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101 Best Small Om Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Small Om Tattoo

Are you a religious person and a tattoo enthusiast at the same time? You have landed in the right place. Here are the best small om tattoo ideas just for you.

Small Om Tattoo
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Om tattoo is not just a symbol inked on the body, it has a greater significance and sundry implications.

No doubt, it is a very sacred symbol in which lies the vibrating echoes of the universe. It is an ancient mantra that has a very important place in Hindu philosophy and Hinduism.

However, the Om symbol tattoo represents a variety of philosophical ideas, and there are many interpretations associated with om tattoo designs. A popular belief is associated with the om symbol meaning that represents the Hindu deities such as Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma. Occupying a noteworthy position in the ancient Hindu text such as Upanishad it is interpreted as the essence of ultimate reality. People get a small om tattoo design on different parts of their body to acknowledge their spiritual journey or religious course of life.

Om Siva Tattoo

Om Siva Tattoo
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This is an om Shiva tattoo on the elbow. The tattoo artist has inked a magnificent structure of a famous Hindu deity known as God Shiva. This tattoo can be a perfect choice for people who are very religious and ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. One can get inked a small om tattoo with a Shiva to consider the supreme deity of the Hindus as his or her guiding force. The use of black and red ink in the om tattoo makes it appear vibrant and bold. The partly Trishul and partly Shiva structure add religious gravity to the design.

The presence of Om renders a certain philosophy regarding the philosophy of life. An interesting fact is that Om is a popular religious chant that has numerous interpretations and implications with respect to religion. The followers of Lord Shiva consider the symbol Om to symbolize the lord. Many people consider the Om tattoo to be a representation of the Shiva Lingam.

Om Trishul Tattoo

Om Trishul Tattoo
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This is a small Om Trishul tattoo on the forearm. Ate you a follower of Lord Shiva? Then you will definitely know the significance of Trishul. It is popularly associated with Lord Shiva who is Hindu God. He carries Trishul with him and no doubt, the mere design of Trishul is representative of everything that is related to Lord Shiva. Hindu religion considers Shiva to be a portrayal of compassion and goodness.

This is a very prominent tattoo that has been inked using black ink. This quintessential tattoo appears to be more attractive when Om is added to the structure at the bottom. The two figures when combined together give birth to a symbol of power and spirituality.

Color Om Tattoo

Color Om Tattoo
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This is one of the lucrative Om tattoo designs for tattoo religious lovers. This is a coloured om tattoo with meaningful inscriptions on the forearm. The Om symbol has been inked with red colour to add more vibrance and grandeur to the tattoo design. The Rudraksha mala in the om tattoo represents the attributes associated with Lord Shiva.

Colourful om tattoo designs look attractive and add an artistic touch to the om designs. Apart from the symbols associated with om tattoo, the colours create a soothing effect for the beholders.

Om Buddha Tattoo

Om Buddha Tattoo
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This is an Om Buddha tattoo that creates an air of placidity and tranquillity. The combination of both Om and Buddha shows the religious significance of the tattoo. The colours used in inking the design are smooth and reverberate the yogic or meditative posture of Lord Buddha.

This is a very classical tattoo that symbolizes the path to enlightenment. It can be interpreted as a journey in the search for the ultimate truth of existence. This Buddha Om tattoo serves as a symbolic representation of compassion, values, enlightenment, and divine powers.

Om Finger Tattoo

Om Finger Tattoo
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This is a small Om tattoo on the finger. It is a simple Om tattoo inked with blue colour. The tattoo artist will probably require very little time to get it done.

One can get inked a small Om tattoo on his or her finger if he or she is a dedicated follower of Lord Shiva. Om, a Sanskrit syllable carries immense significance in Hindusim. The holy word is symbolic of heaven, atmosphere, and earth; action, speech, and thought. The small-sized om tattoo design represents a grand philosophy such as oneness.

Om Color Tattoo

Om Color Tattoo
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This is a small colourful Om tattoo design just above the ankle. It looks bold and brilliant, and the colours are soothing to the eye. This is a perfect tattoo for women who want to experiment with colours. The effect created by the tattoo is remarkable as the use of a shining red seem to reveal the secret of the universe.

This colourful tattoo permeates the essence of the vast universe and the selection of such prominent colours as red seem to cast a magic spell on the beholder. The colourful Om seeks to discover the ultimate truth or reality of the universe. The use of black ink makes it appear simple yet powerful to the beholder.

Mandala Om Tattoo

Mandala Om Tattoo
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This is a mandala Om tattoo which is small in size. Mandala art is all about patterns and shades. This tattoo does not have a very intricate pattern. The plethora of light and shadow is a true artistic expression. The style of the design appears like a blooming lotus flower with Om or aum at the centre.

If you are looking for small om tattoo designs mandala om tattoo can be considered a positive energy small om tattoo. It is trendy and the mandala style adds more magnificence to the Om symbol. Mandala as art is symbolic of the spiritual journey that takes place in layers.

Om Lotus Tattoo

Om Lotus Tattoos
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This is small om with a lotus flower tattoo. It is a simple design with profound meaning. The depth of this small om tattoo can only be realized by people who are religious and consider religious symbols to be a great source of energy and power.

Om tattoo supplemented by the design of a lotus flower is symbolic of the change in the course of one’s life. It also represents gradual evolution from darkness to light. It can also be interpreted as determination or consistency. A lotus emerging out from Om can also be a cool symbolic representation of one’s spiritual journey towards enlightenment.

Om With Ganesha Tattoo

Om Lotus Tattoo
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This is a small om with a Ganesha tattoo. The blue-coloured eye of the deity draws the attention of the beholders. The calmness of his eye can be symbolic of purity and peace. The tattoo artist has inked the aum with black ink. The overall look of the tattoo makes it appear sacred due to its patterns.

No doubt, a Ganesha tattoo represents elements of spirituality and godliness. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is known as the God of good luck and prosperity. Om or aum is a Yoga mantra that not only represents the Hindu religion and culture but also the beauty of nature and existence.

Swastik Om Tattoo Design

Swastik Om Tattoo Design
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This is an innovative Swastik Om tattoo design on the forearm. The Swastik has been inked in the background whereas the Om is at the centre with vividness. The design is not very complex, and only two inks such as black and white have been used.

Meanings associated with this om tattoo design are multifarious. Both Swastik and Om are significant symbols of Hinduism. Tattoos with Swastik and Om are considered to be symbolic representations of fortune, prosperity, and auspiciousness. Swastik is likely to fix a house’s Vastu and drive all the negativity away from the house.

Tattooing is a popular modern art and it is surprising that many people across the globe are fascinated by this body art. Different people have different tattoo choices and sometimes their personality and philosophy of life determine their choice of tattoos. There are many religious om tattoo designs for people who have certain religious perspectives. Some people get inked om tattoos to represent their philosophy of life as the symbol of om signifies a profound spiritual aura. It is amazing how the word Om can be associated with many religions and made symbolic through artistic expressions with tattoos as a medium. A small om tattoo can be inked on the neck, palm or chest, etc syncing into the fashion and style mentioned above. Here are some more small om tattoo suggestions to help you make the right choice.

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What is the meaning of a small om tattoo?

A small om tattoo is a popular symbol of the Hindu religion, representing the sound and vibration of the universe. It stands for oneness and unity with all things, emphasizing that we are all connected in some way. The om symbol can be interpreted as a reminder to stay mindful, cultivate inner peace, and respect our connection to one another and the world around us. It is a reminder to practice kindness and compassion, to love ourselves and others, and to remain open-minded in the face of life’s challenges. For some, it is also a symbol of spiritual growth and transformation. In essence, it serves as an affirmation that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves.

How do I choose a design for my small om tattoo?

When choosing a design for your small om tattoo, consider the size and placement of the design. A smaller size is often more suitable for discreet locations such as the inner wrist or behind the ear. Other popular locations include the forearm, shoulder blade, and upper arm. Think about colors you might want to incorporate into your design—you may opt for a traditional black and gray design or something more vibrant, such as gold or bright colors. Finally, decide if you would like to add any symbols that may have special meaning to you in combination with the om symbol. This could be anything from a lotus flower to an infinity sign. Whatever design you choose should reflect your personality and beliefs.

Where should I put my small om tattoo?

When choosing the placement for your small om tattoo, consider a spot that is less conspicuous but still visible. Popular locations include the inner wrist, behind the ear, forearm, shoulder blade, and upper arm. If you are looking for something more discreet, you may opt for a spot on the foot or side of torso. Be sure to consider the size of your tattoo when deciding on its placement. Smaller tattoos can easily get lost in larger areas, while a larger design may look out of place in a smaller area. Ultimately, you should choose an area that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

What are some other small tattoo ideas?

In addition to small om tattoos, there are many other tattoo ideas that you may want to consider. Some popular small designs include a single word or phrase like “happiness” or “stronger together”, symbols such as the yin and yang or an arrow, animals such as a bird or butterfly, celestial designs such as the sun or moon, and many more. Alternatively, you may want to create a custom design that is unique to you and has special meaning. There are endless possibilities when it comes to small tattoos and choosing the right one for you can be an exciting experience. No matter what you decide on, a small tattoo is a great way to express yourself and celebrate your individuality.

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