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101 Best Raiders Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Raiders Tattoos

Are you looking for some amazing raiders tattoo ideas? Keep reading to discover some of the most excellent raiders’ tattoo designs.

Raiders Tattoo
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Die-hard fans of the Oakland raiders always get raiders’ tattoos to show their appreciation for the team.

Football fans are very possessive about their teams. The Oakland raider fans are die-hard fans of the team for their dedication and aggressive side.

The Las Vegas Raiders, a professional American football team, is situated in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The Raiders are a team of the American Football Conference of the National Football League. Raiders nation is well-known for the way they play and their gameplay. Oakland raider’s tattoos are best if you are looking for a tattoo for dedication and team play. We have created a list of some Oakland raider tattoos for you.

Raider Nation Tattoo Design

Raider Nation Tattoo Design
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If you are a fan of the las vegas raiders, then this raiders tattoo design is definitely for you. The nation raider is one of the famous football teams, and they were one of the original AFL teams. They are also called the Oakland Raiders. Raiders fans and raiders are famous for their belligerent, rowdy, rude, and aggressive sides, and the raider nation wears this description like an honor badge.

This super cool raiders tattoo is classic and iconic of all time. The inking is detailed and done with intricate shadow work with fine and highly defined black ink lines. Suppose you are a true raider fan, then this ink must-have for you. You can always improve the tattoo by adding more content to the tattoo. Irrespective of your skin color, this will look good on you.

Super Cool Raiders Logo Tattoo

Super Cool Raiders Logo Tattoo
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 If you are a fan of Oakland Raiders, then getting their allegiance inked is not about fan service; it’s for the love and respect for the nation raiders. So if you are looking for a super cool iconic logo of raiders, then this tattoo idea is just for you. The ink contains a skull that is holding an iconic raider’s face. The inking is detailed with high-quality tattooing skills. 

This raider tattoo must be the badass depiction of raider nation among all the raider tattoos. If you want, you can customize this tattoo by adding elements or slogans of your liking to make this tattoo more eye-catching. These Oakland Raiders tattoos will look great on the skin of your arm or back.

Las Vegas Raiders Full Sleeve Tattoo

Las Vegas Raiders Full Sleeve Tattoo
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People use many terms to describe this team, but their passion and devotion for football stand above all. You can find many las vegas raiders tattoos, but this full sleeve raiders tattoo is just magnificent. If you are a diehard fan of raiders, you should get this inking as your next new tattoo.

The tattoo is perfectly assembled with its iconic elements, logo, and slogan. With intricate shadow works and precise details. If you want, you can choose elements of your liking or add silver to it to make it their iconic silver and black theme.

Las Vegas Raiders Tattoo

Las Vegas Raiders Tattoo
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This delicate and simple raider tattoo is going to be an eye creature. And sometimes simple, classic, and iconic tattoos are super cool and stunning. They can be as eye-catching as some heavily detailed full-sleeve tattoos.

Most fans get this icon as a sign of their devotion to the raiders team. The tattoo is precisely done by the tattoo artist, with the black ink detailed fine line work and a touch of shadowing works. This inking will look great on your hand or back. This tattoo will look great regardless of your skin color and style.

Crosby Raiders Skull Tattoo

Crosby Raiders Skull Tattoo
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If you’re a huge lover of the Maxx Crosby and the Raider team, this tattoo featuring the skulls of raiders is an incredible one to be tattooed across your body. The Crosby fighter tattoo is large in proportion. Most people love these kinds of tattoos to be noticeable, as these must-have tattoo details should remain intact.

The Crosby skull tattoo of the raider is inked in black, and it is possible to use other colors, names, or characters to make it more appealing. The broken helmet that covers the skull, with two knives behind it and the mask, appeals to those who are fans of Maxx Crosby and the Raider team.

Lettering Raiders Tattoo

Lettering Raiders Tattoo
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Most people like having the name or additional information of the team tattooed. This lettering “Raiders” sign is a great way to show your devotion to the team. The tattoo is composed of curvy letters of the word “Raiders” inked with grey and black shades. Since these raider tattoos represent the image of the group, many love them in big sizes, and this tattoo serves as a symbol. This raiders logo tattoo is perfect for showing your appreciation for the team and the game.

The letters are significant in their size and are drawn in a way that gives a 3-D appearance raider nation tattoo. The lettering of the raider’s tattoos also has its logo inked at a proper size to the other tattoos. If you’re a major admirer of the Raiders team, then this ought to tattoo on your forearm, back, or chest.

Hyper-realistic Raiders Tattoo

Hyper-realistic Raiders Tattoo
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There are many Oakland Raiders tattoos to choose from. One of the reasons to choose a logo of the raider tattooed onto your body is to show your dedication and respect for the team. This incredibly realistic raider tattoo will look great on your arm. The place you put the tattoo is your choice. However, it’s essential to consider how noticeable it will appear and if you would like it to be noticed by other people. The raider’s tattoo is an old-fashioned look because of the distinctive use of black ink to create shadows, which creates a total striking contrast.

The face is drawn with a style that appears like a real photo in the eyes of the casual observer. Its “commitment towards excellence” represents the fierce and rebellious look of the raider nation team. The tattoo that is hyper-realistic of the raider nation could be a popular choice to consider when you wish to have an image of the legendary team tattooed on your body.

Raiders Logo Tattoo

Raiders Logo Tattoo
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If you’re a fan of the Raider team, who like the hard-hitting and rebellious image the team embodies, then getting this logo of the Oakland Raiders or las vegas raiders placed on your neck could be just for you. Although the most sought-after location to get the emblem of the raider’s tattoos is around the wrist, the designs may also be tattooed on other body parts, such as the back, chest, or even the legs as well.

And, like this one, you could tattoo them on your neck to make the logo visible. But, you’ll need to choose a reliable and skilled tattoo artist to give clarity and accuracy to the logo’s original. This way, you will show your love for the Oakland Raiders or las vegas raiders team, but it won’t appear as obvious. A raiders logo tattoo is the ideal way to show your love and respect for the tattoo.

Raiders Crosby Skull Tattoo

Raiders Crosby Skull Tattoos
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A kind of body art for passionate football fans. Maxx Crosby is a well-known football player who now plays for that team. Maxx Crosby participated in collegiate football at the University of Michigan from 2015 through 2018, during which time he garnered a significant number of fans. There are many cool Oakland Raiders Tattoos to choose from but this is a very cool one and is not usually on any social sites.

This piece of body art is for those who are passionate about American football and are loyal fans of the Oakland Raiders—designed primarily with the defender Maxx Crosby, who is highly regarded for the defensive effectiveness he brings to the club in mind throughout the design process. The whole design of the tattoo consists of shadings of black and silver alone. The tattoo artist did a quality job with the detailed artwork, which is now proudly displayed on the wearer’s forearm.

Raiders On Mind Tattoo

Raiders On Mind Tattoo
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Hostile. Rough. Coarse. Fierce. The Oakland Raiders and their devoted supporters are often described in such glowing terms. The Oakland Raiders fan base, on the other hand, takes pride in their adversity. By the standards of those who aren’t tough enough to wear the black and silver, the Raiders are the league’s meanest team. As a result of their efforts, the Raiders have been crowned champions of the Bay Area Battle of the Bay. People from many walks of life and all across the world are part of the Raider Nation phenomenon.

There is little doubt that Raiders fans will be the first in line to have their Raiders tattoo tattooed on their bodies. However, there are many Raider tattoo ideas to pick from. Incorporating the Raider Shield or one of the team’s catchphrases, like “Just Win, Baby!” is simple yet a massive hit. This fan’s dedication to their favorite team is permanently inking their logo on his skull, an unusual yet striking location for such a tattoo.

In life, there are only some things that we feel dedicated to. Raiders nation is a thing that many people feel dedicated to. The Oakland Raiders are well known for their dedication and rough play. They are known to hit some of the best records or stats in football history. If you want to get an Oakland raiders tattoo, this is your sign to get one. For additional information, you can also contact the tattoo artist to know about the tattoo. Oakland raiders’ tattoos are very classy, and we have added some more options for you to choose from.

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What is a raiders tattoo?

A Raiders tattoo is a tattoo that pays tribute to the National Football League (NFL) team, the Oakland Raiders. It typically features the Raiders logo accompanied by imagery of skulls, flames, swords and other symbols associated with the team’s bold and rebellious spirit. Some people choose to get their tattoos in black ink while others prefer vibrant colors to represent their team spirit. No matter the design, a Raiders tattoo is sure to show off your pride for this iconic NFL franchise.

How much does a raiders tattoo cost?

The cost of a Raiders tattoo will depend on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the design, the skill level of the artist, and the type of ink used. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos can cost $50-$100 whereas larger ones may range from $200-$500 or more. Prices can also vary depending on where you get your tattoo and the reputation of the artist. It’s always best to do research and get quotes from different parlors before making a final decision.

How big should a raiders tattoo be?

The size of a Raiders tattoo is ultimately up to the wearer and can range from small, subtle designs to large and intricate pieces. It’s important to consider how visible you want your tattoo to be and where on your body you’d like it placed before deciding on a size. If you’re looking for a more discreet design, smaller tattoos are usually the way to go. However, if you want a bold statement piece, larger designs tend to be more eye-catching and impactful. Ultimately, it’s up to your individual style and preference.

What is the best placement for a raiders tattoo?

The best placement for a Raiders tattoo depends on your individual style and the size of the design. For smaller pieces, some popular placements include the wrist, ankle, or forearm. For larger designs, backpieces or full sleeves tend to look more impactful and can stretch across multiple parts of your body. Ultimately, it’s up to you where you’d like to place your tattoo. As long as the design is visible and done by a reputable artist, it’ll surely be an eye-catching tribute to your favorite team.

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