing and create your own unique style. Having said that, here are some of our suggestions to help you get inked with a sunrise tattoo:

  1. Tribal sun tattoo
  2. Sun and Moon Yin yang tattoo
  3. Aztec sun tattoo
  4. Crescent moon and sun tattoo
  5. Sunrise sunset tattoo with sun and moon yin yang

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What is a sunrise tattoo?

A sunrise tattoo is a popular design featuring an image of the sun rising over a landscape. It can symbolize hope, new beginnings, and rebirth, among many other things. The colors used in a sunrise tattoo often reflect the natural beauty of the sunrise such as yellow or orange tones with deep blues and purples. This type of tattoo is often seen in nature-inspired pieces and can represent the beauty of a new day beginning. These tattoos come in various sizes, but are often placed on the arms or legs where they can be easily admired. Some people choose to incorporate additional elements into their sunrise tattoo such as birds, mountains, stars, or trees. No matter what design you choose, a sunrise tattoo is sure to be a beautiful reminder of the beauty in life.

What does a sunrise tattoo represent?

A sunrise tattoo can have different meanings for different people. Generally, it a symbol of hope, renewal, and the possibility of new beginnings. It can represent life cycles and the beauty found in nature. For some, having a sunrise tattoo is also a reminder that everyday brings something new – another chance to start fresh. Additionally, a sunrise tattoo can be a reminder to keep striving for success and never give up. Overall, a sunrise tattoo is an uplifting image that encourages hope and positivity in life.

What are the different designs of sunrise tattoos?

There are many different designs of sunrise tattoos to choose from. Some people prefer a more traditional tattoo design with the sun rising over a landscape composed of mountains, trees, and other natural elements. Others may choose to incorporate additional elements such as birds, stars, or clouds into their design. Additionally, some people opt for a more abstract representation of a sunrise, focusing on the colors and shapes of the sun without any additional elements. No matter what design you choose, a sunrise tattoo will be sure to brighten your day.

How much does a sunrise tattoo cost?

The cost of a sunrise tattoo can vary depending on the size and complexity of the design. Generally speaking, small tattoos cost less than larger ones. On average, a small tattoo may range from $50 to $100, while a medium sized tattoo can range from $100 to $200 or more. It’s important to discuss the cost of your tattoo with your artist before getting inked. This will ensure that you are aware of the total cost and can plan accordingly.

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