10 Best Just Breathe Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

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Just Breathe Tattoos

Looking for a tattoo to remind you periodically to take a breath of fresh air and be calm? Then here are some amazing ‘Just Breathe’ tattoos for you to see!

Just Breathe Tattoo
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Sometimes, life might get too overwhelming and it becomes extremely stressful for us.

At that point, all of us need a reminder to breathe before we break down past the point of no return. A warm hand of support or some positive words of encouragement work wonders for us when we feel like we cannot breathe anymore.

Consequently, a lot of people prefer to get tattoos with the words ‘Just Breathe’ on them. The tattoo does the work of reminding them that they are alright and just need to breathe to get past difficult situations. Some people also get ‘Just Breathe’ tattoos to represent other parts of their life such as their struggle with mental health.

Minimal ‘Just Breathe’ Tattoo Ideas For Amateurs

Minimal 'Just Breathe' Tattoo Ideas For Amateurs
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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, then you should look for a simple or minimal tattoo design. After all, you still don’t know how much pain you can handle so it is best to start with a simple tattoo.

If you are confused as to which ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo to get, you can derive some inspiration from the picture above. The wearer has gotten the word ‘Breathe’ tattooed across their wrist in block letter fonts. A ‘Just Breathe’ wrist tattoo will look really elegant and beautiful even fro a distance.

Artistic Designs For ‘Just Breathe’ Tattoos

Artistic Designs For 'Just Breathe' Tattoos
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One of the most popular ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo design is the one with the words written in a cursive font along with a feather. As seen in the picture, the tattoo artist has done a wonderful job of writing ‘Just Breathe’ in a lovely cursive script and has also added a feather at the end to show how life can be very fragile. Since the ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo meaning asks us to take it easy and remember to take a break, this tattoo might be perfect if you think you have a free spirit.

‘Just Breathe’ Tattoo Ideas With The EKG Symbol

'Just Breathe' Tattoo Ideas With The EKG Symbol
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The EKG symbol denotes the echocardiogram test that is often done on patients to check the health of their heart. A flatlining EKG shows that the patient has passed away while a normal EKG line is a proof of life. For people who suffer from anxiety, their heartbeats can also become erratic and painful. Consequently, you can ask your tattoo artist to combine your ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo wrist along with the EKG symbol.

If you are looking for more tattoos about health and heartbeats, check out these awesome EKG tattoo designs.

‘Just Breathe’ Tattoos That Emphasise Upon Mental Health

'Just Breathe' Tattoos That Emphasise Upon Mental Health
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The ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo is one of many popular tattoos with deep meaning. A lot of people who suffer from anxiety attacks often want this tattoo on their body to remind them to be strong even when their body says otherwise. Highly stressful situations can often lead to panic attacks for a lot of people. During those times, they just need to be reminded to take a break from the stressful atmosphere and keep breathing. Therefore, if you want to draw attention to your mental health issues through your tattoo, this might be a great way to do it.

Just like the picture, you can also get a ‘Just Breathe’ semicolon tattoo if you have ever had to deal with thoughts of self-harm while you are suffering from a particularly bad panic attack.

Amazing ‘Just Breathe’ Tattoo Ideas For Your Rib

Amazing 'Just Breathe' Tattoo Ideas For Your Rib
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A lot of people also add their ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo on one side of their rib. These tattoos may not always be visible unless you wear a crop top but the words will always be inscripted on your body for you to see whenever you want.

Perfect ‘Just Breathe’ Tattoos For Asthmatic People

Perfect 'Just Breathe' Tattoos For Asthmatic People
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If you suffer from the chronic respiratory condition named asthma, chances are you have had to depend on an inhaler a lot of the times in order to take a breath. Subsequently, the asthma has become a huge part of your life as you have to carry it everywhere you go to facilitate breathing. Thus, you can also add an asthma to your ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo to give an idea about that aspect of your life.

Colourful ‘Just Breathe’ Tattoo Ideas

Colourful 'Just Breathe' Tattoo Ideas
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Some people also infuse bright colours into their tattoos rather than going for a monochromatic tattoo with black ink. Consequently, you can also add colourful ink to your tattoo as it will provide that additional amount of cheer and joy. You can also use ‘Just Breathe’ lyrics for your tattoo. Thus, you can use a Pearl Jam ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo or a Miley Cyrus ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo.

‘Just Breathe’ Tattoo Ideas With Dandelion Flowers

'Just Breathe' Tattoo Ideas With Dandelion Flowers
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You will often find dandelion flowers with ‘Just Breathe’ tattoos as they are a symbol of resilience and rebirth. To add white dandelion flowers which are blowing in the wind with your tattoo is to signify that you are brave and courageous enough to make it through the distressing times that you are going through.

Beautiful ‘Just Breathe’ Tattoos For Your Collarbone

Beautiful 'Just Breathe' Tattoos For Your Collarbone
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A lot of people like collarbone tattoos as they look extremely elegant and beautiful. If you like delicate or dainty tattoos in cursive font with black ink, you can get a ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo on your collarbone, right above your heart. This tattoo right above your heart will remind you to keep breathing.

‘Just Breathe’ Tattoo Designs With Floral Motifs

'Just Breathe' Tattoo Designs With Floral Motifs
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The best way to elevate the beauty of any tattoo is to add flowers to it. As seen in the picture, the wearer has gotten a small tattoo on their arm. However, the tattoo made with black ink looks even more gorgeous because of the small yellow flower beside it. Just the addition of a floral motif is making the tattoo more attractive and eye-catching.

If you are looking for more flower tattoo ideas, check out these beautiful Calla Lily tattoo ideas!

Therefore, if you are in search for a tattoo to provide you support and comfort during stressful times, a ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo will be absolutely perfect for you!

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