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101 Best Horse Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Horse Tattoos

Horse tattoos are symbols of great power. You should definitely go through our list of 10 amazing ideas for horse tattoos. They are just unbelievable!

Horse Tattoo
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Horse tattoos are as popular as the majestic beast themselves.

Searching for horse tattoos that represent strength and freedom? You have arrived at just the right article.

The characteristic attributes of a horse are its extreme strength and wild freedom. Horse tattoos are a representation of these attributes. Getting a horse tattoo symbolizes that you possess the attributes of a horse. Different cultures have different meanings for horse tattoos. So, apart from freedom and strength, horse tattoos represent grace, power, and strength. Some people choose to use minimalist symbols of horses as tattoos. We’ll see some of them in our selection of horse tattoos. Read on.

Happy In A Forest Back Horse Tattoo

Happy In A Forest Back Horse Tattoo
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Many popular horse tattoos are drawn on the backs of people. This tattoo shows a happy horse who is enjoying itself with its fellow. Since rabbits and foxes are wild animals, this pretty little scene seems to take place in a forest. The attentive stand of the rabbit, the propped-up tail of the cat, the excited jump of the fox, and the merry leap of the horse all together symbolize happiness. It looks like a parade of animals all going towards their happy place with the horse in the lead. If you are an animal lover, this horse tattoo design will definitely make its print on your heart.

Classic Unicorn Tattoo

Classic Unicorn Tattoo
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Unicorns are fictional and magical versions of horses. Unicorns are associated with prosperity, happiness, and spiritual well-being. Most fictional movies and books show unicorns to be the most beautiful horses with a horn and a pair of wings. They are shown to be of shiny white color and have a pearly appearance. Unicorns supposedly have amazing powers and if you are a Potterhead, you would love this tattoo. Tattoo artists go crazy with horse tattoo ideas for unicorns. This tattoo shows a particularly intricate design. The style of this artist is well set. This unicorn horse tattoo will look best on a shoulder or forearm and is one of the best forearm tattoos for men.

Beautiful Brown Horse Tattoo

Beautiful Brown Horse Tattoo
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This horse tattoo design shows beauty like no other. The horse’s head is coming out of the closed circular window. The vibrant brown color signifies the force of nature. It is a simple orange-brown colored horse with a little white between its eyes. It looks as though it has just stepped out of the magical world of horses. The brown horses usually symbolize beauty and compassion. Even the smallest of the brown horses are extremely cute. The red rose around the horse adds to the beauty of the delicate artwork and at the same time gives it a strong appearance. If you look closely, you’ll even notice a small crescent moon near the horse’s ear. If you understand the true beauty of nature, you will definitely want to get this leg tattoo.

Realistic Horse Portrait Tattoo

Realistic Horse Portrait Tattoo
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When you take a first look at this tattoo, you will hardly believe that it in fact is just a tattoo and not a portrait painting. It is one of those cool tattoos that looks more like paintings than tattoos. The background around the horse shows an American field where the horses usually graze. The next thing you will notice is the cute white-colored forehead of this horse. And the shiny, long white just adds to its beauty. This unique horse tattoo design looks perfect for men though women too can draw it on their shoulders, backs, or legs. If you are a true horse lover, this tattoo will never leave your mind.

Black War Horse Tattoo

Black War Horse Tattoo
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Many believe black horses to be a sign of doom and evil. In spite of that, many people are attracted to it. If you are looking for tattoo ideas for men, you have arrived at a tattoo design you cannot not want. This black horse tattoo is a symbol of war, bravery, and death. This horse stands for all the things that happen in the world around the time of battle. The strong black colors pay tribute to the black beauty that she is. You can see the wildness in this black horse’s eyes. The stunning black helmet lined with a golden color is the style of war. Getting this strong tattoo of a black horse will show people around you how brave you are.

Fine Point Sensual Details Horse Tattoo

Fine Point Sensual Details Horse Tattoo
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Have you ever heard or read about a trash polka tattoo? Our next best tattoo on the list is an example of the same. A trash polka tattoo looks like a detailed story. It is one of the unique styles that artists have created over time. The source of such tattoo designs is a story. Just by looking at the tattoo, a person gets to know the entire story. Many Americans have these kinds of tattoo designs on their body. The tattoo of the horse here is accompanied by a beautiful young woman who looks satisfied. The horse is her companion. They are both traveling in the field in the bright moonlight sky. You can truly tell your story through such horse tattoo designs.

Iron Horse Tattoo

Iron Horse Tattoo
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The next tattoo on our list is an extremely detailed unique dark horse tattoo. Strong men who like to show off their strength will definitely want this tattoo. Vikings are well known in history for their excellent battle skills, bravery, strength, and victory. This tattoo gives out definite vibes of victory. It looks like there is a nasty war around but the Viking warrior and its horse are getting through quite well.

The beautifully drawn tattoo can cover your entire arm. Of course, you can get a miniature version of the same. There is so much scope for modification in this tattoo design. The black and grey streak of color is a great way to enhance this monochromatic look that the artwork has.

Aesthetic Real Horse Tattoo

Aesthetic Real Horse Tattoo
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Who wouldn’t love a body tattoo that is carved with black ink and looks exactly like a doodle version of a horse? Horses being one of the loveliest animals make the coolest designs for tattoos. This tattoo focuses really well on their beady eyes. The eyes of a horse look so innocent and full of life. Being a horse lover you would understand the language of love that these majestic creatures speak from their eyes. You can see that a date has been engraved below the tattoo as well. It should be taken just as a suggestion and not a necessity. You can also add a name instead of the date.

The best thing is that you can draw this tattoo anywhere on your body. But it will really stand out on your shoulder.

Hand Poke Minimalist Funny Horse Tattoo

Hand Poke Minimalist Funny Horse Tattoo
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Have you ever seen a horse design tattoo that is cute and funny at the same time? If you haven’t, you are about to. This is a hand-poked tattoo. A hand-poked tattoo is one that is drawn with a free hand without the use of the machine. When you take a look at the tattoo, you notice that it is so sharp that hardly anyone will guess that it is hand poked. You will for sure love this horse design tattoo if you are funny and confident enough to wear it. The mischievous horse will show a reflection of your funny and trouble-making personality. Not many will be brave enough to put a ‘Prrr’ on their skin.

Beautiful Unicorn Whole Body Horse Tattoo

Beautiful Unicorn Whole Body Horse Tattoo
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A Disney unicorn looks exactly like the one drawn in this tattoo. You can see that the unicorn is standing majestically, completely confident about itself. This is a perfect tattoo to show strength, beauty, confidence, and royalty. This is the most unique tattoo on our entire list as it is the only one that shows the entire body of a horse. It is a key tattoo for anyone believing in fairytales and magic. The purple and blue colors are giving this horse tattoo a stunning look. It is simple yet elegant. This tattoo is most suited for women. You can choose to use pink and golden colors to make it more prominent.

Surprising fact: It is not just humans who get horse tattoos. Even horses are tattooed with unique symbols. Tattooing of horses is usually done to identify them. For horses participating in races and such matches, it is necessary to bear a mark of identification. Horse owners, thus, tattoo their horses and register the tattoo as a mark of identification. Horses are tattooed on their lips. It is just a very small tattoo but big enough to be clearly visible. These tattoos are checked every time a horse participates in any sports to ensure no switching of horses has taken place.

Do you know that a black horse tattoo design can represent different meanings depending on whether you have this tattoo design on your shoulder, leg, or back? Here are a few cool suggestions for taking your style quotient to the next level:

  1. Black horse with an American flag.
  2. Black horse tattoo with a wildflower.
  3. Black horse with a jockey.
  4. Black horse with another smaller horse.
  5. Black horse with a heart.

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What does a horse tattoo mean?

A horse tattoo typically symbolizes strength, power, freedom, and grace. Horses have long been associated with these qualities due to their size and speed. Horse tattoos can also represent loyalty and the connection between humans and animals. In some cultures, horses are seen as messengers of gods or bringers of good luck and fortune. A horse tattoo can be a reminder to stay strong, move forward no matter what may come and never give up. Horse tattoos are often seen as an expression of one’s wild and free spirit. They can also represent the fact that you’re always in control of your own destiny. This type of tattoo is perfect for those who want to express their passion for life and their love of freedom. No matter the reason for getting a horse tattoo, it’s sure to be an expression of your own unique personality.

What are the different styles of horse tattoos?

There are many different styles of horse tattoos, ranging from traditional designs to more modern interpretations. Traditional designs tend to be detailed and often feature intricate shading. Some examples include images of wild mustangs running free or a noble steed with its head held high. Modern versions may feature abstract art or incorporate other elements such as roses or stars.

What are some of the best horse tattoo designs?

Some of the best horse tattoo designs are ones that are meaningful to the wearer. Personalizing a design with symbols or text can make it even more special. Other popular ideas include tribal designs, galloping horses, rearing stallions, and silhouettes of riders and their mounts. For those looking for something truly unique, custom artwork is always an option. Whatever design you choose, make sure it’s something that reflects your own personal style and values.

How much does a horse tattoo cost? 

The cost of a horse tattoo will depend on the complexity of the design, size, and location. Simple designs may cost between $100 and $300 whereas more complex ones can range from $500 to over $1,000. The price may also vary depending on where you go for your tattoo; some shops charge more than others.

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