101 Best Faith Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Faith Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you willing to express your spirituality on your skin? Fret not. We have curated a list of some truly liberating faith tattoos for you to get inked!

Best Faith Tattoo
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Faith is an abstract concept that defies logic and reasoning with its sheer existence.

Generally, the word faith denotes a firm belief and complete confidence is something or someone. But humans’ faith in God is something that remains a mystery even in 2021.

The Biblical definition of faith is itself a sacred religious scripture for Christians. The word faith demands in magnanimous quantities complete belief and devotion to God even though one may not be able to see proof of God’s work. Though the word might be overtly associated with religion and beliefs, one can aptly fit it into day-to-day human existence. That’s where faith tattoos come in. Faith tattoos are a modern way of expressing your spiritual self through body art. The meaning of these tattoos differs with the wearer and their perception towards life and religion. For the religious, a faith tattoo would signify marking God on their bodies, while for the non-believers it is trust in nature and surroundings. Which is to say, whether you are a believer or not, faith tattoos could be right for you to project your true self on your skin. Scroll ahead to find some cool ideas for your faith tattoo!

Infinite Faith Tattoo

Infinite Faith Tattoo
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Infinity and faith go hand in hand. Whether it is your belief in Jesus or anything else, if you have a firm belief in it, you just do. Here, the tattoo artist adds the motif of flight with the handful of birds that constitute the second loop of infinity. It might be put in to show how liberating faith really is and how one should believe in something. Utter disbelief in things is no way to lead a healthy life and this tattoo is evidence of it. You can try this simple line tattoo on your forearms, as is shown in the picture, or a miniature version of this in between your fingers.

Simple Faith Tattoo

Simple Faith Tattoo
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If you like your tattoos to be simple and elegant, this design could do the trick for you. Written in cursive, this small design has a deep underlying meaning to it. The extension of “f” and “h” could be interpreted as the Christian symbol of the Cross. It is the same cross upon which Jesus repented for our sins and sacrificed himself, a reminder so subtle that one must always have absolute faith in Jesus and his doings even and especially when there are no results to see. Given its smaller size, you can place this design on any part of your body that offers some exposure.

Faith Tattoo With Florals

Faith Tattoo With Florals
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This tattoo takes the previous design up a level by adding cherry blossoms at the two ends. The flowers adorn the simple faith tattoo and also add to the cross a touch of divinity. Pink and green ink also makes the design look vibrant and positive, resulting in an overall aesthetic-looking tattoo.

Minimalist Faith Tattoo
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If you are someone who puts immense faith in life and looks forward to the world around you in search of this attitude, this design could be able to express it in fruition. Carved in plain black ink, this faith tattoo begins with delicate cursive letters and ends with a rose. This small tattoo can be used on your clavicle, as shown in the picture, or could be inked anywhere based on your preference.

Faith Tattoo On Chest

Faith Tattoo On Chest
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If fonts fascinate you with their twists and turns, you can always try out different fonts for your faith tattoo. Here, the artist turns back to the good old Times New Roman and makes way for elegance through a dainty show. You can use your own embellishments to this font if you like or can leave it just be for a neat, minimal faith tattoo. Besides the chest, such tattoos would look great right above your forearm.

Symbolic Faith Tattoos

Symbolic Faith Tattoos
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Don’t like words much? Faith tattoos don’t necessarily revolve around words, don’t worry! This faith tattoo stands as the symbol of the Biblical saying, “There is hope, should oceans rise and mountains fall, He never fails,” expressing so much in so little. The Christian connotation in absolute surrender to God and His ways reverberates yet again, and this time with direct comparison to nature. If you are a believer, you know how this speaks volumes about faith. Besides, it is so cool and modern to bring together various symbols along with the cross and craft a significant tattoo design.

Minimalist Faith Tattoos
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This symbol is much simpler and easier to interpret that says that God is greater than all the highs and lows of life. Minimalists may find this piece of art appealing enough to show it off on their wrist or neck and still showcase their faith and love for God.

Faith Hope Love Tattoo

Faith Hope Love Tattoo
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This slogan can be well displayed in a small tattoo with symbols. The cross adds a divine touch to the look of the tattoo, meaning to manifest life on the three entities of faith, hope, and love. The word faith is implied rather than stated and makes the tattoo a neat representation of your motto. You can use this faith love hope tattoo design to ink your wrist or to any other part that you like.

Fé Tattoo Designs

Fé Tattoo Designs
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Fé comes from Portuguese meaning faith. Fé in tattoos serves to act as a symbol for the full word and add a different edge to the design. It also conveys the undertones of femininity which is used by many people who search for more delicate-looking tattoos. Here, fine line work is used to get a dainty fé in cursive. The birds act as decor to this small tattoo, thereby increasing its aesthetic appeal.

Fe Wrist Tattoo
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Similar to the previous tattoo, this fé tattoo uses an embellishment, but it is a cross to express your love for the divine. You may get these faith tattoos inked on the nape of your neck or the back of your arm near the elbow region.

Faith Tattoo On Wrist

Faith Tattoo On Wrist
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If you love some bold, black tattoos, this tattoo will give you an idea to style this word in a different light. The word faith is inked in bold black and with added strokes on the letters to beautify the wrist. The design stands out with its different approach in exhibiting the word and maintaining a balance between plain and intricate designs.

Faith Tattoos On Ankle

Faith Tattoos On Ankle
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For those who are wondering, a faith tattoo does no harm to your faith or is offensive to the religion. The body is a shrine for you to experience your existence and a tattoo on your ankle is a beautiful way to etch art. Opt for a balanced tattoo that is not too complicated and not too banal. You can also impart colours if you like.

Faith Tattoo With Arrows

Faith Tattoo With Arrows
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Cross is commonly associated with a faith tattoo to define Christian beliefs. However, the symbol of an arrow is equally potent in displaying your search for faith and love in the almighty. An arrow in faith tattoos point towards ascension and thereby God. For non-believers, it could stand as an emblem of levitation and uplifting spirit of nature and the universe. If you want something more than small tattoo designs with the cross, opt for a geometrical arrow pattern that takes your faith higher.

Faith Tangental Pattern Tattoo
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Many people love a splash of colour in tattoo designs and using such a touch of watercolour adds vibrancy to your faith tattoo. The tangential pattern at the back of the arrow also contributes to the aesthetics of this design. You can get arrow tattoos on the back, or on your calf due to the greater surface area.

Faith tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts and have stood the test of time even in 2021. These tattoos can be a right fit for anyone who wishes to make a permanent mark with their faith. Here are some more suggestions to help you select your faith tattoo:

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  3. Faith tattoo with a heart
  4. Fé tattoo on the neck
  5. Cross tattoo with beads forming an infinity

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