10 Best Shoulder Blade Tattoo Male Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Shoulder Blade Tattoo ideas

Are you searching for shoulder blade tattoo male ideas? Then you are at the right place. We have listed some awesome tattoo designs for you to pick.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo
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Shoulder blade tattoo designs are one of the most sought after by guys.

For men, the shoulder is one of the most popular places to get different types of tattoos. There are several types of cool shoulder tattoo ideas that you can sport and be the talk of the town.

Men who want to show their muscular shoulders can opt for shoulder tattoo designs. With the right amount of experience and skill, your tattoo artist can ink an exquisitely designed tattoo on your shoulder. You can go for plain black ink or add colour to it according to your taste. You can also choose to cover your back shoulder at the same time as the front to go for a more tough look. Here are some handpicked male shoulder blade tattoo ideas just for you.

Polynesian Tattoos On Shoulder Blade

Polynesian Tattoos On Shoulder Blade
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Men with broad shoulders often get inked with extensive tattoo designs like this one. This particular tattoo is called a Polynesian tattoo. In ancient times, it represented the status of the bearer in a hierarchical society, their rank, sex and even genealogy.

You can get this amazing shoulder blade tattoo to express your own identity, status and personality. Moreover, you can also get this shoulder tattoo to celebrate your struggle in your life and achievement. Covering the shoulder cap, the tattoo is inked on part of the upper arm with bold black lines.

Animal Tattoo On Shoulder Area

Animal Tattoo On Shoulder Area
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This awesome body art is for animal lovers and especially those who have a penchant for wildlife and have an intrinsic wild nature.

In this shoulder blade tattoo design, we can see the face of a dog. This cool tattoo is drawn in dark black ink with half the face drawn partly in shade and the other half in geometric shapes. You can go for other animal motifs too to adorn your shoulder joint. This is one of the best shoulder tattoos for men and can easily be inked as a chest tattoo as well.

Dove Tattoo On Shoulder Blade

Dove Tattoo On Shoulder Blade
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This is one of the coolest shoulder tattoo ideas you can get. Depicting a dove with her wings spread out in flight with the backdrop of roses, this back shoulder tattoo is exquisitely beautiful.

A dove tattoo is a significant symbol of peace and love. Done entirely in black and grey using a shading technique, this tattoo symbolises the person’s calmness and genteelness. If you want to wear your nature on your sleeve, rather, your tattoo, go for this one. You can ask your artist to add colours to the tattoo of your choice and even choose a different flower instead of roses. This cool tattoo can work well for women too.

Small Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Small Shoulder Tattoo For Men
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If you swear by the mantra “small is beautiful” like many men, then this small and cute shoulder blade tattoo is just right for you. This small tattoo is an illustration of a turtle in a swirl in its own world. Covering a minimum area of skin, the tattoo is done entirely in black by an experienced hand to depict the swirling motion of the waves.

Having a turtle tattoo is a symbol of patience, and longevity and this type of art is interconnected with environmental sustainability. This is also a cool male shoulder blade tattoo and can also be drawn on the neck and sleeve. This is also one of the most famous shoulder tattoos for women.

Elephant Tattoo On Shoulder Blade

Elephant Tattoo On Shoulder Blade
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This is one of the popular choices of shoulder tattoos for men with the face of an elephant. Having an elephant tattoo is symbolic of loyalty and strength. This awesome back shoulder tattoo can be done on any broad part of the body apart from the shoulder cap.

This shoulder blade tattoo design will look absolutely enchanting if it is drawn carefully on the shoulder. It needs an experienced artist to draw an elephant on the shoulder blade. The splashes of colour add to the uniqueness of the tattoo.

Cosmic Rabbit Tattoo On Shoulder Blade

Cosmic Rabbit Tattoo On Shoulder Blade
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This small shoulder tattoo design of a cosmic rabbit is perfect for guys looking to ink their top shoulder. Having a rabbit tattoo always shows awareness of the uncertain situation in both personal and professional life.

On the other hand, rabbits represent self-sacrifice that may be connected to your life. Hence you can get this tattoo on your shoulder blade as a mark of your struggle, and your creativity. If you are searching for a sleeve tattoo this design is also suitable for that.

Wings Tattoo On Shoulder Blade

Wings Tattoo On Shoulder Blade
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Of all the cool shoulder tattoo ideas, this wings tattoo tops the list. Covering the entire upper back including both the shoulder blade this tattoo is not for the faint-hearted.

wings tattoo represents freedom and this shoulder tattoo is perfect for those who want to show their free and wild spirit. On the other hand, this art is a symbol of protection. Having a wing tattoo can represent your strength to protect yourself and also your people from evil. These types of shoulder tattoo designs will work just as well as a chest tattoo. Exuding a gothic spirit, these tattoo designs for men cover a significant part of the body. Hence, make sure you have a high tolerance for pain.

Cute Penguin Tattoo On Shoulder Blade

Cute Penguin Tattoo On Shoulder Blade
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If you are looking for a simple shoulder tattoo covering only part of your top shoulder skin, this is the right choice for you. The tattoo depicts two cute penguins snuggling together drawn with a bold black border and gradient shading.

Penguin is a notable sign of peace and happiness that exudes cuteness. You can get this small shoulder tattoo to mrk your eternal friendship or bond close to your heart.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Design
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Tribal designs have always been a popular choice among men. This amazing tribal shoulder tattoo adorning the blades radiates raw human nature. This shoulder blade male tattoo design can have various meanings. Typically tribal tattoos are done using bold black inks or sometimes in shades of grey.

Tribal tattoos or any tribal design is also a sign of strength and achievement acquired after hard work. It is a symbol of bravery in many cultures. You can get this tribal shoulder tattoo if you have a certain liking for geometric shapes.

Dragon Tattoo On Shoulder Blade

Dragon Tattoo On Shoulder Blade
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This is another stylish tattoo of a beautiful traditional dragon with flowers. A dragon tattoo means wisdom and spiritual power.

A dragon tattoo looks very attractive and bold on a shoulder blade, especially for men. Generally in the case of making a dragon tattoo on the shoulder blade, black is the favoured colour. However, you can choose to add a bit of colour to customise it to suit your taste.

Shoulder tattoos hurt a bit especially if done on the shoulder cap. Hence, go for these after due consideration. Shoulder tattoo cost depends on the design that you ask the artist to do. For example, making an extensively designed tattoo will cost more than a simple small tattoo. Some of the above shoulder blade tattoo designs like the turtle tattoo, and rabbit tattoo are also suitable for women. If the above list fell short, here are some more shoulder blade tattoos for you to choose from:

  • Floral tattoo with an animal’s face on shoulder blade
  • Skull tattoo on shoulder blade
  • A pirate ship tattoo on shoulder blade
  • Dove tattoo on the shoulder with a few of your favourite lines
  • Phoenix shoulder blade tattoo male
  • Angel tattoo on shoulder blade

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