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101 Best Plant Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Plant Tattoos

If you love plants or are concerned about trees and our planet, these mind-blowing plant tattoo ideas are just a treat for you.

Plant Tattoo
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Plants are the symbolism for harmony, beauty, art, hope and life.

We have evolved for centuries to reach the modern period with advanced technologies. Yet, there is no replacement found to the one true love, a symbol of hope and endurance that plants stand for.

A fern tattoo is one that is the utmost choice of all who want to embark on a new journey of life. It talks about new beginnings, passion, dreams and creativity. A fern is also a symbol of a home, a shelter where one can find home and peace amidst the ever-widening chaos. However, there are many other botanical tattoos that can really amp up your tattoo game. These tattoos are extremely trendy as one is constantly caught in the humdrum of life and seeks for a pause to start afresh.

A Rosemary Tattoo For Your Belief In Mysticism

A Rosemary Tattoo For Your Belief In Mysticism
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If you spend most of your time believing in myths and stories of supernatural heroism, you have found your Holy Grail! Rosemary has a very close link with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, a symbol of sexuality and beauty. Aphrodite appeared victorious when she emerged from the sea and had rosemary wrapped around her.

This tattoo can stem from the idea of victory, beauty and pride that Goddess Aphrodite is worshipped for in classical mythology.

Love That Can Be Found Or Lost

Love That Can Be Found Or Lost
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Flower tattoos have a wide range to cover. Between the dichotomy of life and death, happy and sad, smiling and crying, winning and losing, good luck and bad omen, war and peace, man and woman to love and loss, they cover all with different meanings, symbols, patterns and art.

Rose is a symbol of both requited and unrequited love. However, the black rose in particular stands for grief and denotes someone’s personal loss. One can ink it in black or grey as a way to remember one’s loved one and immortalize the person. Art such as painting, poetry, music as well as tattoo are all ways to make something eternal on your skin. Black rose is extremely romanticized and adds a great dimension to one’s personality.

While being a sign of loss and grief, this tattoo also has other symbols attached to it. A black rose is also used by some people to show strength and resilience. It is a display of undaunted courage and rebellion against any form of authoritarianism. So, if you are also the one who is wild and unstoppable, this is the perfect pick for you.

Mushroom Tattoo

Mushroom Tattoo
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Magic and mushrooms have the relationship of shoes and socks, they go hand in hand. From films on magic to tattoos, the mushroom is both a sign of evil, witchcraft and black magic to positive energy, happy atmosphere and a piece of great adornment in the land of princesses and fairies. Mushrooms, because of their colours, add to the element of mysticism.

They can be made psychedelic and can be synchronized with a myriad of cool and warm colours and designs or can be made into a minimalist plant tattoo by keeping it simply grey or black.

Besides magic, a lot of cultures find mushrooms to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity, so can be seen as a good luck plant tattoo. These serve as wonderful tattoo ideas as everything lies in the details and thus can be used in a lot of creative ways with a plethora of meanings for nature lovers.

There is also a history of some cultures that find connotations such as masculinity and courage attached with mushrooms that can be endorsed for personality statements.

A Minimalist Plant Tattoo For All

A Minimalist Plant Tattoo For All
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If you are the one who has strong affinity for elegance, subtleness and simplicity, this minimalist tattoo idea is your best friend. These tattoos use sparse colors, bold and crisp shades of black or grey and minimal designs to impart their meaning. They are usually small flower plant tattoos or just small flowers such as roses, lotus, flowers or trees with simple patterns that together represent elegance and effortlessness.

For those who wish to get a fairly small area of their body inked with subtlety in meaning then, elegance, thy name is a minimalist tattoo!

Floral Plant Tattoo

Floral Plant Tattoo
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Harmony, pure beauty and peace are what plants stand for but when all the meanings that different flowers inhibit come together, they give a perfectly synchronized collage of meanings making floral tattoos.

Every plant is special in the way it exhibits its strength and characteristic feature. Yellow-orange sunflower is known for its mirth, liveliness and freshness. How mesmerizing it is to look at the sunflowers fresh in the sun with its full bloom! In Chinese culture, sunflower is akin to longevity, vitality, wisdom, good luck and rejuvenation. Here it is also seen that incorporating the honeybee drawing towards the flower adds a different meaning to the tattoo and symbolizes the growth.

The white daisies are a sign of innocence, simplicity, rebirth, faith and hope. It complements the sunflower with which it is in a aesthetic blend. The colour blue shows inspiration and yearning for what one loves.

If You Have Nothing In Mind, Think Green!

If You Have Nothing In Mind, Think Green!
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Very trendy these days, the green plant Monstera Adansonii, in Chinese tradition represents respect and admiration for elders and warmly honouring the guests when one is visited by. The monstera plant tattoo is in trend because of the positive energy it oozes out.

Other green leafy small plant tattoos also signify long life, shelter and care.

White Plant Tattoo For Peace

White Plant Tattoo For Peace
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Color white is associated with peace and everything pure for a long time. The white lily tattoo is one that celebrates motherhood, new beginnings, the taste of paradise and everlasting light. This flower tattoo along with the green leaves and a bud that is waiting to bloom is one that can remind you of the abundant happiness just waiting for you.

Move On Plant Tattoo

Move On Plant Tattoo
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It is always our past that holds us from what the bright future awaits. These dandelions, whether white or yellow or minimalist black, make complete sense when one is fighting with the demons of the past haunting the present.

With the message of moving on and constant growth, the dandelions can be one inspiration to let go of what is gone.

Cactus Plant Tattoo

Cactus Plant Tattoo
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Cactus is a plant that most people associate with endurance, protection and these two together make for the world’s truest love, the motherly love. The plant has a unique feature that can withstand hardship and stand victorious that can best go with the tenacious personality in you. It has beauty and hope to see the better days ahead once the hardship is over.

This tattoo has gained tremendous popularity for its resonance with everyone’s lives.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoo
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Cherry blossoms have a mythical aura associated with calmness and comfort. If you make the decision to get a cherry tattoo inked on your skin, that would represent everlasting immortality. It encapsulates eternity and beyond. It is mostly recommended for the lively soul who wants to taste life before it slips away.

So, these are the most desirable ideas for you to get going. Get yourself inked with these aesthetically pleasing designs and flaunt them as you desire. Here are some more tips and suggestions that will not let you hold yourself from visiting a tattooist soon:

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What are plant tattoos?

Plant tattoos are a unique form of body art which feature designs depicting plants, flowers, trees, and other natural elements. Plant tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, from small minimalist designs to large intricate pieces. They can be used to represent your connection to nature or as a way to express yourself creatively. Whatever the purpose, plant tattoos are a great way to express your individuality and love for all things natural. With so many possibilities, you can be sure that your plant tattoo will be unique and special!

How much do plant tattoos cost?

The cost of plant tattoos can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the artist who is creating it. Generally, a small and simple tattoo can range in price from $50 to $200, while larger and more intricate designs may cost up to several hundred dollars or more. It is important to research different artists and studios before making a decision to ensure you are getting the best quality and price. Ultimately, the cost of a plant tattoo will depend on your budget and your specific needs.

What are the most popular plant tattoos?

Some of the most popular plant tattoos are those featuring trees, flowers, vines, and leaves. Trees often symbolize growth and strength, while flowers represent beauty and renewal. Vines are a great way to add texture and dimension to any tattoo design. Leaves can represent beginnings or endings, depending on the type of leaf that is used. Other popular plant tattoo designs include lotus flowers, succulents, cacti, and tropical plants. No matter what type of plant you choose to get inked with, it can be a beautiful way to express your connection to nature.

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