101 Best Simple Rainbow Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Rainbow Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: December 2, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

We all love a little rainbow in our lives, don′t we? How about making it permanent with tattoos? Check out these cute rainbow tattoo designs for your next inking.

Simple Rainbow Tattoo
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There are many possibilities to explore when it comes to rainbow tattoos.

Over the years, rainbows have become a significant symbol of not just happiness and joy, but also a part of a community. While a rainbow in itself is magical, it also represents the different colours of life.

Rainbow tattoos are a popular pick because of their wide range of colors. Not only can you have the rainbow tattooed on your body, but you can also employ a variety of shades to create other motifs. A rainbow is also significant in the sense that it signifies the appropriate blend of things that is indicative of life itself. Each rainbow colour has its own unique meaning.

A rainbow tattoo design also gives you the creative space to colour the tattoo in the way you want. Below we have curated some of the cutest and sweetest looking rainbow tattoos that you just cannot resist.

Explore these beauties and we assure you that you will love these vibrant tattoo designs of the rainbow and other cute motifs.

Small Rainbow Tattoo With Bear With An Umbrella Motif

Small Rainbow Tattoo With Bear With An Umbrella Motif
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You may either choose a rainbow design for its stunning appearance or customize it to make a powerful statement. The key thing is that it means a lot to you, and it doesn’t matter if others don’t understand it.

Likewise, here the tattoo artist created an adorable design of a rainbow tattoo and added a bear holding a blue umbrella on top of the rainbow. All the rainbow colors are added to the simple design and together this sweet and colorful rainbow design. It is ideal to be placed in one′s forearms or even one′s wrist, depending on where you would prefer your placement to be. If you are someone who finds aesthetic and dainty looking pieces, then this beauty is meant for your next ink.

Hand Poke Rainbow Tattoo Design For Pride Month

Hand Poke Rainbow Tattoo Design For Pride Month
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While rainbow tattoos in themselves hold a lot of different meanings, together in their different colors. The whole design symbolizes Pride. People use a different personalized combination of motifs together with a rainbow tattoo to represent the LGBTQ+ community.

Rainbow tattoos are a strong statement for the LGBTQ community. During Pride Month, many people tend to mark permanence and make a bold statement by getting rainbow color tattoos, the designs are inspired by the wonderful colours of the rainbow, incorporated in cool and creative ideas.

Here, the artist created small triangle shapes incorporated into the seven colours of the rainbow. If you’re looking for a simple yet unique rainbow tattoo design, then search no further.

Minimal Rainbow Tattoo Design For The Wrist

Minimal Rainbow Tattoo Design For The Wrist
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This sweet little design is ideal for those women who like delicate, dainty looking tattoos and aesthetic designs.

The artist created a mini version of a rainbow with all the colours, making it fun and colorful. The ink is ideal for pride celebrations as well, seeing as rainbows are representative of the community and instead of a complicated design, a rainbow tattoo design is enough of a symbol.

Other than that, rainbows also symbolize hope and new beginnings. We often say, after a storm, there comes a rainbow, meaning after a dark, difficult day, we have brighter and better days.

Simple Outline Rainbow Tattoo With Black And White Motifs

Simple Outline Rainbow Tattoo With Black And White Motifs
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Here, the artist has given a more artistic look to the tattoo, together with contrasting colours of the scenery and the bright and unique seven colours of the tattoo. While many prefer simple tattoo ideas, others would like something a little more grand or elaborate, like this forearm piece.

The artist used dotwork to create the black and white motifs including a Korean Radish, a bat, floral motifs and some clouds.

The tattoos contrasting colours highlight the overall features of the tattoo, giving it a solid look, that tattoo enthusiasts will adore

Outline Rainbow Tattoo Design

Outline Rainbow Tattoo Design
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This tattoo design is quite possibly the simplest of them all. Made with hand poke work, the artist created this sweet little design that not only looks cheerful and bright but is also minimally pleasing.

Such tattoos are ideal for those who want to find a tattoo with meaning. All the colors of the rainbow are included here and the colorful array of lines makes for an aesthetic tattoo that is for tattooing on your wrist.

Small Rainbow Tattoo Design With Airplane and Earth Motif

Small Rainbow Tattoo Design With Airplane and Earth Motif
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Tattoos may symbolize a lot of different things, and with the popularity of black, linework drawings, and watercolour tattoos, why not mix the two? You may create a dynamic tattoo that speaks to who you are on several levels by adding a splash of rainbow watercolour on another work of art of your choice.

The artist has made the same thing here, she has developed a motif that blends well with the rainbow aspect of the whole thing. The linework was done with the earth and the small aeroplane makes for a sweet little design, while the seven lines that signify the rainbow, create contrast and enhance the tattoo.

Safety Pin and Heart With Rainbow Colours Tattoo

Safety Pin and Heart With Rainbow Colours Tattoo
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This interesting design is not only unique but also ideal for those looking for a rainbow tattoo with a twist. This tattoo design is sure to tickle your fancy and we admit we are considering getting one of our own.

The tattoo is sure to serve as a symbol of safety pining one′s heart and these sweet little elements make for one sweet little tattoo. If you are looking for something other than an ideal rainbow tattoo then this unique design should do for you.

Abstract Rainbow Painting Tattoo

Abstract Rainbow Painting Tattoo
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We can all agree that abstract tattoo designs are one of the coolest and the most aesthetic looking designs out there and the world knows the appeal an abstract tattoo holds.

Like this gorgeous piece of artwork, the artist has created the design in the most simplistic manner, and yet it is appealing and charming in its own manner.

The artist created a stroke of rainbow colours passing through a box, drawn with simple lines.

This little piece is sure to take your fancy and we assure you that you will not regret having a piece this gorgeous tattooed on you.

Rainbow Colours Paint Tattoo

Rainbow Colours Paint Tattoo
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Here is another unique piece that enhances the idea of a rainbow tattoo. The artist, very creatively, created a sweet little design of paint in rainbow colours. All the colours of the rainbow are highlighted and this interesting design is sure to appeal to many tattoo enthusiasts.

Abstract ideas as such are quite popular in the tattoo community as they make for interesting tattoo designs. These are far more artistic and do not attempt to resemble or copy reality, but are genuine works of art in their own right.

Simple Rainbow Flower Tattoo

Simple Rainbow Flower Tattoo
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Rainbows and Flowers are always a great idea, together they make for one endearing design.

What makes this design more charming and endearing is the little smiley-faced flower. It is the most cutest and minimal tattoo design that incorporates rainbow colours, making for a cheerful and fun looking tattoo.

If you enjoy such sweet and adorable looking designs then we would suggest you pick this tattoo for your next tattoo design.

A rainbow is one of the most natural and greatest events to ever happen.

Rainbows contain every hue we know, and their magnificent appearance is a sight to behold. Rainbows are formed when rainwater collides with the sunshine streaming down on the earth, forming refraction of each hue. Rainbow tattoos are bright, one-of-a-kind, lovely, wonderful, cool and significant. They also have a meaning to them.

Rainbow tattoos can feature the rainbow in its natural form or the rainbow’s hues can be incorporated into a variety of tattoo motifs. We have curated in this article several such interesting and unique rainbow tattoo designs for you to explore.

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What is the simple rainbow tattoo?

The simple rainbow tattoo is a minimalist version of the classic rainbow tattoo. It typically consists of three to four dots or lines arranged in a curved line that represent the spectrum of colors found in a rainbow. The design can be modified with more intricate designs, such as adding stars, clouds, and other symbols to further emphasize the different hues.

What are the different colors of a rainbow tattoo?

The colors of a rainbow tattoo typically correspond to the traditional ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) spectrum. Other variations include adding metallic tones such as silver and gold or neutral shades like black and white. Some people also opt for brighter neon colors or softer pastels to create more of a gradient effect.

What are the different designs of a rainbow tattoo?

Rainbow tattoos come in a variety of designs, from the traditional arc to more abstract shapes such as hearts and stars. Some people opt for multicolored ribbons or lines that twist around the body. Others might choose to have multiple rainbows layered on top of each other or scattered throughout their skin. Some variations even incorporate elements such as clouds, birds or lightning bolts to give the tattoo more depth and symbolism.

How much does the simple rainbow tattoo cost?

The cost of a simple rainbow tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design, as well as the skill level of the artist. Generally speaking, however, most simple rainbow tattoos range from $50 to $150 USD. Larger and more detailed designs may cost significantly more. Additionally, some studios offer discounts or deals that can help reduce the overall cost.

What is the symbolism behind a rainbow tattoo?

Rainbow tattoos are often seen as symbols of hope, joy and optimism. They can also represent new beginnings, resilience, diversity and acceptance. Additionally, they can serve as reminders to stay positive in tough times since rainbows typically follow after storms or

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