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Best Shoes For Short Men – The Ultimate Guide In 2024!

by Cressida meale
Shoes for Short Men

I get it — you want to add some inches without looking like you’re trying too hard. You’re in luck because the shoes on your feet can elevate your game or shrink your stature. And I’m not just talking metaphorically. Look, people might not tell you, but the first thing they often notice about your get-up? It’s your shoes. Sure, you’ve got that crisp shirt and those killer jeans, but it’s the shoes that can be the linchpin of your whole look.

So, what’s the deal? Do some shoes make you look like you’ve got legs for days while others anchor you to the ground? Absolutely. Keep reading, and I’ll break down the do’s and don’ts for picking the proper footwear when you’re on the shorter side. You don’t need a massive collection—just an innovative, tight lineup will do the trick. Let’s get into it.

Shoes for Short Men
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The Real Deal on Shoes for Short Men

Listen up, fellas. We’re diving into the shoe game, specifically for my shorter brothers. Whether you’re 5’5″ or 5’9″, picking the right pair of shoes is crucial for style and a confident stride. And let’s make one thing clear: It’s not about snagging the team with the highest heel. It’s about getting shoes that work for you, that vibe with your ensemble, and that makes you look and feel on point.

The Height Factor: Not Just About Thick Soles

We all get tempted to wear shoes with thick soles, thinking it’s a shortcut to looking taller. Sure, boots like the Chelsea can add an inch or two, but let’s not kid ourselves—elevator shoes are not a sustainable strategy. The real deal? Find kicks that offer the right balance of comfort, fit, quality, and style.

The Must-Haves: What to Look For

Shoes for Short Men
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When you’re out shoe shopping, prioritize these:

  1. Comfort & Sizing: Non-negotiable. Your shoes should fit like a glove.
  2. Quality: Don’t cheap out. Go for leather, suede, or other long-lasting materials.
  3. Versatility: Think dark brown penny loafers or classic white sneakers that go with everything.

Now, for the stylistic details:

  1. Tapered Toe Box: Avoid extremes—nothing too pointy or too boxy.
  2. Clean Lines: Stick to simple, streamlined designs.
  3. Solid Soles and Heels: Heavier soles and heels can subtly add to your height.
  4. Low Contrast Color: Opt for monochromatic or low-contrast colors to elongate your frame.

Pitfalls: What to Dodge – Elevator Shoes

Shoes for Short Men
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Don’t fall for the quick fix. Elevator shoes often compromise on style or quality. If you’re considering them for a specific occasion, make it the exception, not the rule.

Pointy & Square Toe Shoes

Shoes for Short Men
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Just don’t. They’re not timeless and mess with your look’s proportions.

Barefoot Shoes

barefoot shoes
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These are functional but offer zero height advantage. They’re an option but know what you’re trading off.

Incorrect Sizing

Shoes for Short Men
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Too big, and you’re swimming in them; too small, and you’re setting yourself up for foot issues. Always stick to your actual size. Seriously, no one cares about your shoe size as much as you think they do.

Pro Tip: Consider Boots

If you’re keen on gaining a slight edge in height, ditch the gimmicks and opt for a solid pair of boots. They’re stylish, versatile, and can subtly add to your size without making it obvious.

There you have it. Whether vertically challenged or just looking to maximize what you’ve got, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference. Now, step up your game and go make those feet happy.

Shoe Brands To Give You A Boost

For Classic Looks

  1. Allen Edmonds’ Park Avenue’: A classic leather oxford with a sturdy heel.
  2. Grenson’ Archie’ Brogues: The substantial sole adds a little extra without overdoing it.

Versatile Casuals

  1. Joint Projects Original Achilles Low: Low-key but high-quality, these sneakers work with anything.
  2. Adidas Stan Smith: A monochrome option can elongate your overall look.

Booting Up

  1. Red Wing Iron Ranger: A solid, rugged boot that adds height and gravitas.
  2. Clarks Desert Boot: A more casual option with a heel just the right size.
  3. Thursday Boot Company’s ‘Captain’ Boot: Sleek and stylish, they add a good inch or more to your stature.

Loafing Around

  1. G.H. Bass’ Weejun’ Penny Loafers: Classic, sleek, and slightly elevated.
  2. Tod’s ‘Gommino’ Driving Shoes: While these won’t add much height, they’re streamlined enough to not make you look shorter.

Quick Tips:

  • Sneakers with Boost Tech: Think Adidas Ultra Boost. The tech provides a little elevation without sacrificing comfort.

Now, these options aren’t just about adding inches; they also tick the boxes for comfort, style, and versatility. Whether you’re going formal or keeping it casual, there’s something here for everyone. But don’t just take my word for it—give these bad boys a try. Trust me, your feet (and your height) will thank you.

6 Extra Tips For Dressing Well As A Shorter Man

Let’s expand the playbook for shorter guys who want to dress sharp and look taller. Here’s what you should be keeping in mind:

  • Tailoring is Key – If there’s one thing to splurge on, it’s tailoring. Baggy clothes can drown you, making you appear shorter and bulkier. A well-tailored suit or even a set of casual clothes can elongate your figure.
  • Proportion Play – Pay attention to the proportion of your clothes—especially things like the width of your tie, the size of your collar, or the break of your trousers. Keep everything scaled to your body size.
  • Vertical Lines Are Your Friends – Vertical stripes can work magic by elongating your frame. These can be a subtle but effective tool, whether a pinstripe suit or a vertically striped shirt.
  • Color Coordination – Avoid high contrast between your top and bottom halves. This can cut your figure in half, making you appear shorter. Stick to monochromatic or similar hues to extend your frame.
  • Upward Attention – Your goal is to draw the eye upward. Pocket squares, a fabulous pair of shades, or even a well-groomed beard can do this effectively.
  • Smart Accessorizing – Stick to smaller accessories that complement your size. Oversized watches or large belts can overwhelm your frame.
  • Opt for Low-Rise Pants – Low-rise trousers elongate your torso, giving the illusion of height. Please ensure they’re well-fitted and end at the top of your shoes.
  • Shoe Game – We’ve covered this, but it’s worth repeating. Pick shoes that add a bit to your height but are still comfortable and versatile.
  • Confidence is King – Last but not least, wear your clothes with confidence. If you feel good, you’ll naturally stand taller, and that’s the best way to look taller.

Alright, it’s time to put all this knowledge into action. Head to your wardrobe, make some assessments and don’t hesitate to refresh some key pieces that align with these guidelines. You feel good when you look good—it’s as simple as that.

The Science Behind Looking Taller

  1. Heel-to-Toe Drop: Researchers often use the term “heel-to-toe drop” to measure how much higher the heel is than the forefoot. In running shoes, for example, a higher drop has been shown to change the wearer’s posture, making a person appear taller.
  2. Elevator Shoes Study: While not academically rigorous, several studies have assessed the psychological impact of height-increasing shoes. Participants often report feeling more confident, which affects posture and the perception of height.
  3. Posture and Alignment: Scientific evidence shows that foot alignment influences posture. Properly designed shoes can improve posture, making a person appear taller.

Industry Standards

  1. Cuban Heels: Historically speaking, Cuban heels had the dual purpose of style and height increase. Elvis was a fan, and this design has made a modern comeback.
  2. The Red Carpet: Observe any awards show. Male celebrities often choose footwear that gives them a little height boost, and style analysts often dissect these choices.

Anecdotal Evidence

  1. Online Reviews: Look at customer reviews for brands specializing in height-increasing shoes. While not scientific, the volume of positive feedback suggests some level of effectiveness.
  2. Fashion Forums: Threads and discussions often provide real-world evidence that certain shoe types, such as boots or thick-soled loafers, make one appear taller.

So while we may not have a pile of peer-reviewed studies telling us that Shoe A will make you precisely 1.5 inches taller, there’s a wealth of observational and anecdotal evidence, along with some industry-backed facts, that suggest specific shoes can indeed boost your height, or at least the perception of it.


So there you have it, gents—the full breakdown on leveling up your shoe game, especially if you’re on the shorter side. Remember, it’s not about overcompensating with ridiculous heels or platform shoes. It’s about selecting comfortable, stylish kicks that work well with your entire ensemble. The right shoes can subtly add height and boost your confidence, but the wrong ones can do the opposite. Avoid quick fixes like elevator shoes that might mess with your style game and long-term foot health. And never underestimate the power of a solid pair of boots. They’re the true unsung heroes in the quest for a bit more height. Now that you’re armed with all the tips invest in some footwear that makes you look and feel like the top-tier guy you are.

Photo By Dim Hou on Unsplash

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