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101 Best Male Pisces Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Male Pisces Tattoo

Are you willing to have one of the beautiful Male Pisces tattoo designs? If yes, you can get excellent Male Pisces tattoo ideas from below.

Male Pisces Tattoo
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 Pisces is the 12th and the last zodiac sign and its symbol is the fish.

It is one of those zodiac signs that have a unique symbol, i.e. two fish swimming in opposite directions. Moreover, this zodiac symbol conveys unique inspiration because it signifies the termination of the cycle before it begins again. Therefore, Pisces like tattoos.

It is also related to people born in February. Generally, Pisces zodiac persons tend to be spiritual, generous, and open to discovering who they actually are and how they could grow. One of the best ways to show love for the Pisces sign is to get a Pisces tattoo done on your preferred body part. The Pisces tattoos come with various tattoo ideas that are suitable for women and men. The Pisces symbol tattoo shows a symbol of this zodiac sign and, in some cases, the yin-yang symbol. Now men can choose a Pisces tattoo design with this symbol. You can have one of the best Pisces tattoos as sleeve tattoos or tribal tattoos or Pisces ankle tattoos, etc.

Pisces Koi Fish Tattoo On Arm

Pisces Koi Fish Tattoo On Arm
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This koi fish Pisces tattoo is unique as described in the name that its sketch shows koi fish swimming in conflicting directions. This Pisces symbol can be done on the arm, or you can have it as a sleeve tattoo. The appearance of this fish tattoo depicts two koi fishes pointing in opposite ways. There is a tiny circular sketch in the centre. The entire Pisces sign is imprinted in dark black ink.

It can be the best Pisces tattoo for those men who love koi fishes and want to try classic Pisces tattoos. Moreover, its sketch is one of the best Pisces tattoo ideas in terms of space-saving Pisces zodiac design.

 Minimalist Male Pisces Tattoo

 Minimalist Male Pisces Tattoo
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Showcasing the power of Pisces in the form of a zodiac sign, this Pisces tattoo is one of the best designs if you are on the hunt for a minimalistic Pisces symbol tattoo. Its design shows a tiny Pisces zodiac sign symbol which is generally done at the centre of your arm. There is no revelation of faces of fishes in this tattoo. It can be termed as one of the simplistic tribal tattoos or constellation tattoos. The design doesn’t show any artistic Pisces constellation.

There is not much art involved in making this one, so it is one of the simplistic tattoo ideas. It is among those Pisces tattoos to showcase your love for this zodiac sign without any fuss.

Pisces Zodiac Tattoo On Forearm For Male

Pisces Zodiac Tattoo On Forearm For Male
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Generally, the forearm is the best place for having this Pisces tattoo. This is because its design is one of the eye-catching and best Pisces tattoo ideas. Closely looking at this sleeve tattoo reveals the Pisces zodiac symbol in which two medium-sized fishes are swirling in opposite approaches. It can be termed as one of the classic water signs in the form of a fish tattoo. It is one of the exceptional Pisces tattoo designs and a creative Pisces tattoo idea because the upper fish is like a transparent one, and the lower one is dark black. The tattoo artist also does a typical zodiac sign at the centre.

If you are in search of eye-catching yet medium-sized Pisces tattoos with a representation of the zodiac signs, then you can go for this tattoo.

 Classic Black Work Male Pisces Tattoo

 Classic Black Work Male Pisces Tattoo
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When it comes to Pisces tattoos, black work art is one of the prominent Pisces tattoo designs. This same idea is incorporated in the making of this Pisces symbol. It is the best Pisces tattoo for fish lovers and lovers of the Pisces zodiac sign. The appearance of this Pisces sign tattoo depicts one dark black and one white coloured fish swirling in opposite ways. Also, there is a typical Piscean symbol at the centre.

Unlike the Pisces constellation, there are only two medium-sized fishes in this tattoo, and they seem as if swimming in calm waters. For those who like to have one of the trendy and best Pisces tattoo ideas on the arm without occupying much space, then this tattoo is a decent choice.

Dark Black Ink Simplistic Male Pisces Tattoo

Dark Black Ink Simplistic Male Pisces Tattoo
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The koi fish holds great importance when the matter comes to Pisces tattoos. The appearance of this Pisces tattoo features two such fishes pointing on opposite tracks. Around their bodies, it seems as if there is a constellation along with a zodiac sign. So, this kind of appearance of its zodiac sign Pisces makes it appear one of the outstanding Pisces tattoo ideas.

The arm or forearm is usually the recommended place for this tattoo design because it can best show the zodiac signs. However, you can let this Pisces zodiac tattoo be done on other body parts too.

Beautiful Fish Sketch Male Pisces Tattoo

Beautiful Fish Sketch Male Pisces Tattoo
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Representing the two delicate koi fish swimming in opposite directions, this fish tattoo shows the artist’s creative work. The sketch of the fish swimming in contrasting directions can instantly attract anyone to like this tattoo design. Unlike other Pisces tattoos that can have additional textures or patterns, this one simply shows the sketch of two fishes.

There are no zodiac signs represented in this Pisces tattoo. However, it is still one of the trendy Pisces tattoo ideas because the fish swimming creates the appearance of the Pisces zodiac sign.

Artistic Black Male Pisces Tattoo

Artistic Black Male Pisces Tattoo
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What makes this Pisces tattoo stand out from other Pisces tattoos is that it depicts the Pisces zodiac symbol over the sketch of the fishes. This kind of appearance resembles the Pisces constellation with a zodiac sign at the centre. So, it lets it appear as the best Pisces tattoo on the market.

If you are searching for a tattoo idea that can artistically incorporate your or your partner’s zodiac signs, then this zodiac tattoo is recommended for you.

Stunning Line Work Male Pisces Tattoo

Stunning Line Work Male Pisces Tattoo
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Plentiful fishes are involved in the sketch of this Pisces tattoo. The use of different colours throughout this sketch makes it one of the most appealing and trendy Pisces tattoos. Men of any age can try such Pisces tattoo ideas on different body parts. The appearance of this zodiac tattoo also shows multiple flowers beside the fishes swimming. Also, this Pisces zodiac tattoo incorporates multiple fishes in blue colour.

The original Pisces meaning is conveyed with the corresponding tattoo idea. It is presently the unique male masculine Pisces tattoo to try out.

Minimal Design Pisces Tattoo For Men On Back

Minimal Design Pisces Tattoo For Men On Back
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Minimalistic Pisces tattoos are also trendy these days, and this Pisces tattoo is exactly the same. The Pisces zodiac sign, or its Pisces symbol, indirectly conveys the sketch of fishes. So, the fishes represent the classical look in this zodiac sign tattoo. At first glance, its design may seem like a stylish ‘H’, but actually, it denotes the Piscean symbol.

The minimalistic designs show attention to fine details by a good tattoo artist. Although one of the simple tattoo ideas, it is a preferred choice as a male unique Pisces tattoo among males of different age groups.

Tribal Fish Pisces Tattoo Male

Tribal Fish Pisces Tattoo Male
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Also known as a water tattoo or fish tattoo, this Pisces tattoo seems eye-catching at first glance itself. It can be the perfect Pisces tattoo if you love colourful zodiac sign tattoos with lots of colours. Its design also shows a diamond top that makes it one of the outstanding Pisces tattoos.

It is neither a kind of Pisces constellation tattoo nor does it show two fish swimming. However, it is one of the preferable tattoo ideas among men of different age groups. If you prefer colourful Pisces tattoo ideas and showcasing the Piscean symbol, then this tattoo is a decent choice.

Zodiac symbol tattoos are now trendy for those collectors who love astrology. Whether you want to denote your zodiac sign or Pisces symbol or Pisces zodiac sign, you can choose from one of the best Pisces tattoo ideas. Your preferred Pisces tattoos can represent koi fish or a sketch of fish swimming in different directions or Pisces constellation or horoscope zodiac signs, etc. Constellation tattoos are popular these days when it comes to the best Pisces tattoos. If you dislike a typical Pisces tattoo, you can get one of the unique constellation tattoos with an eye-catching art design. These tattoo ideas, specifically the Pisces tattoo ideas are suitable for men too and therefore; you can easily choose a preferred male meaningful Pisces tattoo.

  • Delicate Pisces Tattoo For Men In Black
  • Beautiful Koi Fish Male Pisces Tattoo
  • Negative Space Pisces Tattoos For Men In Back
  • Colourful Male Pisces Tattoo
  • Beautiful Pisces Constellation tattoo Male
  • Stunning Male Pisces Tattoo On Arm
  • Chinese Yin Yang Symbol Male Pisces Tattoo On Hand

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What are some popular Pisces tattoos for men?

Some of the most popular Pisces tattoos for men include a tribal-inspired design with a fish, a watercolor Pisces constellation tattoo, an anchor and two fish swimming in opposite directions, and a minimalist blackfish. A realistic portrait of a fish can also make for an eye-catching piece as well as geometric designs representing the sign.

What is the meaning behind a Pisces tattoo?

The Pisces symbol is associated with the 12th sign of the zodiac, which stands for compassion, empathy, and a deep understanding of emotions. A Pisces tattoo can represent these qualities, as well as being open-minded and accepting of others. It can also symbolize intuition and creativity, two things that are important to this sign. Additionally, Pisces tattoos may be chosen to pay homage to the ocean or to represent a spiritual journey. Whatever the reason, these tattoos offer something special to each wearer.

What are some unique male Pisces tattoo designs?

Unique male Pisces tattoo designs can include a two-headed fish, a school of fish in motion, a sea horse, and an anchor with the sign of Pisces on it. A mermaid or seahorse with an intricate pattern can also be used to represent this zodiac sign. For those looking for something more abstract, a minimalist design with two intertwined fish and a simple constellation pattern can make for an elegant piece of body art. Lastly, using traditional tattoo symbols such as anchors, hearts, or stars can create a meaningful tribute to this sign.

Where is the best place to get a Pisces tattoo?

The best place to get a Pisces tattoo is at a reputable and experienced tattoo artist’s shop. It is important to research the artist you plan on using and ensure that they have experience with Pisces tattoos. Additionally, make sure that the shop adheres to all health and safety regulations and has an excellent reputation in the community.

How much does a Pisces tattoo cost?

The cost of a Pisces tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design. Generally speaking, small tattoos can range in price from $50 to $300 while larger ones can cost upwards of $400 or more. It is important to discuss pricing with your chosen artist before beginning any work. Additionally, many shops offer special deals for large pieces, so it is worth asking if they have any deals that might help you save some money.

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