10 Best Nurses Symbol Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Nurses Symbol Tattoos

Nurse are our front line warriors, and there is no doubt about that. These nurses symbol tattoos empower their compassion and care for the people.

Nurses Symbol Tattoo
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Tattoos on nurses are not that common; however, with the emergence of amazing medical tattoo art, you can only imagine more nurses having a tattoo.

There are a few ingrained elements like a caduceus, heart rhythm and stethoscope, which are commonly found in such designs. Some of the designs may have a remarkable and distinctive feature that looks nothing like the traditional classic nurse tattoos.

Over 46% of the people in the United States have some kind of tattoo on their bodies. This shows how traditionally it is now accepted by the majority of the people of the states. This automatically results in many nurses in medical fields getting tattoos, a very common threat now. Tattoos are still not appropriate in a professional field, but they are not completely restricted. Not all Nurses care about tattoos, but there are nurses who care about tattoos as well. Nurses tattoo designs are just as diverse as the professions in the medical field. You have a wide range of ideas such as half sleeves, full sleeves, and a small piece which both men and women can get. There are many designs to choose from, so we have made a perfect list for it.

Floral Stethoscope Tattoo

Floral Stethoscope Tattoo
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A stethoscope is a vital tool for registered nurses in the healthcare field. It has been an important part, with stethoscopes playing a crucial role. If you are a tattoo enthusiast who likes stethoscopes tattoos, then clearly, you look for more than just the visuals of the tattoo. You understand the significance and the history of the stethoscope.

This stethoscope design with floral compliments is a great tattoo of choice. Stethoscope tattoo designs symbolize the healing profession of nurses and doctors in the medical field. Any stethoscope you see shows the proud example of men and women who save lives on a daily basis. The best place to pin this tattoo or perhaps have this tattoo is definitely your shoulder.

Realistic Nurse Tattoo

Realistic Nurse Tattoo
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Realistic design art tattoos ideas are always on demand, and the same goes for this realistic nurse tattoo. The traditional looking registered nurse or rn tattoo nurse looks the best when you are tattooing it from an expert tattoo artist. The design shows the perfect moment for a registered nurse who is about to administer an injection. In a sense, it is the element of power being injected into you.

The form of this tattoo will look good on any part of your skin. However, it is presumably preferred to have it on the shoulder part of your body. It also makes sense to get this tattoo as a sleeve tattoo. This tattoo looks like it takes time to make it, so you must have the capacity to endure the pain.

Owl Nurse Tattoo

Owl Nurse Tattoo
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While many people get an rn tattoo for self-expression or to symbolize an important event, there are few nurse designs that can only be appreciated for their visual appearance. This owl nurse tattoo just looks stunning, and the inspiration it gives to come up with more similar ideas is just immense. You don’t have to be a registered nurse by profession to get this rn design with an owl design. If you are a person who just appreciates artistic visuals, then you will definitely love this design. It doesn’t matter whether you have a nursing profession or any other medical profession; you can get this tattoo.

Skeleton Nurse Tattoo

Skeleton Nurse Tattoo
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There is no denying that nurse tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. A tattoo artist can create this tattoo design if you are into cartoony images. It is a half sleeve design which is one of the small tattoos in this article. Nurses around the world have a very similar uniform just like how their duty is, which is to save lives. It only cover-ups the upper arm, which means that a medical professional can get this tattoo, and it will not be visible during working hours or, in this particular case, nursing hours. This tattoo is a coloured tattoo, and both men and women can have this tattoo.

Rose Of No Man’s Land

Rose Of No Man's Land
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There are many variations of these traditional nurse tattoos. A nurse nested in roses designs were inspired by a song during the First World War. Imagine being one of the front lines during a battle, and a nurse comes up to you to manage your wound. You would want something to represent that moment. It represents the caregiver of the world. The inspiration that comes from this traditional nurse tattoo also does pay tribute to patients who unfortunately couldn’t be saved.

Rose of No Man’s Land is also very popular on social media platforms like Instagram. There is also a cross in the background, which is also generally found in all types of Rose of No Man’s Land designs. Nurses tattoos like these are great ideas for body art.


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A symbol that you find commonly in the medical field, not just in nursing, is the caduceus symbol. It comes from Greek mythology that shapes its establishment from the symbol of mercury or Hermes. Caduceus tattoos are popular among nurse tattoos. It is a great inspiration for making body art. Caduceus represent medicine or a healing power that comes from a modern-day healer. The religious belief of this design is a part medical symbol tattoo. Medic symbol tattoo of the caduceus is meaningful and acknowledge the pain of people in nursing. The top part of the caduceus design symbolizes the healing of patients done by nurses.

Word Tattoo

Word Tattoo
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One of the most commonly found words in nurse tattoos are RN. These designs are usually small tattoos. This simplistic design comes with meaning, and if you went to a nursing school, then it is impossible to not know the meaning. This tattoo design also consists of a stethoscope that creatively makes a heart shape.

Some nurses are into tattoos, and they really care about the designs they get. For them, medical field tattoos can be the prelude to a beautiful day because just looking at these tattoos fills them with enthusiasm. Nurses can have tattoos as long as it covered during work, so a small word nurse tattoo like this is perfectly suitable if you really want to have a nursing symbol.

The Hot & Sexy Nurse

The Hot & Sexy Nurse
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This is a very unorthodox rn design for tattoo enthusiasts but certainly not unacceptable. It is a very wild tattoo design, and you can have it on your legs, shoulder or arms. This tattoo looks exciting, and a nurse with an exciting life would love to have this. Men and women both can get this tattoo.

This tattoo gives the idea of a charismatic and outgoing individual who wants to live life to the fullest. A person who has been treated by a special nurse in the past would love to get this tattoo. You can pin this tattoo on your wishlist and start looking for a tattoo artist who can do this job.

Boxing Nurse

Boxing Nurse
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This one belongs to the warrior, AKA nurse. It doesn’t matter whether they fought for a single day or for a lifetime, nurses live very hectic lives, and they are always fighting to keep their patients well. It is like they are always boxing and giving their all to save lives.

The highlighting aspect of this tattoo is, of course, the boxing gloves. It symbolizes their duty as a nurse. A nurse has to go through all sorts of struggles and discomfort just to take care of one patient, and they have to do the same for hundred others. This boxing nurse tattoo is one of the smaller ones and can be easily placed in any part of your body with some adjustments in size.

Traditional Nurse Of Realism

Traditional Nurse Of Realism
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This design has a realistic design that bleeds out radiant colours for an astonishing look. It makes the design more relatable to nurses and their patients who want to recall an important event in the form of a tattoo. It is basically an upper arm tattoo, and any expert tattoo artist can do this paint job on your body. However, if you really want to have this tattoo on your back, upper thigh or shoulder, then you can undoubtedly have it on those areas with some adjustments. The overall design can be made even better with a unique twist with stethoscope tats attached to it.

Anyone can get nurse tattoos. You don’t have to be a nurse or work in hospitals to have nurse tattoo designs. It is a form of art, just like any other tattoo, and you can proudly wear a nurse symbol tattoo that could mean many things to you. The general idea of having such tattoos symbolizes compassion, caring nature and provider of health. There are many designs like caduceus, heart, stethoscope and registered nurse themselves, and they all have the same meaning.

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