101 Best Laurel Wreath Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

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Laurel Wreath Tattoos

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Laurel wreaths are classic and utterly sophisticated. If you want inspiration for your next body art, here are the top designs for laurel wreath tattoos.

Laurel Wreath Tattoo
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Laurel wreath tattoos signify victory and triumph.

A laurel wreath design tattoo symbolizes achievement, success, victory and links back to Greek mythology.

If you are wondering what a laurel wreath means then we have an answer to your question. Laurel’s wreath was a kind of a headdress, worn on the head as a symbol of triumph. In history, Greek mythology plays a role behind the symbol of the laurel wreath which is about the male party to be celebrated on victory along with the rest of the city. This symbol was adopted by the people of Rome as they admired Greek culture. Laurel’s wreath was a symbol of military victory in Rome celebrating the brave soldiers returning from battle. Romans from the great Roman empire, emperors, warriors from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, poets, musicians creating music, victors are crowned with this wreath for their triumph as people cheered for them. for their courage and heroism. In history, even Apollo is adorned with flowers, and this wreaths as Greek mythology and tradition. This is how the laurel wreaths meaning came about.

Now, let us see what does a laurel wreath tattoo mean? Laurel wreath tattoos have turned out to be a sign of success, achievement, and perfection in many cultures. A tradition of the Roman Empire, the leaves of laurels symbolized nobility, triumph, and victory. Laurel wreaths were worn by people as a headdress as a sign of victory in fields of sports, poetry, and music in ancient Greece and Rome, the realms of God Apollo. Instead of getting these laurel wreaths in the modern-day, people just choose to get these figures inked on them as a tradition. Some types of laurel wreath tattoo ideas include traditional laurel wreath tattoo, laurel wreath, tattoo skinhead, laurel wreath necklace tattoo, laurel wreath tattoo side, laurel wreath green tattoo, and a laurel wreath with sun tattoo.

You can express your laurel tattoo in a way that best suits your taste. Read to find out about some fascinating laurel wreath tattoo ideas and what they mean!

An Underrated Necklace

An Underrated Necklace
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Here the laurel leaves are portrayed as a necklace, specifically around both shoulder blades. This laurel tattoo can be used as a symbol of fashion and style. The shades of dark green in this fashioned tattoo adds a soothing element.

The leaves are filled with deep green shades and have an elegant design, making the laurel wreath tattoo look real. The fine floral detailing on the leaves increased the aesthetics of this captivating design. The complexity of the laurel tree leaves is redefined by the dark green and black colors used in this design.

In this image, exceptional placement and design of the laurel tattoo is done on the neck. This laurel wreath tattoo is the best choice for your next nature tattoo.

Veni Vidi And Vici Laurel Wreath Tattoo

Veni Vidi And Vici Laurel Wreath Tattoo
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Life is better when you have laurel leaves inked on your hands. This laurel wreath tattoo includes three words which are Veni Vici and Vici. According to a Greek historian, these words were written by Julius caesar. These words in this laurel wreath tattoo are written in the Latin language which has the following meaning in the English language: I came, I saw and I conquered. This laurel wreath tattoo consists of beautiful leaves from the laurel tree done entirely in blank ink. This tattoo is best suited for your forearm.

Simply Elegant Shoulder Tattoo

Simply Elegant Shoulder Tattoo
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If you are looking for a simple yet elegant design for a laurel wreath tattoo then this laurel wreath tattoo design is the best choice for you. The right side of the laurel leaves is shaded with black ink and on splendid the other side of this laurel wreath design is left unshaded. The beauty of this tattoo is that it texture feels incomplete at first glance. This laurel wreath tattoo design symbolizes nobility and signifies victory with its monochromatic look. The black ink used in the laurel wreath design reflects minimalism in its purest form. Other than shoulders, wrists and arms can also turn out to be suitable areas to get this tattoo inked on yourself.

Artistic Shoulder Wreath Tattoo

Artistic Shoulder Wreath Tattoo
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Good placement in a tattoo design always pays off. This laurel wreath tattoo is inked at a unique angle that we haven’t seen before! The floral design used in this laurel wreath tattoo has black shading with a small gap in the leaf veins that adds depth and detail to the tattoo. A leaf tattoo depicts the cycle and continuity of life. This laurel wreath tattoo goes around the edge of the shoulder blade, front to back. The circular pattern of the laurel wreath fits wonderfully here. Your arms can be the ideal place for this tattoo design.

Minimalistic Wreath Tattoo

Minimalistic Wreath Tattoo
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Time to look at a classic fine line laurel wreath tattoo design. If you are in search of a simple minimalistic tattoo design that symbolizes nobility and reminds you of the warriors, then this design is perfect for you.

The beautiful laurel tree leaves drawn with black color ink frames the design of this laurel wreath tattoo design. Classic fine-lining designs are at work with some faint shading to lend the laurel tattoo some depth. This tattoo can be inked in any part of your body according to your preference.

A Perfectly Blended Tattoo

A Perfectly Blended Tattoo
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In Greek mythology

With thick lining and slightly darker shading, this tattoo has a classic look. There are many detailed elements enhancing the design like the thorns on the stem, flower buds and fully blooming petals. The thick black strokes of the tattoo are striking!

As we can see in this floral wreath tattoo design, the round wreath is made from branches and bay laurel leaves linked together. Often adorned as a garland around the neck or worn around the head, this tattoo shows the laurel wreath around the arm and elbow. The placement of the laurels appear to be decorating the body.

Victory Laurel Wreath Tattoo For Men

Victory Laurel Wreath Tattoo For Men
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Here is a laurel wreath tattoo design that is minimal, stylish, and has a strong meaning. This tattoo has a solid black fill on the lower half with slight shading and white tips. The laurel arrangement depicted here symbolizes a victory wreath sported by heroic soldiers in Ancient Rome. Compared to most floral tattoos, the laurel wreath tattoo was intended for men, primarily those in the military. Over the years, there have been many celebrities and pop icons adapting this tattoo style.

This laurel wreath tattoo is suitable for both men and women looking for a simple, catchy design on the arm. If you are in love with more than one design from the frame then you can choose one design for your left hand and one for your other hand.

Bold Necklace Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Bold Necklace Laurel Wreath Tattoos
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An amazing piece of art inked on a tricky area. This laurel wreath tattoo fits like an elegant necklace. This laurel wreath tattoo design has a bold texture and a beautiful display of the laurel wreath leaves. This prominent black ink of the leaves gives a polished shine to the laurel wreath tattoo.

Traditionally, in the Roman Empire, it was customary to wear one’s laurels either crowned on the head or as a necklace. As seen in the picture above, this laurel wreath tattoo goes all the way around the neck. Getting this tattoo might be tricky, but you can work with an experienced tattoo and flaunt your new necklace tattoo!

A Beautiful Art Piece Of Nature

A Beautiful Art Piece Of Nature
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This is one of the most elegant and stunning laurel wreath tattoos we have seen so far. As compared to other wreath tattoos here, this one placed slightly lower on the back. This laurel wreath is drawn with fine lines and minute shading on the flower petals and leaves. This laurel wreath tattoo is a symbol of beauty and fashion. Here is a small tattoo that is sure to draw lots of attention. While this tattoo can be recreated on more accessible body parts, the placement showed in this image still comes out on top!

Laurel Wreaths On The Knee

Laurel Wreaths On The Knee
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If you are looking for a creative adaption of the laurel wreath, this is the design for you! This tattoo is a simple outline of a laurel wreath without any shading or solid filling. The thin outlines done with black ink are giving it a dignified look. A new take on this laurel designs, this laurel wreath tattoo is placed around the knee. People who are not fond of using too many colors or shading in the tattoo can go with this laurel wreath tattoo design. The fine black lines give the laurel a clear, delicate effect. Along with knee area, you can get this placed near the arm or neck as well.

Laurel wreaths are elegant, clean, and sophisticated. For more options, you may check

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What is a micro tattoo?

A micro tattoo is a small, minimalist tattoo that typically measures 1-3 cm across. It’s meant to be subtle and discreet, often incorporating symbols or words that have personal meaning to the wearer. Micro tattoos are quick and easy to get and can be placed almost anywhere on the body. They’re also a great way to test out a new design or artist before committing to something larger. Additionally, many people opt for micro tattoos as an alternative to traditional body art because they’re often easier to cover up with clothing or other accessories if needed. Despite their size, however, micro tattoos still require proper care and attention in order to keep them looking vibrant and beautiful for years to come.

What are the benefits of getting a micro tattoo?

There are many benefits of getting a micro tattoo, such as:

1. Micro tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on the body. They’re small enough that they don’t require a very large area to be seen and appreciated.

2. Micro tattoos are relatively easy to cover up if needed with clothing or accessories, which makes them a great option for those looking to keep their body art somewhat discreet.

3. They’re a great way to test out a new design or artist before committing to something larger.

How much does a micro tattoo cost?

The cost of a micro tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design, as well as where you plan to get it done. Generally speaking, however, most small tattoos like this can range anywhere from $50 – $200 USD. It’s always best to speak with your artist beforehand in order to get an accurate quote. Additionally, there may be additional charges for any necessary touch-ups or color adjustments.

What are some micro tattoo ideas?

There are endless possibilities for micro tattoo ideas, with some of the more popular ones being:

1. Symbols such as a heart, star, or infinity sign
2. A meaningful phrase or word
3. A delicate floral design
4. An animal silhouette
5. Minimalist geometric shapes
6. Intricate line work or mandala designs
7. A constellation of stars
8. Quotes from your favorite book or movie
9. A small portrait of a loved one.

No matter what design you choose, make sure it’s something that is meaningful to you and that you won’t regret in the future.

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