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101 Best Shoulder Cap Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Shoulder Cap Tattoos

Are you looking for some tattoo ideas for your shoulder cap? Here are 10 best shoulder cap tattoo ideas to decorate your shoulders!

Shoulder Cap Tattoo
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Do you feel that your shoulder blade needs some black ink?

Shoulder tattoos are a great way to cover the shoulder in beautiful tattoo designs. As opposed to the common full sleeve tattoo on your arm, getting a tattoo on your shoulder cap will make you stand out from the crowd!

For those getting a tattoo for the first time, shoulder tattoos hurt quite a bit, depend on the person. You can avoid the painful places on your shoulder cap when getting a shoulder tattoo. It is also convenient to hide your shoulder blade with a t-shirt if you are not comfortable showing off your shoulder tattoo. Do you like covering the whole shoulder cap or prefer just small tattoo designs? Do you want full sleeve shoulder blade tattoo designs? You can choose any design you like. Explore different shoulder tattoo ideas to find the perfect tattoo designs for your shoulder cap. A floral design with peony flowers or a sunflower shoulder cap tattoo are some elegant shoulder tattoo ideas you can try. Let’s go through some shoulder cap tattoos to find your favourite shoulder tattoo design.

Peony Flower Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Peony Flower Shoulder Blade Tattoo
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Among various shoulder cap tattoo ideas, floral shoulder cap tattoo are popular designs to get inked. Colourful flowers make the tattoo design look even more beautiful. This beautiful floral design shows a bunch of large peony flowers.

The pink peony flowers symbolize prosperity, good luck, and honor. In this tattoo, the peony flowers are in ink along the shoulder blade covering the ends of shoulders beautifully. Three giant peony flowers are grouped together with leaves arising around the flowers. The shading and details of this delicate floral design look amazing. The leaves in the tattoo are done in a unique shade of green. Botanical illustrations like this are done with a lot of precision to create a detailed floral tattoo. This peony flower tattoo can make your shoulder blades look marvelous!

Azalea And Hummingbird Shoulder Tattoos

Azalea And Hummingbird Shoulder Tattoos
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Another floral shoulder cap tattoo for you. But this time there is a bonus hummingbird along with the flowers! Floral tattoos and bird tattoos blend in really well in this masterpiece.

In this shoulder tattoo, everything is eye-catching. The azalea flowers along with their leaves and a single hummingbird flying around the flowers are beautiful at the same time. The fine shade done on leaves and flowers, the well-drawn hummingbird together captures a beautiful image. Shoulder tattoos like these are well suited for those who want a scene right out of nature. If you want a hummingbird along with flowers or an eagle or butterfly tattoo with flowers for your shoulder tattoo idea, this is the design that can be an inspiration.

Hibiscus Shoulder Tattoo

Hibiscus Shoulder Tattoo
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Another beautiful black-only tattoo design that will make your skin look stunning. Floral tattoos are not really gender-specific, but it does look beautiful on women and one of the most preferred tattoo designs among women are flowers.

Here, the back shoulder area is covered with tattoos. This back tattoo consists of three hibiscuses, two widely bloomed and one just blooming. There are two types of leaf designs covering the flowers. The well-shaded leaves and flowers together to create a beautiful shoulder cap tattoo. The design starts from the collar bone and extends to the back of the shoulder. Since it’s a back shoulder cap tattoo, it can be easily hidden when preferred. How about getting this detailed ink on your back shoulder?

Bat And Jewellery Shoulder Cap Tattoo

Bat And Jewellery Shoulder Cap Tattoo
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Speaking of style, are you bored of jewellery? How about making your jewellery wrapped around the shoulders like a tattoo. Interesting way to get a shoulder tattoo right? To top it off a bat linked to the aesthetic jewellery, makes this shoulder tattoo look quite stunning!

This shoulder cap tattoo also gives off a vampire vibe. This tattoo is not gender-specific and but is often opted for by one gender. The twinkling jewelry makes this an apt shoulder tattoo for women. The jewelry extends from one side of the shoulder blades to the other side. The bat is on the shoulder joint extending both its wings. The wings extend along with the shoulder blades. The red color shade along the black art gives the design a cool look. Overall the tattoo design seems fierce and dangerous. Instead of bats, you can add eagle or skull tattoos, as per your liking!

Snake And Lily Shoulder Cap Tattoo

Snake And Lily Shoulder Cap Tattoo
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How about a lily shoulder cap tattoo? Seems too innocent in design? Okay then, let’s wrap a snake around the lilies? This makes for a perfect mix of delicate and dangerous. If you are a fan of such tattoos, this shoulder tattoo design is made for you.

This pretty floral tattoo with a twist of a snake makes your shoulder blade look cool. This half sleeve tattoo line art has two lilies on both ends of the design with a snake wrapped along with these two flowers along with the leaves. The tongue of the snake is extended outside giving the tattoo a dangerous look. The lily tattoo symbolizes rebirth and the snake symbolizes destruction. This tattoo can imply rebirth after destruction. If you want a deadly floral tattoo, how about getting a snake twisted around it?

Polynesian Shoulder Cap Tattoo

Polynesian Shoulder Cap Tattoo
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So we have seen a lot of floral tattoos, how about checking out some cool geometric designs? Polynesian shoulder tattoos are a great way to start and give an authentic look to the shoulders.

Here, the Polynesian design covers the shoulder cap in a rounded shape. The circular designs on the upper arms make perfect half sleeve shoulder tattoos for men and women. The small designs along with these tribal tattoos make Polynesian shoulder tattoo ideas for men worth trying out.

Siamese Fighting Fish Shoulder Tattoo

Siamese Fighting Fish Shoulder Tattoo
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Other than flowers, snakes, and bats, what else can we add to make your shoulder tattoo designs stand out? You can add a massive siamese fighting fish, as shown in this design.

In this tattoo, a giant siamese fighting fish is in bright colors. The fighting fish is tattooed on the shoulder blade with its face in the front above the chest. The detail on the fish along with the bright red color makes this tattoo stand out on the shoulders. This body art on the shoulder cap makes a cool fish tattoo if you ever wanna try a different design other than common ones. These can be great shoulder tattoos for men.

Botanical Shoulder Cap Tattoo

Botanical Shoulder Cap Tattoo
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Among the different ways to ink a tattoo on your shoulder blade, a botanical illustration of leaves with a tiny flower looks lovely on any body part. Flowers are not the only way to make floral tattoo designs for your shoulder tattoos. Going a bit green is also a way to make the shoulder cap stand out like a sleeve tattoo.

These floral sleeve tattoos are unique shoulder tattoos in terms of the prominence given to the leaves. Normally, you find flowers given more importance, however, here it is seen in small detail. The leaves extend into three sides of the shoulder blade. The tattoo has a half bloomed flower at the center with leaves extending to the chest on one side. The other two strands of leaves extend on either side of the shoulder blade. Designs like these make perfect shoulder tattoos for men and women.

Colour Blended Floral Shoulder Cap Tattoo

Colour Blended Floral Shoulder Cap Tattoo
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Most shoulder tattoo ideas feature only one type of flower. But, this floral design highlights a blend of flowers and colours.

The three flowers extend from the shoulder blades to the chest. The tattoo is a blend of peony flowers and a rose flower and a peach flower. The tattoo starts with big peony flowers in pink to a small red rose and peachy peach flower. The bright colors on the shoulder cap can be add to personalized shoulder tattoos for men as well as women.

Rose And Camellia Shoulder Cap Tattoo

Rose And Camellia Shoulder Cap Tattoo
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Another floral tattoo for all the nature lovers out there! With bright pink flower petals and dark green leaves, this tattoo isn’t too detailed and has a clean look. This sleeve tattoo is a traditional shoulder tattoo design for the shoulder cap.

This time around, we have rose and camellias for your shoulder cap. The pink shaded rose and camellia look like a painting on the shoulders. It gives cherry blossoms vibes on your shoulders. The rose and camellia are drawn in a more cartoon way. The skin looks pretty in this tattoo. If you are looking for beautiful floral tattoo designs that will cover your arm and shoulders in ink, these sleeve tattoos do the job. It extends to the collar bone in the front just above the chest. How about picking this shoulder tattoo for your shoulders waiting to be inked?

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What is a shoulder cap tattoo?

A shoulder cap tattoo is a large, bold design that typically covers the entire front surface of the shoulder. It can be done in black and gray or full color and often runs from the top of the shoulder to just above the collarbone. This type of tattoo usually features larger, more intricate designs such as flowers, animals, symbols and abstract shapes. It is a popular choice for those looking to make a bold statement and show off their artistic side!

How can I make sure my shoulder cap tattoo looks its best?

When getting a shoulder cap tattoo, it’s important to work with an experienced artist that specializes in this type of artwork. The best way to ensure your tattoo looks its best is to take the time to find an artist whose style and portfolio match what you have in mind. Make sure to discuss all the details with your artist beforehand, including the size, color, and design elements you desire. Lastly, make sure to follow all aftercare instructions provided by your artist in order to keep your tattoo looking its best for years to come.

What are some of the best shoulder cap tattoo designs?

Some of the most popular shoulder cap tattoo designs include portraits, animals, bold geometric shapes, tribal patterns, and detailed flowers. Other common ideas involve combining several different elements or creating a full sleeve design that covers the entire arm. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for something more subtle or create a vibrant and edgy statement piece!

How much does a shoulder cap tattoo cost?

The cost of a shoulder cap tattoo depends on factors such as the size, complexity, and detail of the design. Generally speaking, a full sleeve or large shoulder cap piece can range anywhere from $400-$2000. It is important to remember that your tattoo is an investment and you should always choose quality over quantity!

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