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101 Best Razor Blade Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Razor Blade Tattoo

If you wish to get a razor tattoo, have a look at some razor blade tattoo designs to take your pick from this list we have assembled for you.

Razor Blade Tattoo
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Razor tattoos are not something that you will ideally think of when you get inked or come across in your daily life, but people who like to live off the edge and dare what they do in life would definitely want to sport a razor tattoo ink.

Razor tattoos do not always stand for violence. A razor tattoo can also symbolize that you have overcome a bad habit you have been struggling to get rid of for long.

Do not be mistaken if you see someone wearing a razorblade tattoo. The person does not really have to be a barber or in the haircutting industry. A razor tattoo may impart a myriad of other meanings. Razor tattoo designs are very unique to look at and convey some kind of message about the person sporting it. A razor tattoo will best suit a person who is calm in his daily life, loves living life on the edge of insanity, and is not easily panicked to see blood! 

A razor tattoo can have different kinds of meanings for different kinds of people. It may stand as a symbol of triumph over bad life, fight against depression, aggression, and many more! For people who have battled depression or have overcome suicidal thoughts, the razor tattoo can stand as a symbol of pride and victory. For those who have successfully overcome an addiction, a razor represents one’s experience and conveys the message that the person has successfully been able to “cut out” the bad habit. This article lists some of the best razor tattoos that you will be proud to wear!

Razor Blade Piercing Through Tattoo

Razor Blade Piercing Through Tattoo
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If you believe you have a strong heart you can sport this tattoo. The most common reason why people might opt for this razor tattoo design is that they want people to be taken by shock. The image of a sharp object piercing through the skin is sure to make you cringe. 

You can also use this as a chest tattoo. While some people are fond of the shock value that this razor tattoo imparts, others might want to use this razor tattoo to strike the perfect balance between what he finds normal and what the world sees as normal. Although the razor is not going to cause you any infection, you need to maintain personal hygiene to avoid any mishappening with the tattoo. 

Folding Razor Tattoo 

Folding Razor Tattoo 
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Some razor blades are equipped with wooden handles that also act as sheaths. You will commonly find these razorblades with barbers. When folded, the weapon doesn’t look as dangerous as it really is. You are going to love how the wooden texture of the handle has been depicted beautifully in the tattoo. The cobwebs have been incorporated, which depicts that the blade has not been in use for quite some time. 

The razor tattoo will look good as a large tattoo in the broader areas of your body. The detailing in the razor tattoo has been incorporated to depict the fine play of light and shadow in the razor. Razor tattoos like this are very easy to carry if you have a buff body. 

Razor Blade Behind The Ear Tattoo

Razor Blade Behind The Ear Tattoo
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This tattoo is sure to give chills down the spine. Having a razor on your scalp or behind your ears is not something that one would ideally think of. However, the scalp being a very sensitive place for getting inked, you need to be cautious about the quality of the razor tattoo design. 

The placement of the tattoo imparts a scary look to the tattoo. It is ideally suggested to only visit tattoo artists who will assure you that they will maintain the utmost personal hygiene while tattooing. However, you can always look for better ideas before you finalize your design. 

Minimalist Razor Blade Tattoo

Minimalist Razor Blade Tattoo
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This minimalist black and white tattoo looks very crafty and will make a great first tattoo. The razor tattoo conveys exactly what a razorblade is: a symbol of violence and danger. A razor blade can also be associated with masculinity and aggression.  

This razor tattoo is pretty small in size. You can get this inked on your arm. This is an ideal choice for men who are not afraid of cuts, violence, and bloodshed. The blood has not been painted bright red. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make it appear any less scary. You can wear this ink design on your skin and show it off with immense pride. 

Patterened Razor Blade Bicep Tattoo 

Patterened Razor Blade Bicep Tattoo 
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If you want your razor tattoo to look simple yet stylish and dangerous, you can go for this design. This razor tattoo design consists of a solid black blade that is embellished with designs in the form of cutouts. 

Although small in size, this razor tattoo will look very impactful when inked on any of the exposed parts of the body. Not only this, but this razor tattoo design can also act as a great coverup tattoo. If you want to overcome the shock of getting the wrong tattoo without having to undergo a tattoo removal treatment, this tattoo design will serve your purpose just right. You are going to love having this design on your upper arm. 

Razor Blade And Cap Small Tattoo

Razor Blade And Cap Small Tattoo
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Who said that a razor tattoo always has to be scary? You can make your razor tattoo appear cool simply by putting a cap over the blade. You are gonna love how cool this body ink looks. The luster of the blade is noteworthy. 

The small size of the tattoo makes it ideal to be used as an arm tattoo. You can sport this tattoo on almost any exposed part of the body. Although the design doesn’t look very realistic, this is a fun tattoo that you might want to consider tattooing on your body. 

Slit Skin Razor Blade And Blood Tattoo 

Slit Skin Razor Blade And Blood Tattoo 
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The image of a blade slitting your skin and blood oozing out of the wound is extremely grotesque. Imagine tattooing the same on your skin. This razor tattoo is scary yet cool!

The design is best portrayed when it is inked on the arm. However, you need to be completely sure about your pain tolerance level to be able to get this design tattooed on your body. You might want to use some numbing cream to endure or overcome the pain. Always opt for a tattoo artist who takes this profession seriously! 

Black And White Folding Razor Tattoo

Black And White Folding Razor Tattoo
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Razors are a symbol of masculinity, power, strength, confidence, and sometimes even aggression. Folding razor blades have handles that can encompass the blade into itself. The best part about incorporating these razor blades into tattoos is that you can get experimental with the handle. Different materials of the handles can be depicted through the use of different kinds of shades and textures. 

These tattoo designs can be used with a number of other elements and made a part of a bigger picture. You can use smaller elements like roses, leaves, glass, or blood stains, all of which will impart a variety of meanings to your tattoos. Razor tattoos like this are worth giving a shot!

Traditional Razor Blade With Flowers

Traditional Razor Blade With Flowers
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The placement for this folding razor has been thought about very skillfully. The razor has been folded, and flowers have been beautifully placed in the fold. The red poppies against the black and white make the flowers stand out marvelously.

The artist has tried to keep the blade as realistic as possible. Not only this, but the handle of the razorblade also has strokes that make it look almost life-like. This is one of the razor tattoos’ coolest ideas that you will come across!

Razorblade Tattoo With Teeth

Razorblade Tattoo With Teeth
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Although minimalist in nature, do not be fooled by the small size of this tattoo. It looks very ferocious. You are going to love having this tattoo with a set of teeth sticking out.

The design of the razor blade in this tattoo has been kept very simple. Although the tattoo artist has put some thought into incorporating some elements of light and shade, the texture is not very intricately detailed. Nevertheless, this is a great design to have if you are planning to get your first tattoo. 

Hope this gives you a thorough idea about the different types of razor tattoos and their significance. Be it the celebration of eliminating a bad life or simply finding something to wear as a matter of pride and confidence, you can always sport a razorblade tattoo like a pro. Find the design that will suit you the best, and get the tattoo design that you will cherish for a lifetime!

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What is a razor blade tattoo?

A razor blade tattoo is a type of body art that is created by creating small and precise cuts into the skin using a single-edged razor blade. This style of tattooing was popularized in the late 20th century, but has become more mainstream in recent years. In this process, pigment is then inserted into the tiny incisions to create a variety of patterns and designs. The design is usually not too deep, so it can heal quickly without leaving behind any permanent damage to the skin.

What are some of the best razor blade tattoo designs?

There are a variety of razor blade tattoo designs that can be created. Some popular designs include geometric patterns, abstract shapes, and outlines of figures or symbols. Other popular designs include simple words or phrases, animals, religious symbols, and flowers. The best part about these tattoos is that they are unique since each one is made specifically for the individual.

How much does a razor blade tattoo cost?

The cost of a razor blade tattoo varies depending on the size and complexity of the design as well as other factors such as the artist’s experience. Generally speaking, a smaller, simpler tattoo can range from $50 to $100 while larger or more detailed designs may cost up to several hundred dollars. Therefore, it is important to talk to the artist and discuss pricing before committing to any design.

Is a razor blade tattoo right for me?

Before getting a razor blade tattoo, it is important to consider all the risks that come with this type of body art. Razor blade tattoos are more painful than traditional tattoos because they involve multiple incisions being made into the skin. Additionally, due to the nature of this technique, it is important to find an experienced artist who can accurately create the desired design. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the results of this type of tattooing may not be as permanent as those from traditional tattoos. With all these factors in mind, it is important to carefully consider whether a razor blade tattoo is right for you.

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